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Selena Donovan (Character)
from "Casualty" (1986)

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"Casualty: Going Under (#20.31)" (2006)
[Selena and Maggie have broken into Nathan Spencer's office to look for evidence that he is stalking Selena]
Maggie Coldwell: It's as if no-one ever drew breath in here.
Selena Donovan: I know.
Maggie Coldwell: Maybe he's not human!

[Selena and Abs suspect that a patient is faking the symptoms of prostate cancer]
Selena Donovan: He could be faking it.
John 'Abs' Denham: He'd be a glutton for punishment, though, wouldn't he? I wouldn't like a finger up my backside for fun!

"Casualty: The Long Goodbye (#19.41)" (2005)
Erika Okur: Perfect - two for one.
Selena Manning: You're not going to get away with this!
Erika Okur: We already have
[She stabs Selena]
DS Jimmy Straker: Erika - come on!
Erika Okur: Now you can thank me.
DS Jimmy Straker: What for?
Erika Okur: Solving your problem.

"Casualty: Entropy (#21.42)" (2007)
[Selena has spoken harshly to Linda Stanlake when she tried to interfere with her daughter's treatment. Linda has now made a complaint to Nathan]
Linda Stanlake: [to Nathan] She was rude and upsetting to me and my daughter. Don't you even know what she's said and done, Doctor?
Selena Donovan: [to Linda] *I'm* the doctor. *He's* the Corporate Director. He knows even less about medicine that you do.

"Casualty: Brass in Pocket (#21.41)" (2007)
Kelsey Phillips: Why do you always look so fit?
Selena Donovan: Metabolism.
Kelsey Phillips: Why haven't *I* got one of those?

"Casualty: Combat Indicators: Part 1 (#21.27)" (2007)
[Selena is being bossed around by Andrea, a new consultant who has just started and who used to be in the army]
Selena Donovan: [ironically, making a mock-salute] Yes, Ma'am. Whatever you say, Ma'am.

"Casualty: The Miracle on Harry's Last Shift (#21.25)" (2007)
Kelsey Phillips: Would it still be Buddha day if I strangled Nathan?
Selena Manning: Form a queue!

"Casualty: Countdown (#21.22)" (2007)
[talking about Nathan]
Maggie Coldwell: How you can *think* of marrying that man is beyond me. I mean, what have you told him?
Selena Donovan: I've told him that I'll think about it.
[Maggie sighs in exasperation]
Selena Donovan: I know you don't like him, Maggie, but you haven't seen him like I have.
Maggie Coldwell: Please, spare me the details. I bet he's a John Major.
Selena Donovan: What d'you mean?
Maggie Coldwell: Tucks his trousers into his underpants.
Selena Donovan: Very funny. Look, what's important to me is the *type* of man he is. You only see him at work. Away from here he's kind and gentle.
Maggie Coldwell: [sarcastically] Oooh. Very sexy.
Selena Donovan: Yeah, and very sexy.
[Maggie sighs in exasperation and walks off]