Jenny Walker
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Jenny Walker (Character)
from The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)

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The Deaths of Ian Stone (2007)
Jenny: Are you alright?
Ian Stone: Yeah, aside from the sudden desire to slit my wrists I think I'll make it until Monday.

Ian Stone: You know how it is, a day where everything's going wrong?
Jenny: Yeah, sometimes.
Ian Stone: That's today. That's this day.
Jenny: What happened?
Ian Stone: You saw the scoreboard stop, right?
Jenny: Yeah, everyone saw it.
Ian Stone: That's what I'm saying! That doesn't happen! Today has just been... something has been off. It's not right, all day.

Ian Stone: Do me a favor?
Jenny: Anything.
Ian Stone: Kill me. Now.
Jenny: [handing him files] But then I wouldn't get to pass this shit off on you and generally make your existence a living hell!
Ian Stone: So that's all I'm good for.
Jenny: Well, I guess I'd miss seeing your pretty little face every day.

Jenny: Do me a favor.
Ian Stone: Anything.
Jenny: Shoot me if I turn into my sisters.
Ian Stone: Yeah, but then I wouldn't get to see your pretty little face.

Jenny: [after Ian falls asleep while driving] Getting your customer to their destination alive usually makes for a better tip.

Jenny: Are you alright?
Ian Stone: Yeah. I mean, you're going to think I'm absolutely crazy, but I keep waking up in different places and everything's changed, except you because you're still here.
Jenny: Ian, I thought you said you cleaned up?
Ian Stone: What? No. This has nothing to do with that. You don't understand. These people are trying to kill me.

Jenny: What are those things?
Ian Stone: I'm still working on that.