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Dr. Roland Freisler (Character)
from Conspiracy (2001) (TV)

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Conspiracy (2001) (TV)
Dr. Alfred Meyer: A communist, by definition, has a defect of reason.
Dr. Roland Freisler: The Russian is not a communist, my friend. The Russian does not give a damn who runs things. I have lived amongst them. The Russian only cares he has a bottle of vodka to suck and some form of domestic animal life to fuck. Then he will happily sit in shit his whole life. That is *his* politics. I know those people. That is the distinction. I absolve the Jews of that!

Lange: [as Heydrich continues to get a final word from everyone around the table] Yes.
Dr. Joseph Bühler: I would like to urge that speed that Dr. Meyer asked of you. The Poles are not as disciplined a population as we Germans. And I will report our will of the group to the Governor General.
Heydrich: He will understand that I'm relieving him of a burden. Colonel?
SS.Col. Eberhard 'Karl' Schöngarth: I thoroughly approve and I'm anxious to start. I look forward to working with your office, and yours, Colonel.
Dr. Roland Freisler: The sooner, the better.

SS Maj.Gen. Heinrich Müller: Are they underway?
Adolf Eichmann: Not yet Sir.
SS Maj.Gen. Heinrich Müller: Who is late?
Dr. Roland Freisler: We are.
SS Maj.Gen. Heinrich Müller: Who is missing?
Adolf Eichmann: General Heydrich, Sir. But he's on his way.
Dr. Roland Freisler: He will have his grand entrance.

Adolf Eichmann: And the - carbon monoxide, what it does is... The bodies come out pink. The gas turns them pink.
SS.Col. Eberhard 'Karl' Schöngarth: [laughing] That's a nice touch.
Dr. Joseph Bühler: If it is already built, what is this meeting? Why bother?
Heydrich: The system has shown that it works. It will work for you. It is settling in. The method is now defined.
Dr. Roland Freisler: The Jews go in red and come out pink. That is progress.
[laughter around the room]

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (2005)
Richter Dr. Roland Freisler: In the name of the German people, in the criminal case against Hans Fritz Scholl from Munich, Sophia Magdalena Scholl from Munich, and Christoph Hermann Probst from Aldrans, the people's court has reached a verdict following court proceedings on 22 February, 1943: The defendants published leaflets at a time of war, calling for people to sabotage armaments, and to overthrow our people's National Socialist way of life. They propagated defeatist ideas and visciously insulted the Fuhrer. By so doing, they aided the enemy and demoralized our troops. They are therefore sentenced to death. They lose their rights as citizens for all time. They bear the cost of the trial.
Sophie Magdalena Scholl: Your terror will soon be over!
Hans Scholl: You may hang us today, but you'll be hanged tomorrow.