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Gretel (Character)
from Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)
[Last Lines]
[Pointing gun at camera]
Gretel: I hate to break this to you, but this isn't gonna be an open casket.

Muriel: [picks up a missing child poster] I see you got my invitation.
Gretel: Say your name before my arrows rip out your throat.
Muriel: I go by many names. None of which you are worthy of pronouncing.
[Muriel grins as she slowly reveals her true self to Gretel]
Gretel: [whispers] Oh my God!

Gretel: The Curse of Hunger for Crawling Things. I fucking hate that one.

Gretel: Wow, this is amazing. And, uh, weird.
Hansel: It's a little creepy.
Gretel: You really keep all this stuff?
Hansel: [trying to end the conversation] All right, well...
Ben: I just have SO many questions, do you mind?
Hansel: [still trying to end the conversation] You know, we have...
Gretel: Oh no, no no no, you go ahead.
[smirks as Hansel kicks her under the table]
Ben: All right, uh, okay, uh, how do you best kill a witch?
Gretel: [innocently] Hansel?
Hansel: [pauses to glare at Gretel] Uh, cutting off their heads tends to work... and ripping out their hearts... and skinning them is also nice...
Gretel: Yeah, but burning them is the best way, 'cause it's the only way to be safe.
Ben: Burning, yeah, of course!
Hansel: [muttering into his mug] Burn 'em all...

Bewitched Bunny (1954)
Bugs Bunny: And pray, what are your names, my poor children?
Gretel: [smiling] My name is Gretel.
Hansel: And my name is Hansel.
Bugs Bunny: [entirely puzzled] Hansel? Hannnsel? Hansel?

Bugs Bunny: Run for your dear little lives. She is a witch, and means to eat you for her supper!
Gretel: Ach!
Hansel: Und himmel!
Gretel, Hansel: [in unison, to the Witch] Ahhh, your mother rides a vacuum cleaner!

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011)
Gretel: You've been Hoodvinked! Too!

"Once Upon a Time: True North (#1.9)" (2012)
[first lines]
Ava Zimmer: What you reading?
Henry Mills: 'The Hulk... vs Wolverine'.

Hansel & Gretel Get Baked (2013)
Gretel: You know it'd be nice if you could be a little more supportive.
Hansel: You're adopted.