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Leon Trotsky (Character)
from The Assassination of Trotsky (1972)

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The Assassination of Trotsky (1972)
Leon Trotsky: It's hard living with an old revolutionary. You should have been with us when we stormed the Winter Palace! With Lenin in Moscow in the early days! What happiness to be alive- to be fighting then!

"Another Period: Switcheroo Day (#1.7)" (2015)
Dodo Bellacourt: I always say "Have enough servants to satisfy your every whim but not enough to murder your family."
Peepers: Excellent point, Madam... Wife... Madam Wife.
Leon Trotsky: Families should only be murdered during revolution.
Mark Twain: Gandhi boy, a rebuttal?
Mohandas Gandhi: Well, no offense, but you sound like you belong to the bitch caste.
Leon Trotsky: I was raped in a gulag by Cossacks. Do you think your insults mean anything to me?
Mohandas Gandhi: I don't know what a gulag is but I will send you right back there!
Leon Trotsky: Come here!
[they fight]
Peepers: Mister Gandhi! Mister Gandhi, Mister Trotsky, please! Spirited debate is one thing! Violence is quite another!
Mohandas Gandhi: Nonviolence... I'd never thought of that... because I'm not a little bitch!

Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)
Trotsky: I'll never understand you. You hate anyone who's not your kind of Bolshevik more than you hate the Tsar.
Martov: No wonder they call you Robespierre. Everyone's got to think like you, or they're out!
Trotsky: He thinks freedom is something you write on a wall, you don't actually practice it.
Vladimir Lenin: That's not true. Of course, I agree you're free to say what you like. And you must agree I'm free to shoot you for saying it.