Robert Merivel
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Robert Merivel (Character)
from Restoration (1995)

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Restoration (1995)
Katharine: You know, in Ireland a man with a horse, a cart and a book he knows how to read is the catch of the county.
Robert Merivel: Well, perhaps when we have made fire of the cart and eaten the horse and wiped our asses with the book, you'll become better acquainted with what you have caught.

Robert Merivel: I must restrain my farts and do something altogether more productive.

Merivel: A most lavish affair! Who is to be married?
King: Celia Clemence.
Merivel: I understood she was your mistress!
King: Then you understood right, Merivel... Miss Clemence is to be married and seemingly dispatched out of London with her husband, while in fact, I secrete her near the river in Kew - the better to sport with her unobserved... For her husband, I need a man who is far too enamored of women in general to make the mistake of loving one in particular...

Robert Merivel: Fear is our greatest enemy, and hope is our greatest weapon against the disease.

[last lines]
Robert Merivel: [voiceover] The fire in its fury has consumed the great plague. Misfortune may leave behind unlooked-for blessings... none dearer than you, my little Margaret. I will return to the city, to my work as a doctor, and the rebuilding of the King's Hospital. The stars that once confused me seem now to light a path that is clear, that I have in truth been traveling for all these days. Where I met what came, and left behind my sorrows. And I am traveling still.

Robert Merivel: My first patient was a frog, I cured him of jumping. Now I can cure people of breathing.

Robert Merivel: I have done the one thing forbidden by the king. I have fallen in love with my wife.

Robert Merivel: We need money.
Katharine: There is money inside my skirt!
Robert Merivel: [to roadside hack] She is simple. We are doctor and patient.
Robert Merivel: I am the doctor.