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General Kuhster (Character)
from The Great Race (1965)

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The Great Race (1965)
Prince Hapnick: You! You're the cause of it all! It was your idea!
General: No, no your highness... Baron von Schtupp
Prince Hapnik: I don't care, I don't care! You're banished. I'm getting a new tucker-inner! Banished, banished, banished!

Professor Fate: Leslie escaped?
General: With a small friar.
Professor Fate: Leslie escaped with a chicken?

Fate: I won't do it!
General: Then you leave us no alternative.
[He draws a gun and points it at him]
Fate: I'll do it!

General: When we get back to the palace, you must trim your mustache. You must look exactly like the prince. Can you laugh?
Fate: What do you mean, can I laugh?
General: Well, the prince has a very individual laugh.
Fate: Like what?
General: Uh... ah ha HA ha ha.
[Fate tries to leave, but the General stops him and demonstrates again]
General: Ah ha HA ha ha.
General: No, that's too much bass. The prince is more of a soprano.

Leslie: It's been my experience, General, that there is little advantage to winning if one wins too easily.
Prince Hapnik: Rah! Oh oh, rah! Oh rah! Oh rah ah ah! What do you think of that, General?
General: An admirable point of view, for anyone but a soldier. In my profession, to win is imperative. To win easily is a blessing.