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Ian Stone (Character)
from The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)

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The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)
Jenny: Are you alright?
Ian Stone: Yeah, aside from the sudden desire to slit my wrists I think I'll make it until Monday.

Ian Stone: You know how it is, a day where everything's going wrong?
Jenny: Yeah, sometimes.
Ian Stone: That's today. That's this day.
Jenny: What happened?
Ian Stone: You saw the scoreboard stop, right?
Jenny: Yeah, everyone saw it.
Ian Stone: That's what I'm saying! That doesn't happen! Today has just been... something has been off. It's not right, all day.

Ian Stone: Do me a favor?
Jenny: Anything.
Ian Stone: Kill me. Now.
Jenny: [handing him files] But then I wouldn't get to pass this shit off on you and generally make your existence a living hell!
Ian Stone: So that's all I'm good for.
Jenny: Well, I guess I'd miss seeing your pretty little face every day.

Jenny: Do me a favor.
Ian Stone: Anything.
Jenny: Shoot me if I turn into my sisters.
Ian Stone: Yeah, but then I wouldn't get to see your pretty little face.

Medea: [giving Ian a gift] Alright then, you have to promise me that you'll like it.
Ian Stone: I'll cross my heart and I'll hope to die...
Medea: Stick a needle in your eye.

Medea: What's wrong?
Ian Stone: I watched a man die today.
Medea: What?
Ian Stone: It happened at work, right in front of me. And I just shared an elevator with the guy, you know?
Medea: My god.
Ian Stone: And then this other guy was standing over him. At first, it looked like he was there to help, I thought. But then...
Medea: What?
Ian Stone: I don't know. I don't know. I guess I don't know what I saw. The weird part is, the guy that was helping him reminded me of this hockey ref who used to hassle me.

Ian Stone: The problem is that I'm remembering something that never happened. Maybe something's wrong with me, you know?
Medea: I don't know. Do you think something's wrong with you?
Ian Stone: No. I mean, I feel fine but you gotta admit, having memories of shit that never happened? Come on, that doesn't strike you as bizarre?
Medea: Nothing bizarre ever happens to you.
Ian Stone: I'm serious Medea, you don't think this is a little nuts?
Medea: Ian, you're speaking to a girl whose parents named her after a witch who killed her own children.
Ian Stone: That's right.
Medea: You'll forgive me if there's few things that strike me as being a little nuts.
Ian Stone: Something's not right.

Medea: One day you might try actually getting up on time.
Ian Stone: And not risk being fired? How much fun would that be?

Gray: Your watch stopped.
Ian Stone: Huh?
Gray: Your watch. After you left for work this morning, it stopped, didn't it? Whenever a clock stops, they're coming.
Ian Stone: Who?
Gray: You know.
Ian Stone: I'm sorry. I don't know what you're talking about.
Gray: Listen, you're a smart boy. Don't let denial get in the way of that.

Gray: If they kill you, this is going to happen all over again.
Ian Stone: No it won't. If they kill me, I'll be dead.
Gray: You won't die. They've been murdering you every day. Always at different times, different places, different lives. You never know when they're going to get you, but sooner or later they do.
Ian Stone: This is insane.
Gray: You have no idea what you're dealing with here. They can alter reality, control minds. You only see what they want you to see.
Ian Stone: What the hell are they?
Gray: They... people have called them lots of things. Ghosts, demons...
Ian Stone: [interrupting him] No, don't give this voodoo bullshit.
Gray: They coexist with humans but on another plane. And they can only be seen when they want to be seen, and they are coming after you because they need to stop you.
Ian Stone: From doing what?
Gray: Remembering.

Ian Stone: I know you. How do I know you?
Gray: You have to remember, Ian. They're already coming. But whatever you do, don't let them find her. If they find out, they can do terrible things to her. And that will be the end for you.

Jenny: Are you alright?
Ian Stone: Yeah. I mean, you're going to think I'm absolutely crazy, but I keep waking up in different places and everything's changed, except you because you're still here.
Jenny: Ian, I thought you said you cleaned up?
Ian Stone: What? No. This has nothing to do with that. You don't understand. These people are trying to kill me.

Jenny: What are those things?
Ian Stone: I'm still working on that.

Ian Stone: You look awful.
Gray: I could say the same about you.

Gray: We feed on their fear.
Ian Stone: So what are you, like vampires?
Gray: It sustains us, but we corrupted ourselves. We began feeding on human pain as well, searching for it everywhere. Almost like an addiction. And the fear one of them experiences the moment before a violent death is most potent. Our drug of choice. Once you've tasted it, you never want to stop. You need it more and more, and when you can't find it you have to kill for it. That's what turned us from parasites into predators. You just keeping hunting, waiting to feed again.
Ian Stone: So how many of them are there?
Gray: I don't know anymore.
Ian Stone: Why the hell are these things coming after me?
Gray: You hurt them. You did something to them and they won't let you remember it until they can work out how to bring you back into the fold... or destroy you.

Gray: Such a simple thing; how another can change us so completely.
Ian Stone: What are you talking about?
Gray: [referring to Jenny] You have to protect her. She's the only chance you have.

Gray: I'm sorry, Ian. I hoped you could keeping going; go on protecting her.
Ian Stone: I tried.
Gray: You must stop them, Ian. What you draw from her is more powerful than fear. It will give you the strength to destroy harvesters. Also, the power to give life.
Ian Stone: I can't.
Gray: Jenny. Help her. She changed you.
Ian Stone: What am I supposed to do?
Gray: You don't understand. You're not like the others. Not anymore. I killed so many, Ian. When you begin your existence in darkness, it's all you know. Everything you do is driven by it. But I found one, like your Jenny. She changed me too.
Ian Stone: How?
Gray: Fear and pain were no longer my sustenance. I found new life in her love. It allowed me to fight back, until they took her. So long as Jenny lives, you have a choice. You have a chance.

[last lines]
Ian Stone: [to Referee] What's the matter? Scared?