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Georgi (Character)
from The Inspector General (1949)

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The Inspector General (1949)
Georgi: [singing] Drink to me only wi-ith thine eye-eyes / And I will drink with my nose!

Georgi: [singing to himself on how to pull off the scam] Be arrogant, be elegant, be smart!

Georgi: [making up code for "arrogance, elegance, and smarts"] Give 'em the fist, give 'em the wrist, give 'em the finger!

Yakov: May I become a wandering gypsy if I'm not telling the truth.
Georgi: But you ARE a wandering gypsy.
Yakov: That proves I'm telling the truth.

Georgi: [nervously] Oh, I have no wife. None of my family had wives. My father didn't like wives. I mean, my mother didn't like my father's wives.