Wilhelm Grimm
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Wilhelm Grimm (Character)
from The Brothers Grimm (2005)

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The Brothers Grimm (2005)
[first lines]
Sister Grimm: Mama, it's so cold.
Mother Grimm: It's very, very cold. Will. Put another log on the fire, lad.
Young Will: There isn't any more firewood, Mama.

Will Grimm: I made that armour! It's not magic; it's just shiny.

Will Grimm: You killed my friends!
Delatombe: I only wish you had more!

[repeated line]
Will Grimm: Expensive.

[repeated line]
Will Grimm: Run! Run!

Jacob Grimm: It's this way, Will!
Will Grimm: No, no, it's not, it's not. It's that way! Grandmother Toad told me!
Jacob Grimm: What?
Will Grimm: [dead serious] Trust the toad!

Cavaldi: Grimmy. You are to have to stand trial for subterfuge, theft... and buggery!
Will Grimm: I'm sorry?
Cavaldi: For which the minimum sentence is...?
Delatombe: Death.

[Yelling at Jake up in the tower while being chased by a woodsman with an ax]
Will Grimm: Jacob Grimm, you bed-wetting piss bucket!

Jacob Grimm: [about the Mirror Queen] She's still there, Will! She's still alive! Sh-she's up in the tower.
Will Grimm: What, for five hundred years?
Jacob Grimm: Yeah, but they haven't been kind, I can tell you that, Will!

Hidlick: How comes he gets to do the monsters, I end up playin' the girlie ghosts?
Will Grimm: Because you, my friend, have talent. You've got range.
Bunst: And what do I have, Will?
Will Grimm: You, my handsome friend, you have heart.
Jacob Grimm: And you, Will, have enough bullshit to fill the Palace of Versailles.

Will Grimm: Beans, Jake.

Will Grimm: He can't hold his ale!
Jacob Grimm: I can't hold me ale!

Will Grimm: Well, the music seems to have turned horribly French.

Will Grimm: Ignore him. He wishes his whole life was something out of a book. And now he thinks he's in love.
Jacob Grimm: Shut up, Will!
Will Grimm: Angelika, do what your father wanted: leave the village now.
Angelika: No, Will. I'm gonna find my sisters.
Jacob Grimm: Will doesn't care about them. Will doesn't care about anything but himself!
Will Grimm: This isn't a fairy tale. They are not coming back!
Jacob Grimm: This is not your world, Will!
[to Angelika]
Jacob Grimm: Angelika, you know, don't you? The story, it's happening to us now. We're living it. It's-it's alive, it's real, it's breathing. And we can give it a happy ending.
Angelika: Jake...
Jacob Grimm: Angelika, we'll find your sisters. All right? We'll bring them back.
Will Grimm: [getting angry] Bring back her sisters?
[kicks Jacob]
Will Grimm: Bring them back? Bring them back with what? Magic beans?
Jacob Grimm: Why do you say that?
Will Grimm: Magic beans don't work! They don't bring people back to life! They did not then and they will not now! You go wait by the horses! Jacob, wait by the horses!

Will Grimm: All right, Jake. What do you want me to do?
Jacob Grimm: Honestly? You're my brother. I want you to believe in me.

Will Grimm: General, you keep working with Cavaldi, this country won't be yours much longer. He panics.
Cavaldi: The great Cavaldi NEVER panics!
[a small kitten rubs against his foot; he shrieks and kicks it into a fan]

Will Grimm: [about taking women upstairs] What do you say, Jake? A little chit, a little chat?
Jacob Grimm: A little huff, a little puff? Thank you very much, Will.

[last lines]
Will Grimm: I've been thinking of an alternative career path.
Jacob Grimm: Will.
Will Grimm: One that uses all of our new expertise.
Jacob Grimm: Will.
Will Grimm: Now, I haven't really sorted it yet...
Jacob Grimm: Will, Will, Will, listen. This is the real world. We're-we're men without a country, we're enemies of the state, and worst of all we haven't a single bean to our name.
Will Grimm: It's a good name, though, isn't it?
Jacob Grimm: It's a damn good name. Let's dance. Come on!

Sasha: It's alright! They're the Brothers Grimm! People talk about them in Marsburg! They're famous!
Will Grimm: Right you are, son! The famous Brothers Grimm. Look at this strapping young man.
Gregor: *He* is my daughter.
[Awkward pause]
Will Grimm: And a fine wife he'll make some lucky man.

Angelika: Who's your friend?
Will Grimm: Um...
Cavaldi: I? Who am I? I am Mercurio Cavaldi, of the great Cavaldis du Parma, the master of the torturing arts.
Will Grimm: Steady, Cavaldi. We need her warm and breathing.

Will Grimm: [offering French soldiers wine] 1792. A very good Year.

Will Grimm: [Jacob goes into kiss to wake him up] Not you.
Jacob Grimm: [Snaps his head away and looks around] uh... perhaps you should give it a try Angelika.

Will Grimm: [after escaping from a French guard, screaming like a girl] RUN!
Jacob Grimm: [pinned to the floor by another French guard] Will! Will, wait!
Will Grimm: [running out of the inn] Never fear, Jake!
Jacob Grimm: [screaming] Will! WILL!
Will Grimm: I shall return for you...!
[a bola trips Will up]
Cavaldi: Nice try.

Will Grimm: Jake, you're wearing a bonnet!
Jacob Grimm: Well, so are you!

Will Grimm: Life's little subterfuges make it all worthwhile.

The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962)
Jacob Grimm: It's an outrage. In my speech, I'm going to tell them...
Wilhelm Grimm: [cutting him off] Jacob. Just tell them...
Wilhelm Grimm: Just tell them I'm your brother.

Wilhelm Grimm: [final line] Once upon a time
Wilhelm Grimm: there were two brothers!

Ever After: A Cinderella Story (1998)
Grand Dame: I find your collection of folk tales quite brilliant, actually.
Jacob Grimm: Thank you.
Grand Dame: But I must say, I was terribly disturbed when I read your version of the little cinder girl.
Jacob Grimm: Well, there are those who swear that Perrault's telling with its Fairy Godmother and um...
Jacob Grimm: Magic pumpkins would be closer to the truth.
Wilhelm Grimm: Some claim the shoe was made of fur. Others insist it was glass. Well, I guess we'll never know.
Jacob Grimm: Forgive me, Your Majesty, might I inquire about the painting? She's really quite, um... extraordinary.
Grand Dame: Her name was Danielle de Barbarac.
[Reaches inside the box the footman has brought to her]
Grand Dame: And this... was her "glass" slipper.
[the Grimm Brothers look at each other in shock]
Grand Dame: Perhaps you will allow me to set the record straight?
Wilhelm Grimm: Then it's true, the story?
Grand Dame: Yes. Quite. Now then, what is that phrase you use? Oh, yes. Once upon a time, there lived a young girl who loved her father very much...