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Jett Jackson (Character)
from Jett Jackson: The Movie (2001) (TV)

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"The Famous Jett Jackson: Saving Mr. Dupree (#2.11)" (1999)
Kayla West: So the firemen just busted down innocent people's doors?
Mr. Dupree: Well according to that government, those people were not innocent, they were guilty of a heinous crime; owning books.
J.B. Halliburton: Man, librarians must've been on the most wanted list.
Mr. Dupree: Not far from the truth, Mr. Halliburton.
Jett Jackson: Yeah but that could never happen now, you know, in the real world.
Mr. Dupree: One would hope not, but in the near future as the author Mr. Ray Bradbury shows us, anything is possible.

Kayla West: We're holding a support rally; what they did to Mr. Dupree is wrong and we're going to let them know it. Are you with us?
Jett Jackson: Of course I am, I just can't demonstrate with you.
Kayla West: Why not?
Jett Jackson: Well I don't think it would look too good, with my dad being the sheriff, you know.
Kayla West: We're not going to be doing anything illegal, it's a peaceful assembly, nothing wrong with that, right?
Jett Jackson: Right, but I got a lot at stake with the Silverstone image. I mean how do you think the network would feel if I got arrested?
Kayla West: I can understand but what if there was a law against people watching Silverstone?

Jett Jackson: [on a bus] Where' you taking me, Nana?
Miz Coretta: No place in particular.
Jett Jackson: Okay, so we're just gonna ride around aimlessly just on the bus.
Miz Coretta: Something like that. Where you sitting?
Jett Jackson: In the front seat?
Miz Coretta: That's right. You know Jett, when I was your age, if I tried to sit in this seat, I'd be arrested or worse. Though a lot of people thought the law was unjust, it stayed that way until one woman decided she was going to do something about it.
Jett Jackson: Yeah, you're talking about Rosa Parks.
Miz Coretta: That's exactly who I'm talking about. And until she refused to give up her seat, peacefully disobeying the law, was the law changed. Now that took real courage. You know Jett, just because something's a law, doesn't mean it's right.

Mayor Beale: I appreciate your indictment of our town laws, but most of out town citizenry here have little trouble following them.
Jett Jackson: Objection!
Mayor Beale: To what?
Jett Jackson: To the juxt... to what you just said! Wilstead's laws are broken every day.
Kayla West: Why, just this morning, Mrs. Dunleavy violated article 6 section 42 of the Wilstead penal code.
Mrs. Dunleavy: I did not! I never broke a law in my life!
Kayla West: I'm afraid so, ma'am. Today is Thursday and according to the penal code, hanging your husband's shorts on the line on a Thursday is a direct violation of the law.
Jett Jackson: And then there's Austin Roy, willfully violating article 7 subheading B: he was seen playing his accordian within 50 yards of the local library. Do we really want these criminals on our streets? I say we arrest them!
Mayor Beale: [dryly applauding] Son your little showbiz spectacular is very entertaining but it's wildly off the mark. Those are very very old laws.
Jett Jackson: Exactly my point, and it's about time that somebody changed them.

Jett Jackson: With all due respect, Mayor, last evening were you or were you not in direct violation of article 19 of the Wilstead penal code?
Mayor Beale: [laughing] I definitely was not.
Jett Jackson: [turns on the video camera] I'm sorry sir, but it's a direct and blatant violation of the Wilstead penal code to mow the lawn in your shorts after 6 P.M.

Jett Jackson: The Movie (2001) (TV)
Silverstone: We're going to talk about you not listening to me later.
Jett: You'll only be talking to yourself.