James Lucas Scott
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James Lucas Scott (Character)
from "One Tree Hill" (2003)

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"One Tree Hill: 4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days (#5.1)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: [after saying bye to the guys, and to Lucas] I gotta go home now, and anyway, you should be writing.
[everyone laughs]

James Lucas Scott: [staring at Nathan whose hungover on the couch] I think you drink too much.
Nathan Scott: I think you're right.

James Lucas Scott: It's money from a shoe mama!

James Lucas Scott: I think you drink too much!

"One Tree Hill: Hundred (#5.12)" (2008)
James Scott: I'm fine. Grandpa Dan saved me.

Lily Roe Scott: That's what you have to call me.
James Scott: I do not.
Lily Roe Scott: You do so. Say it. Aunt Lily.

"One Tree Hill: You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain) (#6.12)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: How's everyone doing tonight?
James Lucas Scott: Last week my mom asked how I like going to school. I told her not as much as I like coming home from it.
James Lucas Scott: And seriously what is with the cafeteria's food? I can't tell if kids are out sick from eating that food or we're actually eating the kids who are out sick.
James Lucas Scott: What do you want from me I'm 5.

"One Tree Hill: Racing Like a Pro (#5.2)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: [About the Soapbox Derby] Will Uncle Mouth be helping me?
Skills: No, Uncle Mouth got a J.O.B.
James Lucas Scott: That spells Job.
Skills: Man it was aot easier when you were three.

"One Tree Hill: What Do You Go Home To? (#5.14)" (2008)
Quentin: [rapping] Ho Ho... There he is. I said its J. Luke Scott, the boy is hot, wherever he goes, homey that's the spot...
James Lucas Scott: His name is Q, he's better than you, if the spot is hot, then he's there too...
Quentin: Haha, my man!
Nathan Scott: Ch... yea... I'm the dad, I'm not so bad... I...
[Jamie and Quentin stare at Nathan]

"One Tree Hill: One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning (#6.2)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: And they thought the *last* nanny was crazy.

"One Tree Hill: You've Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie in It (#6.5)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: Mom the phones for you.
Haley James Scott: [on the phone]
Haley James Scott: Yes, hello. Yes that's my son. Yeah hes very cute, who is this? I-Im sorry can you repeat that? Hospice.
Deb Lee: [to Jamie]
Deb Lee: Mmm, come here babe.
Haley James Scott: Yeah, just a second. Uh huh. Yes I understand, thank you.

"One Tree Hill: Danny Boy (#9.11)" (2012)
Dan Scott: [Haley has just placed Lydia in Dan's arms] It's too bad she'll never get to know me. Then again, maybe that's a good thing.
James Lucas Scott: [Jamie enters Dan's room] You know, I'm supposed to be tough. But I don't want you to go.
Dan Scott: [after Jamie climbs into Dan's arms with his sister] It's OK, buddy. I'm not feeling that tough right now, either.
Haley James Scott: [crying] When Lydia asks about her Grandpa Dan, we'll tell her how much he loved his grandchildren.