Jessie Bannon
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Jessie Bannon (Character)
from "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest" (1996)

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Jonny Quest Versus the Cyber Insects (1995) (TV)
Race Bannon: A series of high-pressure storm systems blanketing the world! Impossible!
Jessie Kenyon: Not if something hot was creating a strong convection current in one of the three principle jet streams.
Jonny Quest: Oh, sure, a volcano is doing all this. Or how about a forest fire?
Dr. Benton C. Quest: Don't be so quick to criticize, Jonny. Any reasonable theory must be explored, and Jessie's suggestion is quite reasonable.

Jessie Kenyon: This is Quest Station's last known location.
Jonny Quest: Could it have blown up?
Jessie Kenyon: No way! There'd be twelve-thousand tons of debris floating out there!
Jessie Kenyon: But how can an entire space station just disappear?
Hadji: Yes, not even I am capable of that kind of magic.

Jonny Quest: You mean when we blow those things up, all the bits and pieces will grow back into new ones?
4-DAC: Exactly.
Jessie Kenyon: Then how would we ever destroy one?
4-DAC: There are two ways. Thermal nuclear explosion...
Hadji: [interrupting nervously] Let us rule that out for now.

Jessie Kenyon: Jonny? I just wanted to remind you, you're not a kid anymore now that you know how to learn from your mistakes.
Jonny Quest: Yeah, and thanks to all the mistakes I've been making, I've learned a lot lately.