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Conor (Character)
from "Roar" (1997)

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"Roar: Daybreak (#1.11)" (1997)
[first lines]
Fergus: How long have I known you ?
Conor: All my life.
Fergus: Then why won't you tell me where we're going?
Conor: Because you won't like it. Now come on.

[discussing Conor's father, King Derek]
Morgan: Your da thought he was better than the rest of us. He left - never looked back.
Conor: He planned to unite this valley with others.
Morgan: [snorts] Planning. Doing. Two different things.
Conor: My father never got the chance.
Morgan: 'Cause he ran out of time... or just ran.

Conor: That's my father's ring.
Longinus: The day you kiss it, it's yours.

Fergus: Spying on us, are you, wench?
Conor: You're a bit far away from your pillows and perfume.
Queen Diana: I'm traveling.
Fergus: He kicked you out. The old monster kicked you out.
Queen Diana: I chose to leave.

Conor: [referring to Diana] Now she's all alone.
Fergus: Aye. So are we.

Conor: Did you know right away that you and Da would ride together?
Fergus: No, but some people say things are decided up there in the stars. When I met Derek, that's how it felt. First thing, we shared a cup.
Conor: A cup? Right.
Fergus: A barrel. Aye. Talked all night. Next day and night, too - talking and laughing. Fresh the next morning, he asked Gwen to marry him. By noon, we were on our way.
Conor: On your way to this moment.

[Longinus' men infiltrate the village]
Brigg: House to house. The first man that draws blood gets a gold coin.
[Conor shoots an arrow into the chest of one of the soldiers]
Conor: As long as it's not a Roman coin.

[Brigg faces Conor and Fergus brandishing his sword]
Fergus: What's it gonna be?
[Brigg hesitates]
Conor: You can go. Tell everyone you meet. Tell them about what happened here - who ran, who stayed, did what they had to do. You tell it.
[Brigg nods and backs away]

"Roar: Sweet Bridget (#1.13)" (1997)
[first lines]
Fergus: [discussing Diana's invitation for an inter-tribal meeting] It's a trap.
Conor: You think everything's a trap.
Fergus: We're walking into the enemy camp, moving in like we're family. We're just begging for an arrow in the heart.
Conor: Would you rather the River People make a pact with her? Or Patrick? She's invited all the tribes, you know. Patrick's weak. He could turn Roman overnight. I can just picture him parading around in his little skirt and sandals, bathing in olive oil.
Fergus: Mud.
Conor: What?
Fergus: They bathe in mud. Uh, so I've heard.

[following Malachy's advice, Conor kisses a clay pillar and the resulting explosion throws he and Fergus out of the pit]
Fergus: Big kiss.
Conor: Fergus...
Fergus: What?
Conor: It was bigger than you know.
[a beautiful naked woman, covered in clay, emerges out of the swirling dust]

[Fergus wraps the naked Bridget with a blanket]
Fergus: Here you go, lass. Keep us honest.
[Bridget drops the blanket to the ground, but Fergus picks it up and tries again]
Fergus: Sorry, my love, but can't have you displayin' your bounty for the lad. His youthful zeal might get the better of him.
[Bridget again drops the blanket to the ground]
Conor: Allow me, Fergus. All it takes is a bit of youthful zeal
Fergus: Sweet Bridget.

Conor: [to Bridget] Molly's a world traveler as well as a Druid novice.
Molly: But who are you? That's the question.
[Bridget stares into the fire]
Conor: I'll get some more wood.
Molly: Fire! Do you know how fire was created, Bridget? Sprites made it and they guarded their secret fiercely, leaving the rest of the world to live in darkness. But one day, a man named Meade came along and stole their fire and when the sprites complained, he cut out their tongues. Unable to talk, they retreated into the earth... but maybe you know the story.

[discussing Malachy]
Conor: What can this man tell us that we don't already know.
Fergus: If Molly is right and the girl's a fire goddess...
Molly: Sprite.
Fergus: "Sprite". That's a childish name. If she is a fire goddess...
Conor: Then we should be looking for her and not chasing down Malachy.
Molly: We did look for her Conor - all night! This is our only hope. He may know where she is and more importantly... what she is.

[discussing Bridget]
Molly: She's better off, Conor. She never belonged here in the first place.
Conor: She spoke to me, Molly. She-she spoke.
Molly: And you spoke to her. You gave her something to take back. Something that will be part of our land forever.
Conor: What?
Molly: Your heart.

[last lines]
Conor: [discussing Colm] All right, Fergus, we'll let him in. You can even lead the ceremony.
Fergus: Me?
Conor: Aye. You're a born leader. So, where are we going?
Fergus: I have no idea.
[Conor, Fergus and Molly ride off down a riverside trail]

"Roar: The Cage (#1.12)" (1997)
[first lines]
Fergus: I'm not going.
Conor: You're acting like a child, Fergus.
Fergus: No, I'm not. You can't make me go if I don't want to.
Conor: Would you listen to this? Fergus, I can't help it if the village that has volunteered to build the new meeting house for the Confederation of Tribes, at great cost to them and of vital importance to the movement, is the same village where your wife lives.
Fergus: She's not my wife.
Conor: Right, she's-she's not your wife. She's Molly's mother and she's your... whatever you call her.
Fergus: I don't call her anything.
Conor: Fine. Let's go.
Fergus: No.
Conor: Why not!
Fergus: I'm not going.
Molly: He's afraid of her. Always has been.
Fergus: I am not.
Molly: He left her. She hates him, and when he shows his face, she's going to pound it flat. Big warrior.
Fergus: I am not afraid.
Molly: You're afraid.

Caitlin: Wait a minute. Wait. You pretended to love Molly, so that he would pretend to fight you, and you would pretend to kill him so that Dunn would tell Longinus?
Conor, Fergus: Yes.
Caitlin: Well, why didn't you tell me?
Conor: We're telling you now.

Conor: Have we thought of everything?
Fergus: Well, we won't know until it's too late.
Conor: Well, if it doesn't work, I'm glad I've known you... and I'm sorry I killed you.
Fergus: What's a little murder between friends, huh?

Conor: Catlin...
Caitlin: I'm not talking to you.
Conor: Right.
Fergus: Look at it this way. If you die, she'll love you.

[last lines]
Molly: You're missing the fun. Agrona's made a feast. There's music. She's even dancing with Fergus.
Conor: I'll come later.
Molly: [discussing Longinus] He's down there for good.
Conor: Is he?
Molly: You can't watch the ocean forever.
Conor: I'll always wonder.
Molly: If you let him have a hold on you, he's won. A new world begins today. All possibilities; all hope. Anything can happen, Conor. Anything. Come.
[cut to a shot of Longinus locked in the cage at the botoom of the ocean]

"Roar: The Eternal (#1.8)" (1997)
Conor: I have no idea if Diana was telling the truth.
Conor: If my presence here is endangering anyone ...
Glas: Your presence blesses us.
Conor: Perhaps we should cancel the ceremony.
Glas: Then Longinus has won.
Conor: Father... I'm not afraid to die. I just don't want anyone else getting hurt.
Glas: You can't control the future, and neither can he. When we die, our spirit passes to another, from this life to the next. Don't feed the beast by giving into your fear.
Conor: I'm not afraid. I just want to do what's right.
Glas: You carry the faith of your people; they trust you to be stronger than he is.
Conor: But am I? This man has lived five lifetimes.
Glas: How do you know you haven't lived a thousand? When it's our time, we know, and we are at peace, for good is as eternal as evil. Now go, and take your bride.

Arn: I have a message for you from the Father.
Conor: What is it?
Arn: "Come."
Conor: To the Druid temple?
Arn: Yes, to Cathbad.
Conor: Why?
Arn: The message is, "Come". There is no "why."
Conor: We have business here... perhaps in a couple of days.
Arn: "Come" means "Come now."

Fergus: I see me daughter and things just come out of me mouth like it's someone else talkin' - some crazy old man... some stupid, jealous, crazy old man. It's the strangest thing. Conor...
Conor: Hmm?
Fergus: Marry her.

Conor: You don't belong here; neither does your monster. The curse he has is the one he deserves. Now we have two choices.
[Conor brandishes a knife]
Conor: Cut out your heart...
Queen Diana: What?
[stabs at Diana wripping her dress]
Conor: Or teach you to write.

Queen Diana: You're killing yourself.
Conor: Let your beast come. If he wants to die that badly, we'll find a way to accommodate him.

"Roar: Tash (#1.9)" (1997)
[referring to Galen's magical scroll]
Conor: We need someone to translate; someone as old as the symbols themselves.
Fergus: Well, don't look at me.

Conor: If you scream, I'll cut your throat. Understand?
Queen Diana: Are you always so romantic?

Conor: I need your help. My friend is in trouble. She could die.
Queen Diana: She?
Conor: Your sorcerer could save her.
Queen Diana: This is a dream, right?
Conor: No dream. If he is really 400 years old, he should be able to translate something that could save her life.
Queen Diana: Now why would he possibly do that?
Conor: I thought he loved you.
Queen Diana: Well, that's open to debate.

Longinus: I can save your friend. The question is, what are you willing to sacrifice in return.
Conor: Everything.
Longinus: Then I think we can come to terms.

"Roar: Banshee (#1.4)" (1997)
Conor: Galen said when all things were balanced, when all was right, you could hear the power in the land. And it moves through you, gives you clarity. He called it the Roar.

[to Shannon, who has just sucked poison from Conor's wound]
Conor: I owe you my life. I swear they'll never have yours.
Fergus: I don't know how they could have ever mistaken you for a banshee. You're a life-giver.

[Shannon returns to her home village where women and their daughters are cursed to be banshees, but the gates are closed against her]
Conor: What is it?
Shannon: They won't let me in.
Conor: Why?
Shannon: When I saved your life, I broke with custom and now they won't help me... and nothing can help you.

"Roar: Projector (#1.2)" (1997)
[first lines]
[Conor is tossed out of Vorgeen's hut]
Fergus: A hard-headed woman will always bring out the best in a man.
[Vorgeen continues to pummel Conor]
Fergus: For the cause, Conor!
[Conor throws Vorgeen to the ground and lands on top of her]
Conor: Are we finished yet?
[Vorgeen smashes Conor's nose with her forehead]
Conor: I guess not.

[Conor and Fergus capture Quadras after he fails to deliver the explosive Atmos that their tribe had purchased from him]
Conor: We're not going to hurt you!
Fergus: ...Yet.

[Speaking at Quadras' funeral]
Conor: This man loved his children. There is no greater legacy than that.

"Roar: Doyle's Solution (#1.5)" (1997)
[first lines]
Fergus: You drag me all the way to the next village, tell me to beat their great warrior...
Conor: You were trying to impress a girl. And I didn't say *beat* him, I said *best* him.
Fergus: You wanted me to beat him. I could see it in your eyes.
Conor: I wanted to show strength, not humiliate their champion. They had to reject the whole confederation of tribes just to save face.
Fergus: He called me a cretin.
Conor: He was right.
Fergus: Nobody calls me a cretin. I am not a cretin.
Conor: When you threaten the whole idea of unity to avenge a petty insult, you're a cretin.
Fergus: Is that what a cretin is?

[discussing Molly]
Conor: [imitating Fergus] A very good heart.
Fergus: I'm just taking your advice.
Conor: What advice?
Fergus: About having a woman?
Conor: Her?
Fergus: You think she'd prefer you?
Conor: You're old enough to be her father.
Fergus: Women like a man with a little wear and tear on him.
Conor: [running his eyes up and down Fergus's body] Up to a point.

[last lines]
Fergus: Doyle's gone. What are we going to do about the children?
Conor: The orphans can stay. The ones with families, we can take them home.
Fergus: I'd like to do that - take them home.
Conor: Just you?
Fergus: Just me.
Conor: It will be a lot of riding and a lot of work taking care of them.
Fergus: I'd welcome it.
Conor: Are you sure?
Fergus: Aye... I'm a father now.

"Roar: The Chosen (#1.3)" (1997)
Tully: I say we fight! At least one of us might be able to escape with the Father.
Caitlin: [referring to Queen Diana] Anything to get him away from that *cow*.
Conor: We can't risk it. If anything happens to Glas, our land may never recover.
Fergus: Conor's right.
[Conor stares at Fergus in astonishment]
Fergus: It's bound to happen every once in a while.

[last lines]
Conor: Keep your eyes level, stay alert... and listen with your heart.
Glas: You taught me well. Goodbye, Conor.
Conor: Goodbye.
[Conor and Glas embrace]
Glas: I must go now. I am needed... and so are you.
Conor: I know. You taught me well.
[Glas puts his hand on Conor's head in blessing]

"Roar: Pilot (#1.1)" (1997)
Galen: Listen. Listen with your heart. Remember all we are and all who have come before... and hear the Roar!
Conor: The what?
Galen: Listen!
[the sound of sudden rushing wind, men's voices and animal cries is heard]
Conor: What is it?
Galen: The voice that echoes in every living thing - the power that binds us together. It can give you a strength and clarity like you've never known.
Conor: I've never heard this before.
Galen: You haven't been listening. Your father heard it. It was his dream to unite our people, but it wasn't his destiny.
Conor: There are too many tribes for one man to accomplish that.
Galen: You won't be one man.

[last lines]
Narrator: Gar was dead, but Diana would soon take power. For the Roman legions were coming, bringing with them new magic and new demons.
Conor: [screaming] ROAR!

"Roar: Red Boot (#1.6)" (1997)
[Caitlin has been brutally tortured by Nilus and Pasolinus]
Caitlin: What have they done to me? I can just see shadows. What have they done?
Conor: It's going to be all right, Cat. Try to rest.
Caitlin: Jesus, give me strength. Jesus give me strength.
Conor: The Roman god? You believe in him?
Caitlin: He's my Savior.
Conor: Well, I hope he can save us now.

[last lines]
Conor: Whatever's inside you, there's no need to keep it from me ever again.
Caitlin: I think you know my heart. The mystery is in yours.