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Nicholas (Character)
from Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders (1996) (V)

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I Wanna Play (2016)
Mother: Come on, Nicholas. Go to sleep.
Nicholas: Mom. He's here. Josh is here and he wants to play.
Mother: [whispers] Come on. - I'm sorry, Baby. It's too late.
Nicholas: But, Mom. He wants to play. He could play with us.
Mother: [kisses Nicholas] Good Night, Nicholas.
Nicholas: But, Mom...
Mother: Nicholas!
Nicholas: But, Mom. He wants to play NOW!
Mother: [scolds] I said "No", Nicholas!
Nicholas: [shouts] I wanna play now! I wanna play now!
[a toy monkey begins to play with the basins, a clown comes out of the box, an imaginary monster takes Nicholas' mom and eats up her]
Mother: [screams] Aaahh!

Nicholas: That's enough for today. It's late. Come back tomorrow. Upon my Dad's place.