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Dr. Vance (Character)
from The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)

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The Giant Spider Invasion (1975)
Dr. J.R. Vance: Hi!
Dr. Jenny Langer: Hello.
Dr. J.R. Vance: Hi, I'm Dr. J.R. Vance from N.A.S.A.
Dr. Jenny Langer: Oh, I'm so glad you're here, Doctor. I'm Jenny Langer.
Dr. J.R. Vance: Nice to meet you. I have an appointment with your father.
Dr. Jenny Langer: Oh, no no. He passed away in 1962
Dr. J.R. Vance: Oh, I'm so sorry, then the appointment must be with your husband.
Dr. Jenny Langer: I'm not married.
Dr. J.R. Vance: I'm NOT sorry. Then it's probably with your brother.
Dr. Jenny Langer: No, my brother's an interior decorator in Oshkosh. You see, Doctor... Vance. I'm afraid your appointment is with me. I'm DOCTOR Jenny Langer.

Dr. Jenny Langer: [breathless and howling like a banshee] VAAANCE! VANCE!
Dr. J.R. Vance: What happened?
Dr. Jenny Langer: Spiders came out of the briefcase! They're coming from the geodes!
Dr. J.R. Vance: The WHAT?
Dr. Jenny Langer: Gee-ODES!
Dr. J.R. Vance: Gimmie that!