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Lord Alfred Douglas (Character)
from Wilde (1997)

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Wilde (1997)
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: No gentleman ever has the slightest idea of what his bank balance is.

Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: There are two boys waiting out there, and if you're not coming I'll fuck them both myself! I'll take them to the Grand and fuck them in front of the whole fucking hotel and I'll send you the bill!

Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: [in the prison visitors room] Oscar, you must let me in the witness box! If the jury can only hear what I have to say...
Oscar Wilde: Bosie, darling boy, as soon as they see you in all your golden youth and me in all my corruption...
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: You didn't corrupt me! I corrupted you, if anything!
Oscar Wilde: That's not how it will seem.
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: But I must have my say! It's outrageous! Everyone else has said everything, anything that came into his head! I'm the person all this is about! It's me my father wants to get at, not you! It's outrageous that I can't have my say!
Oscar Wilde: It won't help, Bosie. It may actually make things worse.
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: But my father will win! I can't endure my father winning.
Oscar Wilde: You must go away, dear boy. I couldn't bear for them to arrest you.
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: I can't bear what they're saying about you in court.
[the bell rings for visitors to leave]
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: Jesus Christ!
[He grabs for Oscar's hand through the mesh window]
Oscar Wilde: Goodbye Bosie, dear boy. Don't let anyone, anything, ever change your feeling for me, change your love.
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: Oscar, never! They never will! I won't let them! I won't let them!

Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: [Oscar is ill in bed] You look such an idiot lying there. Revolting. Have you forgotten how to wash?
Oscar Wilde: As a matter of fact, I'm dying for a glass of water.
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: Well, help yourself. You know where the jug is.
Oscar Wilde: Bosie, darling...
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: It stinks in here. You'll be wanting me to empty your chamber pot next.
Oscar Wilde: Well, I emptied your chamber pot... I looked after you...
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: Well, I'm not looking after you. Not now. You don't interest me, not when you're ill. You're just a boring, middle-aged man with a blocked-up nose.
Oscar Wilde: Bosie, dearest boy...
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: SHUT UP! Dearest boy! Darling Bosie! It doesn't mean anything! You don't love me! The only person you've ever loved is yourself. You like me, you lust after me, you go about with me because I've got a title. That's all. You like to write about Dukes and Duchesses, but you know nothing about them. You're the biggest snob I've ever met, and you think you're so daring because you fuck the occasional boy.
Oscar Wilde: Bosie, please... You're killing me...
Lord Alfred 'Bosie' Douglas: You just about do when you're at your best. You're amusing, very amusing, but when you're not at your best, you're no one!
Oscar Wilde: All I asked for was a glass of water...