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Quotes for
George Sanderson (Character)
from Monsters, Inc. (2001)

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Monsters, Inc. (2001)
Charlie: [Trying to reassure George, who is in crutches after too many encounters with the CDA] Now, George, I know you can do this. I picked out an easy door for you, in Nepal. Nice, quiet Nepal.
George Sanderson: You know, you're right. Here, Take this.
[Give Charlie his crutches]
Charlie: Go get 'em, Georgie.
[as George walks to the door, Sulley bursts through, knocks George over]
Sulley: Gangway! Look out! Coming through! Sorry, George.
Charlie: Hey, you can't just...
[Sees a sock on George]
Charlie: Twenty-three nine...!
[George grabs Charlie, stuffs the sock in his mouth and tosses him into the door, then walks away humming happily]