Alexander Kerensky
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Alexander Kerensky (Character)
from The Romanovs: An Imperial Family (2000)

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Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)
The American Ambassador: In your position, I'd put this Lenin quietly in jail.
Alexander Kerensky: On what pretext?
The American Ambassador: I've read his speeches. Surely, you have to.
Alexander Kerensky: I cannot put a man in jail for what he thinks. It's in your Bill of Rights.
The American Ambassador: He wants to overthrow the government by force. We Americans call that treason.

[as war is announced in the Duma]
Alexander Kerensky: Set all differences aside. We are Russians, first of all. And until the day of victory dawns, we stand united in the defense of Holy Russia.

Tsar Nicholas II: [in Kerensky's office in summer, 1917, just after he was overthrown and forced to abdicate] All we do is dream of England. We'd be very happy there.
Alexander Kerensky: England... won't accept you.
Tsar Nicholas II: Won't accept... King George is my cousin.
Alexander Kerensky: He
[George V]
Alexander Kerensky: doesn't seem to want you either. He has to think of his own position. Nor will the French. None of our allies want to risk it. They are at war to save democracy and you were a tyrant.

Alexander Kerensky: No munitions, no supplies, I don't know where the army stands. The treasury is bankrupt, the students riot, the workers carry arms. The socialists want this, the Mensheviks want that, the radicals, the centrists, the cadets... the Bolsheviks. I can't arrest them even if I wanted to. We have rights and laws now. You had power and no laws. I have laws and no power.
Tsar Nicholas II: I wish I could help you.
Alexander Kerensky: You had your chances. I wish I had mine.

Alexander Kerensky: The Bolsheviks have taken over the station, the telegraphs, the banks? If we had loyal troops, how many would it take to dislodge them?
General Alexeiev: One regiment would be enough. But we haven't got a regiment! At least, not one I can trust.

The Romanovs: An Imperial Family (2000)
Kerensky: I am Alexander Kerensky. How do you do?
Emperor Nicholas II: How do you do Alexander Fyodorovich? This is my Family. My son Alexei...
Kerensky: How do you do?
Emperor Nicholas II: My two older daughters, Olga and Tatiana. The rest of them are ill and are in bed. You can see them if you wish.
Kerensky: No, no I dont want to trouble them.
Emperor Nicholas II: My wife Alexandra Fyodorovna.
Kerensky: Nicholas Alexandrovitch, I would like to speak with you alone.
Emperor Nicholas II: Let's go to the study.
[they leave the room]
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna: What an unpleasant man this Kerensky is.
The Grand Duke, Prince Aleksei Nikolayevich: That is because he does not respect Papa and Mama too.
Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolayevna: Sure... because our Papa and Mama are nobody now.
Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna: Pardon me?
Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolayevna: Private citizens.
Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna: You are so insensitive daughter... cruel.
Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolayevna: Why? I love you and Papa very much.
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna: Why would you say such a thing then?
Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolayevna: Because!
[shows her hair is falling]
Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna: What is it?
Grand Duchess Tatyana Nikolayevna: I am getting bald!
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna: Don't pay attention to her Mama. She is not herself.
Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna: Her hair is falling out! And you?
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna: And I too... so what?
Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna: My God, how is it? Olenka, you are young women. Why didnt you tell me?
Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna: Please understand us Mama. Who wants to be shaved.
Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna: You think it is better to be bald?