Edgar Linton
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Edgar Linton (Character)
from Wuthering Heights (1992)

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Wuthering Heights (1939)
Edgar Linton: Well, what brought about this amazing transformation? Did you discover a gold mine in the New World, or perhaps you fell heir to a fortune?
Heathcliff: The truth is I remembered that my father was an emperor of China and my mother was an Indian queen, and I went out and claimed my inheritance. It all turned out just as you once suspected, Cathy: that I had been kidnapped by wicked sailors and brought to England; that I was of noble birth.

Edgar Linton: I hope I misunderstood you. It's impossible that any sister of mine could think of Heathcliff as anything but surly dressed up beggar, a lout and a bore I shall take precautions to ensure you never see him again, now go to dinner

Wuthering Heights (1970)
Edgar Linton: If you're not out of this house in three minutes, I intend to throw you out.
Heathcliff: Edgar, you're not worth the trouble of knocking down.
Edgar Linton: All right, Nellie, get the men.
Cathy Earnshaw: If you can't throw him out yourself, apologize, or take a beating.