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K.C. Koloski (Character)
from "China Beach" (1988)

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"China Beach: Cherry (#2.8)" (1989)
K.C. Koloski: Her parents cabled the General. They'd like her best friend to escort the body home. Me.
Maj. Lila Garreau: You can't be serious.
K.C. Koloski: Oh I'm not, but they are.

Maj. Lila Garreau: [K.C. is escorted to the firing range by MP's] Everyone else has qualified on the firing line, today's your last chance.
K.C. Koloski: [Empties the 6 shot clip, every shot hitting the head of the target] He's dead, can I go now?
[Hands the pistol to a shocked Lila and walks off]

Rick White: Hey, you can't back out of this now. You know you're killin' me. If I don't get out of here right now I am a dead man.
K.C. Koloski: Turn yourself in. The army 'll keep you alive.
Rick White: Oh yeah, they'll keep me alive, for thirty years, in Leavenworth.
K.C. Koloski: [watching them load Cherry's coffin into the plane] It's better than where your sister's going. Take a good look, and ask me to feel sorry for you.

Nurse Colleen McMurphy: [about K.C.'s recovery from Heroin addiction] You look awful.
K.C. Koloski: I'm taking care of it. Alone.
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Good for you.
K.C. Koloski: You don't give up do you?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: No
K.C. Koloski: Well I'm not gonna say thanks.
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Well of course not.

"China Beach: Tet '68 (#2.7)" (1989)
K.C.: Morphine's better but Heroin is easier to score. Candy's dandy but liqueur's quicker.

Colleen McMurphy: [about K.C.'s Heroin addiction] It's going to get worse. It's suicide on the installment plan.
K.C. Koloski: I can control it.
Colleen McMurphy: No one can control it. Not even you.
K.C. Koloski: Just leave me alone. I had my reasons.
Colleen McMurphy: There are no reasons good enough.
K.C. Koloski: There are kinds of pain Colleen, that you can't even imagine.

Colleen McMurphy: You don't know anything about me.
K.C. Koloski: [chuckles] I've known you all my life. You sang in the church choir Coleen. You grew up in a nice little house covered with ivy Coleen. Mom did all her own baking and Daddy didn't pay enough attention to you because of all your brothers. How'm I doin' Colleen?
Colleen McMurphy: This is a three scotch conversation, I'm only on my second.
K.C. Koloski: Pep club? Senior Play? Student council? You're the girl that never wanted to share a gym locker with trash like me.
Colleen McMurphy: You left out Pom-Pom squad.

"China Beach: Brothers (#1.5)" (1988)
Cherry White: [looking in a box of K.C.'s 'items'] I don't even know what most of this stuff does.
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: To boldly go...
K.C.: ...where no man has gone before.

K.C.: Hey. Heard about tomorrow, break a leg.
[slides onto the stool next to Laurette]
K.C.: I know things aren't real level with us. I mean I'm sure Boonie has told you all about him and me.
[Laurette nods vaguely]
K.C.: Not that you should believe any word that comes out of that ones mouth. What a guy. Some of the things he's seen. Unbelievable huh?
[Laurette nods vaguely again]
K.C.: Or maybe you'd rather not talk about it? O.K. have it your way. Although I'd hate to think you'd be gettin' all of this guys sweetness without taking on any of his pain.
[Laurette looks uncomfortable]
K.C.: So, what are you going to sing tomorrow?
Laurette Barber: [whispers having lost her voice] Big girls don't cry.
K.C.: [Finally realizing Laurette has lost her voice] You didn't?
[Laurette nods as K.C. looks wryly embarrassed]

Cherry White: [about some of K.C.'s lingerie] How can any decent woman wear something like that?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: With a song in her heart.
K.C.: And a smile on his face.
Cherry White: Not me I'd die of embarrassment.

"China Beach: Lost and Found: Part 2 (#2.2)" (1988)
Cherry White: [K.C. puts a 'unknown sexual object' in a box] What is that? What do you do with...
K.C. Kolowski: [closes the box] Absolutely not.

Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Went to Natch's room in Da Nang, his wife was there. I thought If I met her I'd hate her, turned out we had something in common.
K.C. Kolowski: Yeah... the bastard between ya.

Cherry White: Nothing makes sense here. I thought those officers would know. You know I'm seeing more of this war than they are? Guys covered in mud and we fall out of nowhere like martians and they were so nice, but there's this, this hunger so strong and so sad K.C. You've never felt anything like it.
K.C. Kolowski: Yes I have. What happened to that kid that came over here?
Cherry White: Gone, long gone.
K.C. Kolowski: Hold onto a little of it.
Cherry White: You didn't.
K.C. Kolowski: That's what I mean.
Cherry White: [K.C. puts a 'unknown sexual object' in a box] What is that? What do you do with...
[Cherry reaches for the box and K.C. Closes it]
K.C. Kolowski: Absolutely not.
Cherry White: I knew this girl once. Just the opposite of you, never stayed long enough in one place as a kid to unpack. Never had enough to unpack. All she had was a long string of guys with hard hearts and expensive habits, But, um, your guys out in the firebases, the rear colonels, even the girls in the short blue dresses with the dreams she never had, she um, wanted to escape America, and got here and found it... found...

"China Beach: You, Babe (#4.3)" (1990)
K.C. Kolowski: [Nursing her newborn baby] Hey, hey! Don't be greedy.
[making suckling noises]
K.C. Kolowski: I got mine, well that's the attitude. Ouch! Aww, be a little careful, cause Mama bites back OK?

K.C. Kolowski: Oh and for your information, Hemorrhoids are no laughing matter to a woman in her ninth month!

General Duchesne: [Walks in on a General laying on his stomach displaying his hemorrhoids who thinks she is a nurse when she is a prostitute] So what do you think?
K.C. Kolowski: I've seen worse.
General Duchesne: Really? Bigger?
K.C. Kolowski: Hard to say.
General Duchesne: Well what's your professional opinion?
K.C. Kolowski: Well there's lots of ways to go, depends on what you want to pay.

"China Beach: Who's Happy Now? (#3.4)" (1989)
[Boonie and Hyers are dragging the dead Col. Darling off K.C.'s bed]
K.C.: What are you yelling at me for? It's not my fault the colonel had a bum ticker. Well? You're not just going to leave him like that?
Boonie: Why can't we just take him back to his bed?
K.C.: [displaying the handcuffs Col. Darling is wearing] Because he probably has a wife and three children back home. Don't you think we should spare them the humiliation?
Jeff Hyers: Now don't get edgy.
K.C.: Don't get edgy? A full-dead colonel is handcuffed to my bed and you're telling me not to get edgy?
Boonie: A full-dead handcuffed colonel, with sunglasses.
Jeff Hyers: Well, what are we going to do now?
Boonie: I don't know. What do you think?
Jeff Hyers: I don't know! That's why I asked you. What do you think?
Boonie: I don't know!
[to K.C]
Boonie: What do you think?
K.C.: What do I think? I think we're never going to win this war!

Pvt. Samuel Beckett: [Beckett is preparing the body of a Colonel who died while enjoying K.C.'s 'services'] I found these among his personal effects.
[Handing letters to Boonie and Hyers]
Boonie: [reads from one letter] Colonel Darling, we regret to inform you that your request for combat duty has been denied.
Jeff Hyers: [reads from another letter] Dear Buster, the way we're fighting this war it seems like everyone is sleepwalking. My regrets that something so minor prevented your transfer. Best, Brigadier General Stanley.
Pvt. Samuel Beckett: They don't give medals for sleepwalking. It'll keep you out of the bush, off the battlefield, but no gold, no ribbons. So... why here's one...
[picking up homemade ribbons]
Pvt. Samuel Beckett: For all the paper cuts you got while you were filling out those carbon separated forms, in triplicate. Here's one for all the hours spent behind a desk sending official memorandums through the appropriate channels, and one tiny little ribbon for having died while not serving your country during a "military police action"... which they refuse to call a war.
K.C.: [Beckett offers a ribbon to K.C. and she pins it to the Colonel's uniform] For imaginative and self-sacrificing action while engaged, for never abandoning your post, for the silly stupid, bad, heroic idea that this was some place that you wanted to come.

"China Beach: Somewhere Over the Radio (#1.3)" (1988)
K.C. Kolowski: I have some news.
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: You'll let me buy on the layaway plan?
K.C. Kolowski: They located the girls, they're alive O.K.?
K.C. Kolowski: [Colleen starts to walk away then turns back as if to say something] What'd you have in mind?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: We could wait for them.
K.C. Kolowski: I did have a late date.
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: I got a case of unopened beer. It's all formaldehyde but totally free.
K.C. Kolowski: Yeah but it is cold?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Man you drive a hard bargain!

K.C. Kolowski: [finding Coleen sewing something] What on earth is that?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: It's a crazy-quilt shirt for Dr. Richard. Actually, it's for his wife.
K.C. Kolowski: I trust you're familiar with her taste?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: No but she'll love it. It's made of her husbands second home. Look we've got Boonies shorts, Cherry's patch, Laurette's dress, scrub top.
K.C. Kolowski: He should buy something in Da Nang, something she would want to wear in public.
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: You're missing the point. Each patch will mean something to Dr. Richard and he can share it with Beth-Ann in Hawaii
K.C. Kolowski: The man's going to fly halfway around the world to see his wife and talk about Boonie's shorts? For a smart girl you can be incredibly dumb.

"China Beach: Hot Spell (#1.2)" (1988)
Maj. Lila Garreau: Is that all you can think about? Your bank account?
Cherry White: Oh it's not about the money Lila, It's about independence.
K.C. Koloski: It's about money too.

Colleen McMurphy: Men are whatever we make them.
Cherry White: Wait. I'm really lost.
Colleen McMurphy: Ok, you like the set of his shoulders, he's sensitive; ahh, he's got great thighs, he's responsible, he's... he's good in bed. He's... He's what? He's um intelligent?
K.C. Koloski: On his way up.

"China Beach: Skin Deep (#3.2)" (1989)
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Hey! You owe me one.
K.C. Kolowski: No I don't you owe me one!
[Both confused]
K.C. Kolowski: Don't you?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Don't tell me we've lost track?

K.C. Kolowski: Want a smoke?
Gaspar: [Gestures to show he is in restraints] Can't.
K.C. Kolowski: Well you'd have to do a whole lot more than wire my jaw and tie my hands to keep a cigarette out of my mouth.

"China Beach: Psywars (#2.10)" (1989)
K.C. Koloski: Everything I ever detested, all these people I thought knew nothing, these people that I had always hated, they let me say the things I never got to say to Cherry.
Colleen McMurphy: Why did they send you up?
K.C. Koloski: Volunteered.
Colleen McMurphy: You never volunteer.
K.C. Koloski: But I always pay what I owe.

Dr. Crocker: No, No, you uh, you don't understand, it's for my study. It really is. I'm measuring stress levels in non-combatants.
K.C. Koloski: Well, you better find yourself another war, because in this on there's no such thing as a non-combatant. Just people getting screwed up and killed in a screwed up war.

"China Beach: Pilot (#1.0)" (1988)
Cherry White: Who's that?
K.C. Koloski: The Ambassador at large, here to see how we're winning the war.
Cherry White: Are we?
K.C. Koloski: Would you believe what I told you?
Cherry White: Maybe.
K.C. Koloski: Would you believe what they told you?
Cherry White: Maybe not.
K.C. Koloski: [Chuckles] That's a start.

"China Beach: Magic (#3.11)" (1990)
K.C. Kolowski: So what's the problem?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: It's just not ME. I slept with one man last night and a different man the night before.
K.C. Kolowski: Eh, we're in the midst of a sexual revolution, grab a pike, man a barricade.

"China Beach: The Unquiet Earth (#3.1)" (1989)
K.C.: Oh, we just trust this is gonna make a difference, huh?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: No, they'll kill us anyway...
K.C.: So why do it? Why even tell them about my blood?
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Because I'm stupid. Because it's the right thing to do. Take your pick.
K.C.: I pick "stupid."
Nurse Colleen McMurphy: Both answers will be graded as correct.
K.C.: God, you're a pain in the ass, McMurphy.

"China Beach: Chao Ong (#1.6)" (1988)
Cherry: I really feel for them.
Colleen McMurphy: We all do. That's why we're here.
Laurette Barber: Yeah, I never thought there'd be too much men for me to handle.
K.C.: It's called supply and demand, ladies. When men are scarce, their value goes up. When men are plentiful, like they are here, the market value gets flooded.
Laurette Barber: You're right. There's no place for us to hide.
Cherry: I hate to say this, but if one more guy walks up to me, I swear I'm just gonna scream.
Dr. Dick Richard: Hello ladies.
[Cherry, McMurphy, K.C. & Laurette all scream]

"China Beach: Twilight (#2.13)" (1989)
K.C. Kolowski: We both know what happened out there.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: No, you don't. Even YOU don't know what happened.
K.C. Kolowski: But I felt it. When you came back. Skinny, scared, just wanting someone to hold on to you.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: You took care of me.
K.C. Kolowski: Every time you looked at me. Every time we made love. I couldn't stop feeling it, I still do, when I look at you, when I see that damn scar they gave you.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: Touch it K.C.
[Takes her hand and moves it to his scar]
K.C. Kolowski: Boonie you're scaring me.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: Come on, touch it. See? It's tougher, the skin's healed. I'm not skinny any more, I'm not scared.
K.C. Kolowski: I am.
Cpl. Boonie Lanier: I know, I feel it.

"China Beach: How to Stay Alive in Vietnam: Part 1 (#3.9)" (1989)
K.C. Kolowski: Alright, you wanna hear a joke? What do LBJ and my old boyfriend have in common? The lying bastards both promised to get out.