Aleksei Aleksandrovich Karenin
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Aleksei Aleksandrovich Karenin (Character)
from Anna Karenina (2012/I)

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Anna Karenina (2012/I)
Alexei Karenin: We are bound together by god and this can only be broken by a crime against god!

Alexei Karenin: I must warn you about something!
Anna Karenina: Warn me?
Alexei Karenin: You may, by indiscretion, give the world occasion to talk about you.

Alexei Karenin: Do you think I would let you have my son?
Alexei Karenin: You are depraved!
Alexei Karenin: A woman without honor!
Alexei Karenin: And this is what you want!
Alexei Karenin: Do you know what you want?

Alexei Karenin: It would be a sin to help you destroy yourself.

Alexei Karenin: I tried to save her. She chose him.

Alexei Karenin: Is this about my wife? My wife is beyond reproach. She is, after all, my wife.

Alexei Karenin: You begged me for my forgiveness.
Anna Karenina: But I didn't die and now I have to live with it.

Alexei Karenin: What did I do to deserve this?

Alexei Karenin: I consider jealously to be insulting to you and degrading to me. I have no right to inquire into your feelings. They concern only your conscience.

Anna Karenina (1935)
Karenin: For some time, I have known that in uniting my life to yours, I have made a mistake. But this I must bear for the sake of my public duty... and for the sake of my child. I believe in marriage as a sacrament. I could not consider myself justified in breaking the ties by which we are bound by a higher power. The family cannot be broken up by a... whim or a caprice or even by the... by the sin of one of the partners in the marriage. Our life must go on as it has done in the past.
Anna Karenina: But it can't go on.
Karenin: It must. I have stated these views in public, and I will not violate them in private.
Anna Karenina: Then you will not give me a divorce?
Anna Karenina: Never. Why should I? To permit you to legalize a sin? To justify your conduct and his? Never.

Karenin: You will remain here as my wife... before the world. You will never see this... this *person* again.

Anna Karenina: You say this knowing this I cannot do. There is no life for me without my child. To leave him would be infamous and base. I couldn't. And you know I couldn't.
Karenin: Very well. I can assume, then, that you will never again jeopardize my honor.
Anna Karenina: Oh, your honor! Your selfishness! Your hypocrisy! Your egotism! You've never considered me as a human being. Your social position and... your reputation. These must be kept up at what cost to those who are around you? At what cost?
Karenin: [Checking his pocket watch] It's time for my appointment at the ministry.

Karenin: I told my son you were dead. Why do you make me out a tyrant who intervenes between him and you? It's easy for you to play the martyr... and destroy the new life I'm trying to build up for my son and for myself as you destroyed the old. And I shall not permit it.