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Griffin Stone (Character)
from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990)

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"Beverly Hills, 90210: Homecoming (#5.6)" (1994)
Steve Sanders: [about stealing the rivals mascot for the big game] Once 30 years ago, my dad and some of his KEG brothers pulled this off!
Griffin Stone: It is definitely time for history to repeat itself.

Valerie Malone: [after hearing about Kelly, Steve's and Griffin's plot to steal the mascott] I have an idea but it's kind of cruel!
Griffin Stone: Cruel is preferable!
Steve Sanders: Cruel is very good!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Injustice for All (#5.14)" (1994)
Griffin Stone: What more do you want from me? It's over.
Steve Sanders: It's not over! We've got two years of probation. We've got community service. And now, thanks to you, I can't even...
Griffin Stone: [interrupting] Steve, if that's all you're worried about, relax. We'll never have to do those hours. I know a court clerk who knows my father that's right in our pocket and he can get us off with a few phone calls and some rigging of the hours we are supposed to serve.
Steve Sanders: [shaking his head incredulously] You know, I was going to go easy on you and give you until the end of the week to move out, but I just changed my mind. You have one day... no, till the end of today, to pack your things and get the hell out of here! You are to move out of this room, out of this frat house, off campus and never talk to me again!
Griffin Stone: [cocky] Or what?
[Steve slams Griffin against a wall and grabs him by his collar]
Steve Sanders: Here's what: first I'm going to bash in your head. Then, I'm going to squeeze your neck so hard that you're head's going to pop off! You think I'm kidding? You want to test me? Huh? HUH?
Griffin Stone: [angry, but intimidated] All right! I give. You win. I'll move out. You'll never have to see me again.
Steve Sanders: Good. I'm outta here. You better be gone by the time I get back!

"Beverly Hills, 90210: Rave On (#5.5)" (1994)
David Silver: Never trust a girl with a camera!
Griffin Stone: I'll remember that!