Agent Graham Kelton
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Agent Graham Kelton (Character)
from "Vanished" (2006)

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"Vanished: The Tunnel (#1.2)" (2006)
Agent Graham Kelton: I need to know where you were, Tuesday night.
Mr. McNeal: Fixing the irrigation in my orchard.
Agent Graham Kelton: Did you have any company?
Mr. McNeal: [sarcastically] Yeah, peaches! Does that count?

Agent Graham Kelton: [after Judy plays a recording of Sarah Collins] Where'd you get that?
Judy Nash: We both went out with Sarah's parents; I guess they liked me better.
Agent Graham Kelton: [grinning] They'll get over it...

Judy Nash: The Senator and Sarah - the marriage wasn't as perfect as everybody thought, was it - off the record...
Agent Graham Kelton: [shrugs] On the record! No marriage is.