Henry Mitchell
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Henry Mitchell (Character)
from "Dennis the Menace" (1959)

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Dennis the Menace (1993)
George Wilson: However, you're dealing with him. He hasn't learned it's not good manners to break in on a fella and shoot an aspirin down his throat.
Henry Mitchell: Oh, Mr. Wilson, he's 5.
George Wilson: When I was 5, I had some respect.
Henry Mitchell: Well, you're probably a pretty exceptional boy.
George Wilson: In 1925, I was not the exception; I was the rule.

Henry Mitchell: You go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.
Dennis: For how long?
Henry Mitchell: Until you're sorry.
Dennis: Oh good, I'm sorry now.
Mrs. Alice Mitchell: He can't sit in the corner, I have to take him to Margaret Wade's house.
Dennis: [screams in horror scaring his parents] Margaret's house? I didn't do anything bad enough to deserve to go to her house. She's a lunatic, I'll go crazy, she tortures me, she's mean, she's ugly, she doesn't share!
Mrs. Alice Mitchell: Honey, I made arrangements with Mrs. Wade for you to go to their house while I work.
Dennis: Are you serious?
Mrs. Alice Mitchell: Well, you can't spend the summer unsupervised. You're out of school.
Dennis: [loses it] *I'll go back*!
Henry Mitchell: You're mother made arrangements. That's it! I don't want any arguments!
Dennis: [lightly bows his head on the table] My life is falling apart.

Dennis: [innocently] Hi.
Mrs. Alice Mitchell: Did you shoot an aspirin into Mr.Wilson's mouth?
Henry Mitchell: Oh god!
Dennis: I didn't want him to bite off my fingers with his big, fake teeth. Those things are sharp!
Mrs. Alice Mitchell: [to Henry] George said Dennis shot an aspirin into his mouth with a slingshot.
Henry Mitchell: What slingshot?
Mrs. Alice Mitchell: Do you have a slingshot?
Dennis: I'm not sure.
Henry Mitchell: Give it to me.
[Dennis sighs and hands over the slingshot]

Henry Mitchell: [after hearing about Dennis shooting a pill in Mr. Wilson's Mouth] I'm Sorry about this Morning.
George Wilson: Your kid is driving me nuts.
Henry Mitchell: I'll talk to him again.
George Wilson: Maybe it isn't talk that he needs, when my father had something to tell me, he told me with his belt.
Henry Mitchell: That's not how I deal with my son, George.

Polly: Hi, Mr Mitchell.
Henry Mitchell: Hello Polly, come on in.
[Polly enters the house]
Henry Mitchell: What's the helmet for?
Polly: Oh my girlfriend used to babysit for Dennis, she said to bring a helmet and wear pants.

"Dennis the Menace: Mr. Wilson's Award (#1.10)" (1959)
Henry Mitchell: [Dr. Sinclair has arrived at the Mitchell's with Mr. Wilson's secret award] Honey, Doc has the p-l-a-q-u-e.
Alice Mitchell: Oh - Dennis, why don't you run out and play?
Dennis: Jeepers! Every time something interesting goes on, somebody starts spelling.

Dennis the Menace (1987) (TV)
[At the museum]
Dennis Mitchell: Neato! Look at all these bones, what's this one called dad?
Henry Mitchell: It's an Allosaurus.
Dennis Mitchell: Alicesaurus, did you hear that mom? They named that one after you.