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Tracey Anne (Character)
from "Battlestar Galactica" (2004)

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"Battlestar Galactica: He That Believeth in Me (#4.1)" (2008)
Tracey Anne: [walking in and seeing Gaius on his knees seemly in prayer; not knowing that Number Six had been comforting him by saying she was there for him] That is so beautiful.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: [he opens his eyes and looks around] Hello. Sorry, what?
Tracey Anne: The way you were praying.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: [noticing he had his palms together in an attitude of prayer] Oh, yeah, yeah. Oh, thank you, yeah.
Tracey Anne: [she comes over and sits down facing Gaius] Not some hollow ritual.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: No, no.
Tracey Anne: It's as if the Gods are right here beside you.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: Well, yeah.
Tracey Anne: When I pray to the gods...
[we see Number Six watching them with interest]
Tracey Anne: I feel empty.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: Do you? That's a shame, isn't it?
Number Six: Her gods are false. Tell her.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: [Tracey reaches up and strokes his hair] Well, if you feel empty when you pray to Zeus or Poseidon or Aphrodite, it's because it is. It's a totally empty experience.
[she begins unbuttoning Gaius' shirt]
Dr. Gaius Baltar: They're not real. They've been promulgated by a ruling elite, to stop you from learning the truth.
Tracey Anne: And what truth is that?
Tracey Anne: That's a very good question. What is the... the...
Number Six: There's only one God.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: [Tracey begins unbuttoning her blouse] There is only one God. In a nutshell, that's the truth. We're alone here,aren't we? The others aren't coming back soon.
[She grins and shakes her head]
Dr. Gaius Baltar: And the door's locked. All right, good.
Tracey Anne: [She takes Gaius' hands and places them on her uncovered breasts] Can you feel God's presence?
Dr. Gaius Baltar: You know what? I think I do.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: So do I.
Dr. Gaius Baltar: Do you? Do you, too? We both feel...
[Fade as they start to kiss and slide toward the floor]