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Quotes for
Aldar (Character)
from Buck Rogers (1939)

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Buck Rogers (1939)
Buck Rogers: We came here as envoys... seeking an alliance with you people of Saturn.
Aldar: And why do you desire such an alliance?
Buck Rogers: To escape the tyranny of a man called Killer Kane who has imposed his rule on all but a handful of us; a man who governs by brute force.
Capt. Laska: That's not true. Leader Kane is just man. He rules with the consent of all save a few revolutionaries.
Second Councilman: Revolutionaries.
Aldar: Is it true that you are revolutionaries?
Buck Rogers: Ah, in a sense I suppose we are. If it's revolutionary to protest against brutality.
Saturnian Councilman: I have heard enough. Rebels or not, I say throw them all into prison. Seven months no contact with outside planets.
Aldar: But in this age of science, we cannot hope to isolate ourselves from the rest of the universe. But we are dedicated to peace and have no patience for rebels.

Second Councilman: May I who first suggested surrender now withdraw my plea. Let us abide by our treaty with the people of the Hidden City and fight Killer Kane.
Aldar: And you?
Saturnian Councilman: I too cast my vote for war.

Aldar: Colonel Rogers, the people of Saturn find themselves more deeply indebted to you than ever. Words alone cannot explain our gratitude. If you can suggest a concrete means by which we can prove it, you need only command us.
Buck Rogers: I need no proof, sir, outside of your promise to support us in ridding the world of Killer Kane's outlaw army.
Prince Tallen: You already have that promise and we shall not fail you.