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Quotes for
Larry Underwood (Character)
from "The Stand" (1994)

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"The Stand: The Dreams (#1.2)" (1994)
Larry Underwood: We have to get out of the city. It's not just the odds of getting shot. Do you know what it's going to smell like in two weeks? Five million dead people rotting in the July sun?

Larry Underwood: [to Nadine] I don't need this prima donna act! You have fun getting raped and murdered back on 7th Avenue, sweetheart!

Larry Underwood: [to Nadine] I am not going to stand here in the midst of 5 million dead bodies and watch you commit suicide!

Lucy Swann: Oh, thank god! I'm so happy... we're so happy to see someone else. Aren't we, Joe?
Larry Underwood: Yeah, same here, believe me.
[to Joe]
Larry Underwood: How ya doing, son?
[Joe goes at Larry with a knife]
Lucy Swann: [pulling Joe back] Put that away!
Larry Underwood: Nice kid. Has he had his rabies shots yet?
Lucy Swann: I'm sorry! He's been... traumatized.
Larry Underwood: Haven't we all?
Lucy Swann: I suppose so.

"The Stand: The Betrayal (#1.3)" (1994)
Larry Underwood: You're awful cute when you're angry, Stu.

Judge Richard Farris: [Discussing the spy mission Larry has just reluctantly recruited him for] I'll leave tomorrow, in that 4-wheel drive of mine. North to Wyoming, then due west. I'll be cold. I'll be lonely. My bowels will not work properly. But also... I will be clever.
Larry Underwood: [smiles sadly] I bet you will.

Glen Bateman: Nick's proposal is that we send at least 3 people west to Las Vegas, which we all feel is this Flagg's base of operations. The purpose is to try and find out what Flagg's plans are for us. Anyone want to kick it around a little bit?
Larry Underwood: We haven't even been elected for one whole day yet and we've managed to reinvent the CIA. Who needs Monday Night Football?
Ralph Brentner: Well what the hell else we gonna do? All he needs is one guy to target some scud missile with an a-bomb on it.
Larry Underwood: And if he's got one, what then?
Stu Redman: Somebody will have to try and stop him from using it.

Susan Stern: If I can't go, what about asking Dayna?
Larry Underwood: You can't be serious.
Stu Redman: Well you better get serious.
Larry Underwood: I can't believe we're doing this!
Stu Redman: Hey, if you didn't want to get your hands dirty, you should've stayed off the committee in the first place. We're probably sending people off to get killed. Yeah that's right, making decisions like that is what being in charge is all about, either grow up and do it or get out!
Larry Underwood: ...You're awful cute when you're angry, Stu.

"The Stand: The Stand (#1.4)" (1994)
Larry Underwood: [his last words] Amazing grace...

Larry Underwood: So why'd you have to kill Glen?
Barry Dorgan: He tried to escape.
Larry Underwood: You know, one of these days you're gonna get shot trying to escape, Dorgan, you too, Ratty.
Ralph Brentner: Yeah, one less Rat Man in the world.
Rat Man: Shut up that honky voodoo.
[cocks gun]

Barry Dorgan: I'm Barry Dorgan, chief of Vegas security. What kind of accident?
Larry Underwood: He stubbed his toe. Look Mr. Drogan, chief, Dragon, captain, Drugen, whatever you want to call yourself, why don't we just get on with this?

"The Stand: The Plague (#1.1)" (1994)
[Larry has returned to New York to see his mother, who assumes he is a failure, despite his flashy car]
Alice Underwood: Don't lie. I've seen your car.
Larry Underwood: [sullenly] About forty thousand.
Alice Underwood: Jesus wept.
Larry Underwood: But the record's number 21 this week, Ma! With a bullet. Bam! The album hasn't hit the hot 100 yet, but it will. Forty thousand's nothin'. Nothin'! And I'm not gonna let them make me a one-hit wonder, either. Your son's here to stick around! I'm gonna be famous, Ma. Even better. I'm gonna be rich.