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Scott Guber (Character)
from "Boston Public" (2000)

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"Boston Public: Chapter Sixty-Two (#3.18)" (2003)
[Guber's dressed as a rabbi]
Scott Guber: Ssh! I'm undercover.
Steven Harper: Yeah, I can see that.
Scott Guber: This is a serious operation. Steven, please, go away. I'll explain later.

Scott Guber: The little man has been spotted on school grounds. I've got out an all-points bulletin.
Steven Harper: How'd he get past security?
Scott Guber: Went right under them!

Marla Hendricks: And don't be going around dressed up as some silly, old rabbi either. Everybody's laughin'.
Scott Guber: I was unrecognizable.
Marla Hendricks: Well, maybe it was somebody dressed as you dressed as a silly, old rabbi, but everybody's laughin' Scott.

"Boston Public: Chapter Nine (#1.9)" (2001)
Harry Senate: Should I go get my gun?
Scott Guber: Is there anything that you *don't* find funny?
Harry Senate: Well... your tie.

Scott Guber: Mr. Senate, I need a favor.
Harry Senate: Is it sexual?

"Boston Public: Chapter Forty-Five (#3.1)" (2002)
Scott Guber: [after Colin turns around sharply after talking with some students] Mr. Flynn.
Colin Flynn: [politely with a smile] You can call me Colin.
Scott Guber: [sternly] I'll opt for Mr. Flynn, but thank you. I would prefer your students also call you Mr. Flynn, Mr. Flynn.
Colin Flynn: [nonchalantly] Oh, I-I actually kinda told the kids that I prefer Colin. Ya know all that mister stuff really...
Scott Guber: [cutting Colin off; seriously] I know you want to be their friend Mr. Flynn, but that's not how you get their respect. Stay on this course and you will lose control of your class.
Colin Flynn: [sarcastically, yet with a smile] That's a pumper, thanks.
[walks off]

"Boston Public: Chapter Thirty-Four (#2.14)" (2002)
[after Harry Senate knocked out a student, in self-defense]
Scott Guber: Do you think this is funny?
Harry Senate: No, funny would be if I knocked you out, Scott.

"Boston Public: Chapter Three (#1.3)" (2000)
Scott Guber: [to the School Board] If you choose to remove Steven Harper, you'll be getting rid of me. If he goes, so do I!
Kevin Riley: You'll get my resignation!
Lauren Davis: And mine!
Milton Buttle: I won't stay!
Marla Hendricks: Me neither!
Harry Senate: [sarcastically] Oh, I'll stay forever.
Marilyn Sudor: We'll ALL leave!
Teacher: Here's MY resignation!
[all the teachers stand up]

"Boston Public: Chapter One (#1.1)" (2000)
[Guber has walked in on an unattended, rowdy classroom]
Scott Guber: Ms. Washington, where's Ms. Hendricks?
Washington: We think she's dead, sir.
Scott Guber: And why do you think that, Ms. Washington?
[Ms. Washington points to words on a chalkboard: GONE TO KILL MYSELF, HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!]