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Too Small (Character)
from Hook (1991)

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Hook (1991)
Thud Butt: [sadly] Don't leave us Peter, and don't say goodbye.
Too Small: What's goodbye?
Ace: [voice breaking] It's going away, that's what it is. Forgetting about us all over again.
Peter Banning: No, my Lost Boys, I'll never leave you, never. So who will I leave in charge?
[Peter takes out his sword and tries to figure out who will be the new Pan, he chooses Thud Butt]
Peter Banning: Now I want you to take care of everything that's smaller than you.
Thud Butt: Okay.
Too Small: Then who do I look after?
Peter Banning: Neverbugs - little ones.
[Peter backs away and flies off as the Lost Boys watch him as they all smile]
Too Small: That was a great game!
Peter Banning: [flies away] Thank you for believing.

Don't Ask, No Nap, Latchboy, Thud Butt, Too Small: [in unison with the other Lost Boys] Peter Pan?
Don't Ask: That ain't Peter Pan.
No Nap: He's old!
Latchboy: He's fat!
Thud Butt: Not so fat to me.
Too Small: [laughs] He's an old fat grandpa man.

Too Small: [shouts] Goodnight, Neverland!

[Peter and Hook are dueling]
Peter Banning: Good form, old man.
[Hook traps Peter and grinds his hook near his face]
Captain Hook: You know you're not really Peter Pan, don't you? This is only a dream. When you wake up, you'll just be Peter Banning, a cold, selfish man who drinks too much, who's obsessed with success, and runs and hides from his wife and children!
Too Small: I believe in you.
Latchboy: I believe in you.
No Nap: I believe in you, Peter.
Maggie: I believe in you.
Thud Butt: You are the Pan.
Jack: You're Peter Pan.
Tinkerbell: I believe in you... Peter Pan.
[Peter pushes Hook off and returns his sword. As Hook takes it, he slices Peter's arm with his hook]
Jack: Bad form!
Ace: Jack, stop!

Too Small: [at the end, watching as Peter flies back home] That was a great game.