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General Sam Wellish (Character)
from "Spy Game" (1997)

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"Spy Game: Nobody Ever Said Growing Up Was Easy (#1.4)" (1997)
Micah Simms: So, you guys developed some kind of killer robot.
General Sam Wellish: He's obviously a Level 9. Yes, we built one.
Lorne Cash: Your tax dollars at work. Making the world a better place one android at a time.
General Sam Wellish: It's not an android or a robot. It's a protogen. Cash, pop this in, will you?
Maxine 'Max' London: A protogen can think for itself within it's programmed parameters. How did you recognize it?
General Sam Wellish: Signature blue aura on the face and the big hole left in our electrified fence. Somebody *please* tell me how we lost a billion dollar protogen.
Lorne Cash: Well, somebody probably picked it's two-dollar padlock.

Micah Simms: Once we find the android, how do we stop it?
General Sam Wellish: That's no problem. Got a spare scud missle?

Lorne Cash: General, I've got to admit, it was a pleasure being on your team.
General Sam Wellish: Thanks, Lorne, and as for me, I guess it takes a mighty big man to admit he was wrong. I'm not that big.