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Nick Kang (Character)
from True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) (VG)

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True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) (VG)
[after kicking a guy who is relieving himself]
Nick: You have the right to soak in your own urine.

[after getting new guns]
Nick: This is my BOOMSTICK.

[introduction of "Russian Face-Off" chapter]
Nick: Hi Chief, who's the suit?
Chief: Nick, um, this is, uh, Agent-In-Charge Masterson from, er, the F.B.I. Seems that they had the spa under surveillance when you, ahem...
Agent Masterson: When you pulled off your John Wayne stunt and blew it all to hell! We've been working on this for weeks!
Nick: Sorry, sitting around stuffy vans eating donuts cramps my style.
[shows a photo of Rocky]
Nick: You want this Rocky? Let me show this around and see if I get any takers.
Agent Masterson: You're telling me you know someone who can ID this guy?
Nick: Maybe - an arms dealer out in Venice Beach. A real piece of work - done business with the Russians for years. If there's trouble, then he's in on it.
Agent Masterson: Whoa, whoa, pal. I'm running this op now and you don't as much as take a leak unless I say so.
Nick: [dims his eyes] Speaking of which, Masterson. Your fly's open.
Agent Masterson: Ahhh shit!
[zips up the zipper]
Chief: Masterson, we agreed to let Nick do his thing - You know he's our best shot.
Agent Masterson: Damn, don't make me regret this, Kang.
Nick: Why does everyone keep saying that?

Cary Kang: The wise man acts before he speaks. Or is it the other way around?
Nick: It's not gonna matter after I'm through with you, Confucious.

Nick: [after picking up a first-aid kit or entering a health clinic] Mmmm... Morphine

Nick: [after picking up a first-aid kit or entering a health clinic] Even my jock-itch is cured.

Nick: [after repairing a car in a gas station] Now the cops won't find me... Wait.

Rosie Velasco: [after a fight with a Triad thug in the Chinese Bistro] What's Chinese for crazy? No way am I gonna work with you! You're outta control! I don't need this shit!
Nick: Rosie, wait! You forgot your fortune cookie!
Rosie Velasco: I know what it says. "Beware of nutcases!"

Gypsy: Is that a gun in your pocket?
Nick: No, I'm just happy to see you.

Nick: Got here in the nick of time. HA. I crack myself up.

Nick: That sounds like a line from a bad video game.

[Nick enters the lobby of a bank to stop the robbers]
Nick: Alright, come to Neo...

Nick: Mess with the EOD, end up DOA! Man, that was corny...

[on the phone]
Nick: Kang here... hello?
Ancient Wu: Where the metal birds flock near the ocean, you will find revenge...
Nick: What was that? Ancient Wu?
Ancient Wu: The sixth edifice, at the landing place of the flying machines...
Nick: Wait-wait, sorry, I don't quite follow...
Ancient Wu: Santa Monica Airport, Hangar 6, asshole!

Agent Masterson: Your reputation precedes you, Kang. You're a real loose cannon and if it were up to me, you wouldn't carry a badge.
Nick: Man, who peed in your coffee?

[Repeated line]
Nick: Oh shit, it's dim sum time!

Nick: Run Forrest, run!

Nick: The ladies call me "Quick Nick" for a reason... uh, not that reason.

Nick: [after being kicked in the nuts by a suspect who is a stripper] Awwwww, must've said the magic words.

Nick: Now that was pretty cool...!

Nick: What? I can't hear you! Oh, you can't hear me either...

Nick: Hell hath no fury like Nick Kang pissed off!

Nick: [singing] You fought the law and the law won.

Nick: Oh, man. This mess is gonna take one shitload of paperwork.

Nick: [after knocking a criminal to the ground] Stay the fuck down!

Nick: Just me, the car and the road. That's joyride!

Nick: This is Nick Kang chasing after another dumbass criminal!

Nick: This is Nick Kang in pursuit of another dumbass criminal.

Nick: Hey, sure you want to fight? All right, I guess you do.

Nick: You picked the wrong party to crash, jackass!

Nick: It's time to hit the road Jack, errr... Nick.

Nick: I'm not gonna reason with you. I'm just gonna shot you.

Nick: [when taking someone's car] Open up, before I shot you!