Whip Wilson
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Whip Wilson (Character)
from Stagecoach Driver (1951)

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Canyon Raiders (1951)
Alice Long: What's going on here and who are you?
Whip Wilson: The name's Wilson, Whip Wilson. And I might add that you're the best lookin' sheriff I've seen yet.

Whip Wilson: Are you really the sheriff here?
Alice Long: Acting sheriff. My father's the regular sheriff, but he's sick.
[Alice pulls her pistol]
Alice Long: Does that satisfy you?
Hemingway: Now we're getting someplace.
Whip Wilson: Very nice, ma'am, only if you were a man and tried that, you'd be dead by now. This gambling friend of yours here tried to take the life savings of an old homesteader in a card game. I happened along in time to prevent a killing. And where were you, Sheriff? Doing embroidery?

Whip Wilson: Thank you very much, ma'am. You know, it's a good thing there aren't too many law officers like you. I'd be in trouble *all* the time.

[the rustlers accuse Whip of horse-stealing]
Jack Marlin: What are you doin' with those horses?
Whip Wilson: I collect horses. It's a hobby of mine.

Stage to Blue River (1951)
[Ted and Texas have been thrown out of a saloon for fighting]
Ted Crosby: We didn't start anything, Whip.
Marshal Whip Wilson: Yes, I know. Same old story - you were minding your own business when somebody ran into your knuckles.

Frederick Kingsley, Lawyer: You know you have to make a run at least one a week to hold your franchise.
Joyce Westbrook: Yes.
Frederick Kingsley, Lawyer: You have to carry at least one passenger on every one.
Marshal Whip Wilson: That's right, Joyce.
Joyce Westbrook: I didn't know that.
Frederick Kingsley, Lawyer: It's a postal regulation. They want to make sure they're doing business with a responsible passenger-carrying stage line.
Joyce Westbrook: I see. Well, that may stop me. People out here say they won't ride on my line if they were paid for it!
Frederick Kingsley, Lawyer: That's understandable. Folks don't like being shot at. You may have trouble hiring drivers, too.
Marshal Whip Wilson: Well, we'll see she won't run out of drivers.
Ted Crosby: Texas and I can ride as passengers.
'Texas': Sure! And if we get shot at, we'll get our money back for the tickets.

Marshal Whip Wilson: Keep out of trouble now.
Ted Crosby: Well, don't we always?
Marshal Whip Wilson: Do I have to give you a short answer? No!

Montana Incident (1952)
Whip Wilson: [to Frances Martin] Officially, of course, we're only interested in completing the survey without any more interference, but it would be nice if we could straighten out some other things at the same time.
Dave Connors: [eyeing the pretty Frances] Unofficially, I'm interested in plenty of other things!

[first lines]
Whip Wilson: Well, Dave, this looks like good place to start.
Dave Connors: Sure is fine country, Whip. When the railroad's built, I might even take a ride on it.
Whip Wilson: The company will appreciate that, but right now we're being paid to survey this country, not admire it. Now get off that horse and start workin'.

The Gunman (1952)
Whip Wilson: Well, looks like Duke Kirby's our man. All we have to do is nail him down.
Jud Calvert: Yeah, but what are we going to use for nails?

Wyoming Roundup (1952)
[last lines]
Bob Burke: It's about time.
[Whip tries to pull Bob, who is stuck under a porch]
Bob Burke: Wait a minute, Whip. I can't come out now.
Whip Wilson: What's wrong?
Bob Burke: Well, it's a mighty tight squeeze under here and I just lost my pants.
[Whip breaks out laughing]
Bob Burke: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Very funny.