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John 'Abs' Denham (Character)
from "Casualty" (1986)

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"Casualty: Adrenaline Rush (#22.21)" (2008)
[earlier on, Abs ordered a work-to-rule as a protest about Charlie being sacked; now a patient has died and Zoe blames Abs]
Zoe Hanna: Proud of yourself, Abs? Good day's work, was it? We've put patients' lives in danger today. I don't blame the paramedics. I don't blame Ruth - she made the best call she could, given the experience she has in the field. No, I blame you, because you chose not to do your job when a patient needed you.
John 'Abs' Denham: Really? Well I've worked in this ED a lot longer than you.
Zoe Hanna: Then you should know better. How *dare* you leave your colleagues exposed. You were petty, childish, irresponsible - and something much worse could have gone wrong today. You should seriously think about whether you want to be a nurse or not.
John 'Abs' Denham: Maybe you're right. Maybe I shouldn't be a nurse. No-one seems to want to let me do my job.
Zoe Hanna: Are you blaming other people?
John 'Abs' Denham: Well that's what we do round here, isn't it? It's not like after three decades of hard work I'd have the thanks, respect and loyalty of my colleagues and employers, is it? Just ask Charlie.
Harry Harper: That is not fair.
John 'Abs' Denham: How did it get to the point where half of what we do is not on our job description and yet unless we do it people start accusing us of letting the side down? Cost cutting. Not taking breaks. Overtime. Working uninsured. This is supposed to be the best health service in the world. So why is it being run like a dodgy car dealership? All of that gets in the way of me doing my job. Maybe I should give up. But I won't. Because I *want* to be a nurse - if this hospital will let me.
[everyone applauds]

"Casualty: Truth, Lies & Videotape (#19.48)" (2005)
[at the coffee machine after Alex Watson has learned that his mother tried to poison his wife]
John 'Abs' Denham: Cor. You're living dangerously. A "Holby Roulette", that's called. You never know what's gonna come out. Tomato soup, chocolate, tea - sometimes all in the same cup!
Alex Watson: Good. It's for my mother.

"Casualty: Guilt Complex (#23.4)" (2008)
John 'Abs' Denham: You're a pain in the arse sometimes, Charlie - d'you know that? Someone makes a decision you don't agree with and you harass them until they change their mind. You're like a bully who cares. Don't get me wrong, it comes from the right place. It's just that you should stand back sometimes and let them do what they want.
Charlie Fairhead: Even if I think they're wrong?
John 'Abs' Denham: Yeah, *especially* then.

"Casualty: Before a Fall (#22.24)" (2008)
[Monica Batchelor is a stroppy control-freak who is making it difficult for the doctors to treat her daughter]
Rob Batchelor: If you're looking for someone to restrain Monica, I'm as clueless as you are - try horse tranquiliser!
John 'Abs' Denham: Ah, we're all out - we use them on the management.

"Casualty: Fish Out of Water (#21.19)" (2007)
[Greg, Guppy, Alice, Cyd and Abs have gone surfing. Guppy has been stung by a weaver fish in his foot and is in a lot of pain. Abs has a suggestion to get rid of the sting]
John 'Abs' Denham: Well there is the traditional remedy. We could try that. On-the-spot job.
Cynthia 'Cyd' Pyke: [grinning] Oh yeah.
Gurpreet 'Guppy' Sandhu: Well whatever it is, just do it!
John 'Abs' Denham: OK, you sure? Cyd, do you want to do it or... I should really do it, shouldn't I?
Cynthia 'Cyd' Pyke: Yeah, probably best. Anyway, I don't think I can.
John 'Abs' Denham: OK!
[Abs starts to unzip his wetsuit. Guppy suddenly realizes that the remedy involves Abs peeing on his foot to neutralise the sting]
Gurpreet 'Guppy' Sandhu: Oh no! Not that! Oh no!
John 'Abs' Denham: Guppy, you'll thank me after!

"Casualty: Going Under (#20.31)" (2006)
[Selena and Abs suspect that a patient is faking the symptoms of prostate cancer]
Selena Donovan: He could be faking it.
John 'Abs' Denham: He'd be a glutton for punishment, though, wouldn't he? I wouldn't like a finger up my backside for fun!

"Casualty: Face the World (#22.30)" (2008)
[at the funeral of Abs's brother, his friends get involved in a punch-up and are taken to Casualty]
John 'Abs' Denham: [ironically, to Tess] We mourn in a different way where I come from.