Bailey Smith
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Bailey Smith (Character)
from The Women (1939)

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The Opposite Sex (1956)
Dolly DeHaven: What are you four conspiring about?
Kay Hilliard, Sylvia Fowler, Amanda Penrose, Edith Potter: Hello, Dolly!
Dolly DeHaven: Anything unfit to print?
Kay Hilliard: Not today.

Dolly DeHaven: Kay...
Kay Hilliard: Hello, Dolly!
Dolly DeHaven: What have you done to yourself? I've never seen anyone so stripped for action!
Kay Hilliard: Well, that's the idea.

Kay Hilliard: Why, Dolly, you decided to stay after all.
Dolly DeHaven: You knew I would. There's a glint in her eye. What's it all about?
Kay Hilliard: Well, nothing - yet.
Dolly DeHaven: What do you mean yet?
Kay Hilliard: Oh and it probably wouldn't even be fit to print.
Dolly DeHaven: Oh, come on! You know the motto of my column: from the ridiculous to the slime.