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The Prospector (Character)
from Mad Dog McCree (1990) (VG)

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Mad Dog McCree (1990) (VG)
The Prospector: Stranger! Howdy stranger. We need your help, Mad Dog McCree's gang have taken over the town. The Mayor and his daughter have been taken hostage up at Mad Dog's hideout and the Sheriff's been locked up in jail, we're gonna have to get him out to help with the gang. Can you help? Good.

The Prospector: Think you're in the middle of a hurricane now? It's time for a showdown.
[to his donkey]
The Prospector: Ain't it?

The Prospector: That's good shooting stranger. As I was saying, you gotta get the Sheriff out of jail. The keys are with One-Eyed Jack and he's at the saloon drinking. Now go get him

The Prospector: You've just jumped from the frying pan into the fire. You dusted Crazy Sam's brother! The crazy varment's looking for you over yonder!

The Prospector: It's in the air. It's in the old wind that bodes no good. Mad Dog McCree and his band of cut throats riding into town. Folks here are plumb scared to death. Town's deserted. Even a tumbleweed doesn't dare blow across the streets today.

The Prospector: These hombres are mean, vicious and quick with guns. Sure we've got a Sheriff; but what we need's a gun slinger. You headin' yourself pilgrim? You'll spray a little lead in harm's way? That'd be tricky, but we'd be forever beholing to ya. We're simple folk. But the mayor's daughter, you lay your eyes on her, you'll see what I mean. She'd be worth taking the chance for.

[Mad Dog has the Prospector tied to a barrel of dynamite]
The Prospector: No, no!
Mad Dog McCree: Quiet old man!
[He lights the fuse and leaves]
The Prospector: MAD DOG! Shoot the fuse, shoot the fuse! Please, please shoot the fuse!

The Prospector: [final lines] I've got a bad feeling we're gonna be needing you again stranger.

[repeated line]
The Prospector: Nice shooting, try another one!

The Prospector: It's showdown time stranger. We're gonna see how fast you are. You better be good, or, well that's why we've got Boothill.

The Prospector: One more, important thing...
Gunman: Hey you old codger! Don't tell him a thing!

The Prospector: Let's see what kind of a shot you are pilgrim. Take a crack at that bottle.