Jim Sinclair
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Jim Sinclair (Character)
from Africa: Texas Style (1967)

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"Cowboy in Africa: The New World (#1.1)" (1967)
Jim Sinclair: Hey Commander, before you got us over here, you didn't say anything about roping wild animals!

Jim Sinclair: I need another rope!
John Henry: Well, you're not gonna get mine because I'm gonna hang myself!

Samson: You are the world's champion cowboy too?
John Henry: No, I'm world's champion savage.
Samson: I am nothing! But I will be... a cowboy... like you. You will teach me!
Jim Sinclair: Hold it, Tiger! What's all this rush to become a cowboy?
Samson: I saw you roping wild animals... and hitting Mr. Neumann!
Jim Sinclair: You saw that? That was miles away! That was yesterday!
Samson: I ran... and sometimes walked...
John Henry: All alone?
Samson: I am alone.
Jim Sinclair: Where's your family?
Samson: I have no family. My mother was carried off by the lion. My father was killed fighting that lion. My father was very brave... audari!
Jim Sinclair: You know... I have the feeling your pretty... audari... yourself, Sampson.
Samson: I will be. Like you, because you are now my father!

Bibi Graf: Now that your Cowboy Jim is staying, I'll talk to your tribe. I'm sure you can stay here... Samson, you can stay!
Samson: But Cowboy Jim has not asked me to stay.
Jim Sinclair: Well Tiger, come on! Let's go home!

"Cowboy in Africa: What's an Elephant Mother to Do? (#1.4)" (1967)
Liz Carter: Didn't the commander tell you who to expect?
Jim Sinclair: Yeah. He told us WHO. He just didn't tell us WHAT!

Wong Commander Hayes: Tell me, Jim... uh... What do you think of Liz?
Jim Sinclair: I don't usually trust first impressions, but I think I'm going to make an exception this time.

Jim Sinclair: Look, I can take care of this animal. You put that one
[points to Liz]
Jim Sinclair: in the jeep. And tie her up too!

"Cowboy in Africa: Stone Age Safari (#1.6)" (1967)
Jim Sinclair: Only a fool makes a fool of another man...

Jim Sinclair: [Narrating] Going fishing. A brief rest from the reason we came to Africa. The charge of wild game ranching. Yes sir, a day to enjoy.

"Cowboy in Africa: Fang and Claw (#1.8)" (1967)
Jim Sinclair: It's not just Africa, Son. Everywhere you go there's life and there's death. There's the good and the bad. Sometimes when we lose the ones we love, its hard to understand why. Sometimes in life there are just too many goodbyes - especially for a little boy. I'm afraid we can't always get the things we want and ask for. I wish I could apologize for life, son. But I can't.

"Cowboy in Africa: Lake Sinclair (#1.10)" (1967)
Jim Sinclair: No one's gonna be stubborn from here on out but me!