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Sherwood Montague (Character)
from Little House: Bless All the Dear Children (1984) (TV)

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"Little House on the Prairie: Hello and Goodbye (#9.22)" (1983)
Sherwood Montague: [after reading Nancy's essay, for which she got a D] Your Miss Plum was very generous in giving you a passing grade.
Nancy Oleson: You hate me, too!
Sherwood Montague: Not yet, but if I spent some more time with you, I'm very sure it could develop into that.
Nancy Oleson: I'm gonna kill myself!
[runs upstairs]

Harriet Oleson: Here you are, Mr. Montague, we had everything that was on your list.
Sherwood Montague: Thank you. Put it on my bill.
Harriet Oleson: Yes, certainly. Where's Nancy?
Sherwood Montague: I believe she said she was going upstairs to commit suicide. Good day.

Almanzo James Wilder: I've never met such a no-it-all in my whole life! No matter what it is, he does better. I tell you, he acts like he's perfect.
Sherwood Montague: It is not an act, Almanzo. I AM perfect. It is a cross I must bear.

Little House: Bless All the Dear Children (1984) (TV)
Isaiah Edwards: Now Montague, don't tell me you've got something against Christmas.
Sherwood Montague: Not Christmas, Edwards. Crass commerciality and sentimentalism masquerading as Christian love. The emphasis on gift giving is compromising our souls.

Little House: Look Back to Yesterday (1983) (TV)
Sherwood Montague: Well, well Gentlemen, it sounds to me like we have the basis for a possible wager here.
Isaiah Edwards: Now you're talking there, Montey. You put up the money and I'll put up my snakeball.
Sherwood Montague: That's Mr. Montague. And I'd hardly call your snakeball a sound investment.