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Quotes for
Josh Griffiths (Character)
from "Casualty" (1986)

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"Casualty: The Fires Within (#21.45)" (2007)
[Josh offers Maggie his last Rolo, but she declines]
Josh Griffiths: Oh you're not on that bikini diet, are you?
Maggie Coldwell: See these hips? Chocolate retention!

"Casualty: No Place Like... (#21.12)" (2006)
Jackie Rogers: I was trying to get some shut eye!
Josh Griffiths: Someone called 999 because they thought you were dead!
Jackie Rogers: I can't help it if I've got one of them faces!

"Casualty: Killing Me Softly (#21.15)" (2006)
[a patient has broken into the staff room and vandalised it. Not knowing this, Nathan wrongly accuses Josh of letting it happen]
Nathan Spencer: Did you or could you have left the door open in the last hour?
[Josh grunts dismissively]
Nathan Spencer: Josh, any breach in security...
Josh Griffiths: ...Reflects badly on you. Yeah. Well tough shit, Nathan!
Nathan Spencer: Ambulance staff in fact shouldn't even have a code to a department facility. So maybe I should ask you more directly. Do you know anything about this? I mean you've been pretty pissed-off with everyone and everything today, haven't you?
[Josh angrily kicks a locker]
Josh Griffiths: You've no idea, have you? You don't know how anyone's day's been. How could you? You've no concept of what *we* do! And what's worse, you don't care! Because you make sure that nothing - nothing! - you ever see or hear ever touches you. But one day, if you're very lucky, you're gonna find out. And then maybe - just maybe - it might actually change your safe, antiseptic, sad little life!
[Nathan looks utterly perplexed at Josh's outburst]