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Harry Harper (Character)
from "Casualty" (1986)

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"Casualty: Thicker Than Water (#22.28)" (2008)
[Harry has leaked Ruth's diary to the press, revealing what led up to her suicide attempt. Charlie sees the story in the paper and rings him]
Charlie Fairhead: Harry. For what it's worth, well done.
Harry Harper: Thank you.
Charlie Fairhead: Marylin's never going to forgive you - you know that, don't you?
Harry Harper: I expect her steel toe-capped stilletos are being polished even as we speak.
Charlie Fairhead: Yeah, well they're probably aimed at something soft and dangly - and I don't mean your tie.

[Marilyn has summoned Harry to fire him after he revealed the hospital trust's part in Ruth's suicide attempt]
Marilyn Fox: You know, of course, that your position is untenable?
Harry Harper: Because I did the right thing?
Marilyn Fox: [sighs] Oh, you're not going to be tedious, are you, Harry?
Harry Harper: Tedious? This is a young life we're talking about.
Marilyn Fox: Don't do that, either - trying to occupy the moral high-ground.
Harry Harper: I don't have to try. The bottom line is that I am not going to go quietly, Marilyn, like a nice chap. The more noise I make, the better.
Marilyn Fox: Well you know what that means for your benefits and pension.
Harry Harper: I'll take that risk. Because you've lost two doctors in a week. And that looks careless. But then, of course, you couldn't *care less*, could you?
Marilyn Fox: Don't try and corner me.
Harry Harper: Corner you? I think your back's already against the wall.

"Casualty: Adrenaline Rush (#22.21)" (2008)
[earlier on, Abs ordered a work-to-rule as a protest about Charlie being sacked; now a patient has died and Zoe blames Abs]
Zoe Hanna: Proud of yourself, Abs? Good day's work, was it? We've put patients' lives in danger today. I don't blame the paramedics. I don't blame Ruth - she made the best call she could, given the experience she has in the field. No, I blame you, because you chose not to do your job when a patient needed you.
John 'Abs' Denham: Really? Well I've worked in this ED a lot longer than you.
Zoe Hanna: Then you should know better. How *dare* you leave your colleagues exposed. You were petty, childish, irresponsible - and something much worse could have gone wrong today. You should seriously think about whether you want to be a nurse or not.
John 'Abs' Denham: Maybe you're right. Maybe I shouldn't be a nurse. No-one seems to want to let me do my job.
Zoe Hanna: Are you blaming other people?
John 'Abs' Denham: Well that's what we do round here, isn't it? It's not like after three decades of hard work I'd have the thanks, respect and loyalty of my colleagues and employers, is it? Just ask Charlie.
Harry Harper: That is not fair.
John 'Abs' Denham: How did it get to the point where half of what we do is not on our job description and yet unless we do it people start accusing us of letting the side down? Cost cutting. Not taking breaks. Overtime. Working uninsured. This is supposed to be the best health service in the world. So why is it being run like a dodgy car dealership? All of that gets in the way of me doing my job. Maybe I should give up. But I won't. Because I *want* to be a nurse - if this hospital will let me.
[everyone applauds]

"Casualty: Happy Hour (#20.44)" (2006)
[Nathan stabbed himself on a hypodermic needle that had been disposed of in a bin-bag. Now he has instigated a witch-hunt and has bullied Sam into resigning because his bipolar disorder may have made him forget to dispose of the needle properly. As Sam's boss, Charlie confronts Nathan]
Charlie Fairhead: I just wanted to tell you face-to-face that I think undermining and intimidating the most junior, the most vulnerable member of the team here is utterly despicable. I don't want to hear of it happening again.
Nathan Spencer: I have every right to pursue my enquiries about that needle. I could have been infected with a lethal virus.
Charlie Fairhead: Oh, and I sympathize. But there is a world of difference between enquiring and bullying. And you have absolutely no right to indulge in the latter.
Nathan Spencer: My over-riding priority is to the patients. What if a member of the public had got a needle-stick injury? What if Sam had forgotten to clear up another one?
Charlie Fairhead: He couldn't - for the simple reason that *he* didn't forget to clear up the last one. I did.
Nathan Spencer: What?
Charlie Fairhead: Yes, I sutured a patient and didn't clear away the sharp properly. It was me, not Sam. There you are - you have your culprit.
Nathan Spencer: I think that's disgraceful you haven't owned up before.
Maggie Coldwell: Actually, Nathan, Charlie's being chivalrous. It was me, not him. He's just trying to protect me.
Nathan Spencer: What on earth's going on here?
Kelsey Phillips: Maggie, it's no use. But thanks for trying. Nathan, I left the needle out.
Nathan Spencer: Oh, I see. Ranks closing - d'you think I don't realize that? I hope you're proud of them, Harry.
Harry Harper: As it happens I am. At least I would be if they were all telling the truth. Because *I* left it out.
Nathan Spencer: This doesn't stop here - believe me.
[Nathan strides off, realising that he has been outflanked]
Harry Harper: Right, let's get back to work.
[Harry shakes Charlie's hand]
Harry Harper: Well done, you.

"Casualty: Can't Let Go (#18.7)" (2003)
[Simon is having an affair with Harry's daughter, Tally. Harry tackles Simon about it]
Harry Harper: What exactly do you think you're doing with my daughter?
Simon Kaminski: Well, you being a man with five kids, I thought you'd have grasped the mechanics by now.

"Casualty: A Problem Halved (#20.36)" (2006)
[Harry and Nathan are discussing whether Maggie should apply for the vacancy of consultant]
Nathan Spencer: Maggie?
Harry Harper: Yes. She's done her time. Proved her worth.
Nathan Spencer: What this department needs is someone who can lead, someone who can turn things around quickly. Maggie's far too patient-centred.
Harry Harper: You know, you are amazing. Only *you* could make that sound like a *bad* thing!