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Matt Wilson (Character)
from "Home and Away" (1988)

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"Home and Away: Pilot (#1.0)" (1988)
Martin Dibble: [Lance and Martin see Carly walking with Sally and Lynn outside the store] Hey, Lance, check it out! Woah!
Lance Smart: Yeah, right, check it out!
Carly Morris: I hope that's not the best Summer Bay can offer.
Lynn Davenport: He's going to talk to us.
Carly Morris: Not for long, he's not!
Martin Dibble: How are you going? I'm Martin. He's Lance.
Carly Morris: And I'm not interested.
[Girls walk off]
Lance Smart: Too bad, mate.
Martin Dibble: Shut up!
[to Carly]
Martin Dibble: It's your loss! Suckers!
Carly Morris: If that's the answer to last night's prayer, then I'm an atheist!
Sally Keating: What's an Athiest?
Lynn Davenport: She's just being silly.
Matt Wilson: [Matt walks out of the store] G'day.
Lynn Davenport: [Carly giggles] Amen!

"Home and Away: Episode #1.532" (1990)
Ernie Jacobs: [after Adam's flea bomb nearly kills him; Jacobs comes to the store to rant] I'll have *all* of you for this! I'm charging you with conspiracy to damage property! Arson, Possesion of illegal... Explosives and attempted assault with a deadly weapon!
Marilyn Chambers: What are you talking about?
Ernie Jacobs: I'm talking about that *bomb* you left in my house! And don't try to deny it;
[displays bandaged wrist]
Ernie Jacobs: I've got the scars to prove it!
Matt Wilson: He must mean the flea bomb.
Ernie Jacobs: [Puts a coin on the counter] Here, Give me some change for the phone.
Marilyn Chambers: [worriedly gets the change] You're not gonna call the police, are you?
Ernie Jacobs: Damn right, I am! And Don't try to stop me; 'cause if you do I'll have you charged with attempting to pervert the course of Justice!
Marilyn Chambers: [Indignant] How *dare* you call us perverts!
Matt Wilson: Stay out of it, Marilyn.
Marilyn Chambers: Well, I'm not having him ruin my reputation!
Ernie Jacobs: You'll have more than your reputation to worry about when it gets out you tried to burn down my house!
Matt Wilson: You've got it all wrong, Mr. Jacobs. We were just using one of these
[shows flea repllant can to Jacobs]
Matt Wilson: to get rid of the fleas.
Ernie Jacobs: *What* fleas?
Marilyn Chambers: Ah, well... The fleas that Adam brought home in the sea grass mat.
Ernie Jacobs: And that's another thing. If you think you can destroy good lino and replace it with garbage; you've got another thing coming!
Marilyn Chambers: We couldn't afford anything else!
Ernie Jacobs: Well, get a loan!
Matt Wilson: Come on...
Ernie Jacobs: [cuts Matt off] You also owe me for replacing that broken window!
Matt Wilson: What broken window?
Ernie Jacobs: And if the workmanship isn't carried out to my sastisfaction, I'll be serving you with an eviction notice?
Matt Wilson: What for?
Ernie Jacobs: *Vandalism!* Mob of delinquents; should be locked up, the lot of ya!