Roger T. 'Race' Bannon
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"Jonny Quest: Terror Island (#1.24)" (1965)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Will you look at that ham! He can smell a camera a mile away.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Okay, boys, we're here. Jonny, Hadji, we're here. You can come out now. You, too, Bandit.
Bandit: Arf. Arf.
Hadji: How did you know we were here?
Jonny Quest: Yeah, Race. We didn't make a sound.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: You pulled this stowaway bit so often I've come to expect it.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Not so fast, pal. Don't you know it's bad manners to leave your guests all tied up?

Dr. Benton C. Quest: I was beginning to think you might not make it, Race.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: So did I, Doctor. The traffic WAS rather heavy.

Jade: I'm disappointed in you, Race. I left you a note saying I'd handle this.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: You sure have, Jade. Good work.
Jade: Good work nothing. Wait'll you get my bill.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: [during their escape in a speed boat] Keep up the speed, Doctor. We're almost out of rifle range.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [as larger explosions strike the waters near them] But not out of cannon range.

[last lines]
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Jade, we're in your debt.
Jade: You'll get a bill.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, I don't have any money with me but, uh... how 'about this for a down payment?
Jonny Quest: [as Race kisses Jade deeply] That's a good lesson for us, Hadji. When we grow up, everything's gonna be strictly cash.
Hadji: You said it.

Jade: Race, you're not very complimentary. You've been in Hong Kong three days and the first time I see you is when Dr. Quest gets himself kidnapped. Do you think I had somethng to do with it?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: No, Jade, I didn't say that, but you'd never turn down an opportunity to add to your bank account. We both know that.
Jade: I have expensive tastes, Race, but I almost never kidnap my friends - for money, that is.

"Jonny Quest: Dragons of Ashida (#1.14)" (1964)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Dr. Ashida is a most respected scientist.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: He's well-known for his zoological work, isn't he, sir?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Very well-known.

Dr. Ashida: Everything on Ashida is yours.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: You call the island Ashida, Doctor?
Dr. Ashida: Why not? I own it. What better name can a man give his land than his own.

Hadji: [at the sight of Ashida's servant] I do not believe it, Jonny. He is like the cyclops of old.
Dr. Ashida: This one's name is Sumi, keeper of my dragons and champion wrestler in all the world. Is that not so, Sumi? He has never been defeated.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I sure wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley.
Dr. Ashida: Uh-huh. I do not keep him around for his looks, Mr. Bannon. My dragons are not sensitive. They do not mind his ugliness.

Dr. Ashida: It is too bad you do not understand our way of fighting, Quest, my friend.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I understand it, Dr. Ashida.
Dr. Ashida: Really? Then let's have a match, but I warn you I am most expert.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: You're not serious, are you? I outweigh you by twenty pounds.
Dr. Ashida: Our bigness means very little in judo, Mr. Bannon. It will be interesting to have an opponent other than Sumi.

Dr. Ashida: I will make you a sporting proposition, Quest. If your man, Bannon, can stand up to my Sumi, then you may leave.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Me and that portable Skyscraper? I bet you want odds, too.
Dr. Ashida: Ah, no, Bannon. I am a true sportsman: defeat Sumi and you win your freedom.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: There's only one way to stop a freight train like that - head on.

Hadji: Look! The door! It is open, Dr. Quest.
Jonny Quest: Well, what're we waiting for? Let's go.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Not so fast, Jonny. Whadda you think, Race? A trap?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I sure do, Doctor. I think he wants us to leave so he can set his lizards on us.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: And you want to oblige him?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: We don't have a choice, Doctor.

"Jonny Quest: Calcutta Adventure (#1.7)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: But why the attack, Doctor?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: It's simple, Race. Recently, sheep herders in the mountains have been stricken by a mysterious ailment. Symptoms indicate the use of nerve gas. I've been asked to investigate. Obviously, someone wants to stop me.

Hadji: Wait! That is not an enemy! That is Pasha Peddler.
Jonny Quest: Pasha Peddler?
Hadji: My old and venerable friend.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: In a helicopter?
Hadji: Being old and venerable, he is wise to the ways of the world. You will see.
Pasha Peddler: Hadji, baby!

Pasha Peddler: Non-scheduled landings cost twenty-five clams; but, because you're sticking your necks out for my people, I'm gonna cut my landing fee ten bucks.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Thank you, Pasha!
Pasha Peddler: Ah, don't mention it. After all, what're friends for, right?

Pasha Peddler: [singing] I got sixpence, a jolly, jolly sixpence. Oh, I got sixpence...
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: With a voice you that, you need it.

[In making their escape, Dr. Quest and Race drop down onto two armed guards]
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Are you okay, Doctor?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Luckily something broke my fall.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: [with Hadji all set to go] Tell me, Pasha, how'd you get his passport, health certificate and application for adoption?
Pasha Peddler: D'ya, it's not a question of HOW, daddy-o. It's how MUCH.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: You got a plan?
Pasha Peddler: Course, my boy. We'll take this place like General Lee took Richmond.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: That was Grant.
Pasha Peddler: No matter. I'll think of somethin'.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Oh-ho, brother!

"Jonny Quest: The Robot Spy (#1.8)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Look, Doctor! It's just like an eye!

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: What do you make of it, Dr. Quest?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: I don't know, but wherever it comes from, it's the result of a brilliant mind.
Dr. Zin: [chuckles] You'll find out, Dr. Quest.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: That Para-Power Ray, Doctor, just how much can it do?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: To tell the truth, Race, I'm not sure. It should at the least be able to drain power from an object. A car, a light bulb, an airplane...
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Making them useless.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Temporarily useless.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: How does it work?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: You might say it magnetizes energy, which is, after all, power.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Quite a weapon.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Could be, because it doesn't have to kill, just disarm an army or an air force, leaving it useless but alive.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Anything else before we turn in?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Yes, Race, the storage building.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Wanna check that thing we brought in?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Yes, it worries me.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: [pulling up before the warehouse] Where's the guard?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: And the door's open!

Dr. Benton C. Quest: Who stole the thing you were guarding?
Soldier Guarding Robot Spy: Well, no one. It-it clobbered me.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Clobbered you?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Do you know what you're saying?
Soldier Guarding Robot Spy: Yes, sir. It had legs like a giant spider, an-an-an eye, and two antennas sticking out the front, and it touched me with one of them, and I was paralyzed.

Dr. Zin: Ah-ha! Good evening, Dr. Quest.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: I know that voice. It's Dr. Zin.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Zin!
Dr. Zin: Quite right. You like my secret agent?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: What is it?
Dr. Zin: Since you have no way of stopping it, I will tell you. It's my very latest invention - an electronic, uh... spy.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Spy?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: The Trojan house routine.
Dr. Zin: Correct.

Dr. Zin: We will meet again soon, Dr. Quest. Very soon, I promise you.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: And we'll be ready for you Zin. You can bet on that.
Bandit: Rrrrrrrr arf! Rrrr arf! Rrrr arf! Rrrr arf-arf! Arf-arf-arf! Arf! Arf!
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: That's right, Bandit. That's exactly what I was going to say.

"Jonny Quest: Skull and Double Crossbones (#1.11)" (1964)
Jose: Hey, little dog, you want to be friends with Jose?
Bandit: Rrrrrrrrrr.
Jose: Eh, he does not like me.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, Bandit just takes time to get accustomed to new people, Jose.

Jonny Quest: Hey, Dad! Race! Look what I found!
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Must be something extra-special.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: What is it, son?
Jonny Quest: A gold coin. Take a look, Dad. Can you tell what kind it is?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Hmm. Unless I miss my guess, that's a 17th century Spanish doubloon.
Jonny Quest: Wow!
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Say, there's been talk of a Spanish treasure ship around here. You suppose Jonny found it?

Jonny Quest: Remember our bargain: I find the gold and you let us go, right?
Chief: Oh, of course, little one. You have my word.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: His "WORD." Oh, brother.

[Bandit barks]
Superintendent Owens: Well, hello there, pup. Sounds like he's trying to say something.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Too bad he can't, Mr. Owens. He'd have a lot to tell ya.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: Our value ends as soon as the last of the treasure is recovered.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: So if we do anything, it has to be now or never.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: That's about the size of it.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: The porthole is too small for me to get through.
Jonny Quest: [excited] But not me.
Hadji: Or me.
Jonny Quest: I spoke first, Hadji.
Hadji: But you are tired from all that diving, and I am not. Please, Dr. Quest. It is my turn to do something.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Jose, quick! The gun!
Jose: Si, señor, I have it.
Jose: [laughs while pointing it at Race] One move and you're dead.

Francisco: Hey, señor Quest! Look! I find a little fish outside. I throw him back in. See?
[laughs as he throws Hadji into the cabin]
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Oh, you're great, buster. I'll bet you can lick any kid HALF your size.

"Jonny Quest: A Small Matter of Pygmies (#1.13)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Engine trouble. We're going down.
Hadji: Pick a soft spot.

Jonny Quest: Hey, I don't think he IS a kid.
Hadji: He is very small.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: He's as tall as he'll ever be. He's a pygmy. Cut him loose, Jonny.

Jonny Quest: Hey, come back! Hey!
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: No use. He's gone. We'd better do the same and fast. Whoever put that fella out for cat food might come back, and we better not be here then.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Hold still, Hadji. He won't hurt you. It's our friend who was put out for cat food.
Hadji: Boy. He has me worried when I saw that knife.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Helicopters! That's what chased our little friends off!
Hadji: But they're a long way off. They could miss seeing us.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yeah, you're right. If we only had something to signal with. Hadji, lend me that ruby of yours.
Hadji: You can have anything I have, but why my ruby?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: We're gonna try to attract their attention.

[last lines]
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Say, um, why were you coming to see me, anyway? I would've been back in a few days.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, this came in the mail. It looked important.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Mmm. Yes, it does look important.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [reading the letter] Oh, no!
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Bad news, Doctor?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [chuckling] Anything but, Race. It's a form letter from the African Geographical Society asking me if I would be interested in participating in a round table discussion on the following subject... Are you ready?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: FIre away, Doctor.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: "Are pygmies warm and friendly people - yes or no."
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Pygmies "friendly?"
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon, Jonny Quest, Hadji: NOOOO!
Bandit: Arf! Arf! Arf!
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [laughing] I think I'll send all of you and let you argue the no side. You'll win hands down.

Jonny Quest: Race, do you really think they'll track us?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I'm sure of it, Jonny. Take a look down by the river. There's your answer.
Jonny Quest: Gosh, it didn't take 'em long.
Pygmy Chief: [at the river] Gohta komsi. Komsi gohta!
Hadji: Look! They sniff the ground like dogs.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: They're the best trackers in the world, Hadji.

"Jonny Quest: Double Danger (#1.9)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Quiet, Bandit. You don't want to be the only disturbing influence around here, do ya?
[Bandit whimpers]
Hadji: I think Bandit's feelings have been hurt.
Jonny Quest: I didn't know he was so sensitive.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: You know, some zoologist claim monkeys are smarter and make better pets than dogs.
Bandit: Arf-arf arf! Arf!
Hadji: Bandit doesn't think so. I think his feelings have been hurt again.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Never mind, Bandit. I still think dog's a man's best friend.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: Picture the crew of this spaceship, locked in their metal prison surrounded by billions of miles of nothing for as long as sixteen years at a stretch.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: [whistles] That's pretty rough.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: The human mind is not yet prepared for such a test of solitude.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: So what you're after is sort of a giant tranquilizer.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Exactly. We know now that Man has always found ways to alter his emotions by consuming various plants. It's called hallucinogenics.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yes, Doctor.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: By synthesizing this plant into pills, a crew could keep mentally alert for as long as twenty years.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yes, Doctor.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Unfortunately, the use of this pill could be abused, which is why the formula must be guarded.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yes, Doctor.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Hey, what is this?
Korchek: "Hey, what is this?"
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: And let's cut out the fun and games, Little Sir Echo. What's going on here?
Korchek: "Let's cut out the fun and games, Little Sir Echo. What's going on here?" Release him, Tabak. He's not going anywhere.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Okay, I'll play. Now, who are ya and what's the game?
Korchek: My name is Race Bannon, I was born in Wilmette, Illinois, I am thirty-two years old, my father's name is John, my mother's Sarah, and I am very close to the work of Dr. Benton Quest. How am I doing, Tabak?
Tabak: Perfect, sir.

Jade: Well, we meet again, Race. Your double is almost identical except a shade better looking, I think.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Of all the...

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Jade, how'd you know Korchek was a phony?
Jade: There's only one Race Bannon.

Suthep: It's not much further now.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: [climbing down rope] That's good, I've got the wrong haircut for playing Tarzan.

"Jonny Quest: Pirates from Below (#1.18)" (1965)
Jonny Quest: You know what the trouble with the world is, Race?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Nope. Suppose you tell me.
Jonny Quest: It's gotten too scientific.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Let's see now. The lever bolt's connected to the toggle bolt. The toggle bolt's connected to the cotter bolts. The cotter bolt's connected to the elbow bolts...

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: All right, goons, what's on your minds?

Jonny Quest: That explosion, Race! What was it?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Oh, nothing much. Just our late host saying so long.

Col. Svedri: Start the Prober.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Negative, chum. If you think I'm letting you walk off with five years research, think again.
Col. Svedri: You laugh at bullets, American?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Not at bullets, at you. Who's gonna operate the Prober if you shoot me?
Col. Svedri: Who mentioned shooting you? But, your young friend here, that is a different matter. Now would you reconsider your decision?
Jonny Quest: Don't give into him, Race.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I have to, Jonny. Your dad expects me to take care of ya. Can't let him down, can we?
Jonny Quest: [disappointed] I guess not.

[a red light flashes in the Prober]
Col. Svedri: What is that?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Oh, that. That's the oven timer. The cake's all baked.
Vanya: He thinks to make fools of us, Colonel.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Negative again, bub. Nature beat me to it.

"Jonny Quest: The Quetong Missile Mystery (#1.22)" (1965)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: So, Singh is an enemy.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: And he's got the boys.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: We've got to hurry. He doesn't know we saw the tape. We'll trick him into leading us to the boys.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: What do ya think, Doctor? Singh was pretty incoherent with his babbling about block houses, plans to set up secret missile bases...
Dr. Benton C. Quest: I know, Race. It's not much to go on, but we've got to find the boys.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I wonder what Singh meant when he said that "the trees have eyes."

Sentry Post 6: Post Number 6 calling Post Number 5. Answer. Is anything wrong? Over. Post 5, come in. Come in. Over.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Uh... Post 5 here. Everything under control.
Sentry Post 6: You know the rules. Strict silence must be maintained. Out.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: [spotting a sentry seated on a block house] Look, Race. There's the block house. Think you can get him from here?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I don't know. I'll switch to full power.
[Race shoots; no visible reaction]
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Afraid he's out of range, Race.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yeah. I guess we'll have to take care of him the hard way.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: [as the Quests' swamp boat is fired upon] How 'bout a little more speed, Race.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Sorry, Doctor. This electric job's built for silence, not speed.

"Jonny Quest: The Curse of Anubis (#1.3)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Now, the next time you try to sneak up on somebody, make sure Bandit's motor isn't running.

Jonny Quest: [hearing a howl] Hey, what was that?
Dr. Hamid Kareem: Either a fox or a jackal.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Maybe it's that god Anubis wandering around looking for his temple.
[agitated servants mumble lowly]
Dr. Hamid Kareem: I am afraid my servants do not appreciate your sense of humor, Mr. Bannon. They consider any mention of Anubis an omen of ill luck. To them the curse of Anubis is a very real thing.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: You mean the superstition that whoever enters the god's temple will die?
[servants mumble lowly again]
Dr. Hamid Kareem: To you a superstition, to them the truth.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Dr. Kareem, now that's a pretty good clue. Whoever stole the statue isn't superstitious.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: I am probably imagining things, but I want you to be prepared.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: For what?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: I don't know. Maybe only my imagination, Race, but over the course of years I've learned to trust my feelings. In my experience, when archaeologists find something new and important, they can't wait to publicize it.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yet Dr. Kareen is keeping his finding secret.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Right.

Dr. Hamid Kareem: You and Mr. Bannan will be found here with the god Anubis, and it will appear to be a foreign plot to steal one of our ancient treasures. I have dedicated my life to welding all our peoples together. This is the thing that will trigger that unity. We will become a great nation again.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: And what makes you think we'll hold still for your crackpot accusation?
Dr. Hamid Kareem: [drawing out a gun] As you can see, you have no choice.

"Jonny Quest: Pursuit of the Po-Ho (#1.4)" (1964)
Dreena Hartman: Well, Emil had been working closer and closer to the jungle trying to talk to the Po-Hos. He could never get an answer.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: How'd he know they were there?
Dreena Hartman: They're always there. After he disappeared, the drums said a stranger had been captured.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: What do the drums say now?
Dreena Hartman: They know you are here.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: All right, you ignorant savages, get a good look at Aquezio, you heathen monkeys! Dr. Quest, I'll be back for you later! Take it easy! And you savages better lay off or I'll take your village apart stick by stick!

Emil Hartman: I am afraid our friend Race is going to be god of the water for some time.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Oh? Why is that?
Emil Hartman: Because the dye from those purple berries will not wash off. It must WEAR off.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: And... how long does that take?
Emil Hartman: At least three weeks.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Three weeks! Ohh, no!
[Hadji and Jonny laugh]
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: And THAT will be enough of THAT!
Jonny Quest, Hadji: Yes, oh god of the water. Oh, yes, Aquezio. We hear you and obey.

Jonny Quest: Race, how'd you make out?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Not bad. I just played pin-the-donkey's-tail with a Po-Ho indian.

"Jonny Quest: The Invisible Monster (#1.20)" (1965)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, how can it be stopped?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: There's only one way I can think of, Race.
Jonny Quest: Well, how?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: First, we have to think of a way to make it visible, then we can lay a trap with some equipment I can try to put together - but how to see it?
Jonny Quest: Well paint it.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Huh?
Jonny Quest: Well paint it, Dad.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Jonny, you may have a thought there.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Come on, monsters, the plane's waiting. Let's go.

[last lines]
Dr. Benton C. Quest: I'll make a full report on Dr. Norman's experiment when we get back.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: His loss will be a serious setback in his field, won't it, Doctor?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Yes, but if there's any consolation, what we learn from every setback helps science to move forward.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: We seem to be on the trail of a two-legged tornado.

"Jonny Quest: Treasure of the Temple (#1.6)" (1964)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: How much further to the lost city, Montoya?
Montoya: Maybe close, maybe far. Do not savvy too good.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, at least he gives you an answer.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: Race, swing around real easy, just as if you were casually taking in the sights. That cave entrance on the fourth level of the terrace. You see a reflection of something?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yeah, I see it.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Whatever it is, we'd better be on our guard.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: We all set to roll?
Jonny Quest: Hey, wait! Where's Bandit?
Hadji: He must be off exploring again.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: I'll get him here in a hurry. All I have to do is start the motor. He'll show up any minute.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: Race, the stalactites. Maybe you could drop a few in on them.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Good idea, Doctor. Here goes. Stalactite in the corner canue.

"Jonny Quest: Turu the Terrible (#1.15)" (1964)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Let me have your flashlight. I wanna signal the boat.
Hadji: [at the boat] What is he saying, Jonny?
Jonny Quest: He wants to know if we're all right.
Skipper: I'll answer him, son.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: [on the plateau] What's the answer?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: "Everything a-okay but..."
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: But what?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: The skipper is saying something about the bird and the boat.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: But, what about them?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Please, Race. You know I never use THAT kind of language.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: There IS trinoxite somewhere near here.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Trinoxite?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Yes, a new metal, and absolutely essential to the space program.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: But where does it come from?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Right around here somewhere. Take a look. There are many trinoxite mines in the world but none half as pure as this sample essays.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Where did this sample come from?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Someplace upriver. A naive and his brother gave it to me and said it came from the land of the turu.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: That's impossible, Aku. No bird alive could be big enough to lift a man.
Aku: Si. Si. Big turu. Big bird take Nuago.
Aku: [drawing in the sand] This turu. This turu. Me see. This turu have skin. No feather. He fly.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: That's impossible.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: What is it?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: It's a likeness of the pteranodon.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Why, there hasn't been a pteranodon on this planet for a million years.
Aku: Me see! Me see!

"Jonny Quest: The Mystery of the Lizard Men (#1.1)" (1964)
Jonny Quest: What keeps this stuff floating, Race?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Sargasso weed. It's formed by tiny bladders the size of grapes. Sargasso is the Portugese word for grapes.
Jonny Quest: Has it been here long?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, Columbus sailed through it for days. He thought they'd NEVER get out.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Uh-oh. What's this? Webbed footprints. Either it's a king-sized duck or we're not the only ones on this ship.

Jonny Quest: Foolish question #1: Does it hurt, Race?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Only when I say "ouch."

"Jonny Quest: Shadow of the Condor (#1.10)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: [whistles] I wouldn't expect to see two plane like THAT up here.
Baron Heinrich Von Freulich: Mementos of the past. I fly them very little anymore.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: You've kept them in fine shape, Baron.
Baron Heinrich Von Freulich: How else would a man treat his memories, Dr. Quest?

Baron Heinrich Von Freulich: You know, uh, you were lucky to sight my landing strip. There isn't another between here and La Paz.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, we were lucky to get our ship down on that short runway, considering the altitude and your crosswinds.
Baron Heinrich Von Freulich: Oh, you are... you are far too modest, Mr. Bannon. I haven't seen flying like that since my old squadron was... ha... disbanded.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: [Race makes an emergency landing] You handled that beautifully, Race.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Thanks, Doctor, for a minute I wasn't sure we were going to make it.
Jonny Quest: I was so scared, I forgot I was airsick.

"Jonny Quest: The Fraudulent Volcano (#1.16)" (1964)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [after finding a tarantula in is bed and the airplane hanger on fire] I'm beginning to think someone is trying to keep us away from Mount Tahawa.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yeah, I'm getting the same message.

Dr. Zin: When will you realize I do not care for your interference?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: If I was fortunate enough to interfere with ANY of your diabolical schemes, it was a pleasure.
Dr. Zin: What I have in mind for you and Race Bannon will not be a pleasure.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Please. Don't go to any trouble.

Jonny Quest: [while escaping] Better step on it, Race.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: What's up, Jonny?
Jonny Quest: They're after us.
Hadji: With flying platforms.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Flying platforms? I'll be... He's right! Doctor, how fast can those things go?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Too fast for this car, I'm afraid, and with far greeter maneuverability.

"Jonny Quest: Arctic Splashdown (#1.2)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Now, if there WAS tampering...
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Well, Race, it would explain the failure of the destruction mechanism.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Which could only mean one thing.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Whoever they are, they want that missile intact.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: Take a look. The destruction activator has been cut through.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: So that's how they downed the missile intact, then they could pick up your newest directional system.
Submarine Commander: Precisely why we are here.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Ohh... The villain.
Submarine Commander: Hardly villains. Merely interested neutral observers.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Who do a little equipment-snatching on the side.

"Jonny Quest: The Devil's Tower (#1.21)" (1965)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: How'd you get HERE?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Oh, probably the same way you did - those amazing throwbacks, those cavemen.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Maybe somebody's shooting a B-picture.

Dr. Benton C. Quest: What's our altitute, Race?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Eight thousand.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: And we're still not level with that escarpment. It must be at least two miles high. No wonder no one's ever climbed it.

"Jonny Quest: Monster in the Monastery (#1.25)" (1965)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Doctor, I thought Sir Edmund Hillary proved that yeti, or the abominable snowmen, don't exist.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Well, that's true, Race, but sometimes native superstitions are just as powerful as scientific proof.

Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Oh, Dr. Quest, would you and Raj Guru step out here on the balcony?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Trouble, Race?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Uh, no, sir. Not now, but someone's been playing pretty rough.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [surveying the courtyard full of dead yeti-men] Looks like they've all been wiped out by some tremendous force.

"Jonny Quest: Werewolf of the Timberland (#1.17)" (1965)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Uh-oh. We've got company, Doctor.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Can you reach your rifle, Race?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Getting it.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Look at the size of it.
[the wolf charges but doesn't stop]
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Hey! He went right by us!

Race Bannon: Look! I think he got away!

"Jonny Quest: Riddle of the Gold (#1.5)" (1964)
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Now, Hadji, how do you spell Mississippi?
Hadji: M... I... S... uh... Did you want the state or the river?

Corbin: How 'bout that! The gold is disintegrating.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Not gold - zanium.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Zanium? Never heard of it.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Well, little is known about the metal. To my knowledge, hardly a thimbleful has ever been obtained.
Corbin: Zanium, eh? Well, that figures. Anything the Maharaja of Jahilipur is mixed up in...
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Jahilipur? Hey, that name rings a bell.
Corbin: And it should. He's been mixed up in gun-running, smuggling, the works.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: And anything for a fast rupee, huh?
Corbin: Yeah. And speaking of fast rupees, guess who else is in the act. Abdul Kaseem.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Kaseem? Boy, with a cast of characters like that, no wonder you were suspicious.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Only one man besides myself knew the transmutation process - Professor Gunderson.
Corbin: Gunderson, eh? Can we talk with him?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: I'm afraid not. Six months ago, Gunderson met an untimely death in an airplane accident in India.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Wouldn't have been at Jahilipur, would it?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Why, yes, Race. That's exactly where it was.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, put two and one together - two crooks and one professor - and it adds up to something Intelligence One should look into.

"Jonny Quest: Forty Fathoms Into Yesterday (#1.5)" (1986)
Jonny Quest: Aw Race, you scared off that dolphin before I could take its picture.
Race Bannon: Sorry Jonny, just testing out these new grappling arms.
Jonny Quest: Okay, as long as it wasn't on porpoise.
[the others groan]

Race Bannon: I hear an airplane, but I don't see it.
Jonny Quest: There it is! Boy is it weird looking!
Race Bannon: That's a German war cargo plane! Those antiques haven't been flown since World War II, a real flying fossil.

"Jonny Quest: Attack of the Tree People (#1.19)" (1965)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Well, Race, which way?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, if these tracks mean anything, they lead straight into the jungle.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: That's the boys, all right. Still doing things the hard way.

"Jonny Quest: The Dreadful Doll (#1.12)" (1964)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Race, I've spotted two oddball fish.
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Yeah, I had a feeling you would.

"Jonny Quest: The Sea Haunt (#1.26)" (1965)
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [reading the captain's log] "Developed engine trouble this morning two hundred miles from the Lingga Archipelago. While it was being fixed, I first saw the creature as it crawled over the ship's railing. It was probably brought up out of the sea by a storm, which had been raging the night before. I gave orders for the crew to capture it but it wasn't easy. It's a strange and awful thing. I've never seen the likes of it before, almost impossible to describe. It's body is covered with scales and its huge glassy eyes seem to indicate it came from an almost unimaginable depth. It walks upright and has superhuman strength. Strong light seems to bother it."
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: Well, if it came from the bottom of the sea, I can understand why light would bother it.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: [continuing] "Finally, we were able to get a net over it but not before it had broken the neck of Banoose, my second mate, and hurled three of my crew into the sea. We managed to get chains around it and lock it in the aft hold, but the crew is in panic and near mutiny. I've decided to kill this monstrous evil before it somehow destroys this ship, and our precious cargo is at the bottom of the sea."
Hadji: What do you suppose this old ship is carrying that could be so precious?
Roger T. 'Race' Bannon: The Dutch are trying to hold on to what's left of their empire in this part of the world. It's possible that many of her ships carry highly classified and valuable cargo.
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Apparently this was written later the same day. Listen: "It looks like our gruesome enemy may outlive us all for, apparently, it is impervious to death. Bullets have no effect on it. I emptied a gun directly into its horrible body but nothing happened. The monster became so enraged it broke its chains, and I barely got away in time. An hour ago, it was prowling below deck, and the men are taking to the lifeboats. In a moment, I will..."
Jonny Quest: I will what? What does he say?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: That's it. It ends right there.
Jonny Quest: Oh, gosh! That monster musta come in here and killed the captain while he was writing.

Jonny Quest Versus the Cyber Insects (1995) (TV)
Race Bannon: A series of high-pressure storm systems blanketing the world! Impossible!
Jessie Kenyon: Not if something hot was creating a strong convection current in one of the three principle jet streams.
Jonny Quest: Oh, sure, a volcano is doing all this. Or how about a forest fire?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Don't be so quick to criticize, Jonny. Any reasonable theory must be explored, and Jessie's suggestion is quite reasonable.

"Jonny Quest: Deadly Junket (#1.4)" (1986)
Race Bannon: [being shot at] That's it, I'm through playing around, this clown could wreck my whole morning.

"The Venture Bros.: Ice Station Impossible (#1.7)" (2004)
[Race Bannon, the 'Brock Sampson' of Jonny Quest, is dying]
Race Bannon: Do me a favor, Brock.
Brock Samson: Anything, old friend.
Race Bannon: Tell... Jonny... I love...
[Race dies, and all bow their heads. A pause, and a loud farting sound plays]
Dean Venture: Ewww! I didn't know they... Ew!
Brock Samson: Yeah, they never show that part on TV.