Old Man Dantes
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Old Man Dantes (Character)
from The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

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The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)
Old Man Dantes: [Making a toast] May this moment be the dawn of a new and wonderful life for you both...
Gendarmes Captain: [after smashing open the door] Which one of you is Edmond Dantes?
Edmond: I am.
Gendarmes Captain: Edmond Dantes, you are under arrest by order of the chief magistrate of Marseille.
Old Man Dantes: Arrest?
Edmond: On what charges?
Gendarmes Captain: That information is privilaged
[gestures to his men]
Gendarmes Captain: Take him!
Edmond: [Struggling with guards] I demand an explanation! I demand an explanation!