Israel Boone
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Israel Boone (Character)
from "Daniel Boone" (1964)

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"Daniel Boone: When I Became a Man, I Put Away Childish Things (#3.20)" (1967)
Israel Boone: [when given a pet raccoon] "Ah he won't get lonesome... he can just snuggle up to Pa's hat.

Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer (1956)
Israel Boone: Shel-tow-ee?
Daniel Boone: Yes, Israel. That's the name Blackfish gave me when he made me his blood brother. It means "Big Turtle."

"Daniel Boone: The Inheritance (#4.7)" (1967)
[last lines]
Rebecca Boone: Let's get out of here. This place gives me the creeps.
Daniel Boone: What's the matter, Becky? I thought you had your heart set on a house in the...
[Daniel and Becky hear loud moaning coming from the attic]
Rebecca Boone: Daniel Boone, that boy is at it again! Israel, you can come down here this minute!
[Israel emerges from under the dining room table]
Israel Boone: Somebody call me, Mom?
Daniel Boone: Well, imagination has a strange way of playing tricks on you, Becky.
Israel Boone: Tricks, Pa?
Daniel Boone: Yeah, makes you...
[the moaning resumes more loudly]
Daniel Boone: ...see... and hear things that, ah... Well, it's time we were getting back to Williamsburg.
[after the Boones leave, the moaning gets louder still]