Professor George Edward Challenger
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Professor George Edward Challenger (Character)
from "The Lost World" (1999)

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The Lost World (1960)
Professor George Edward Challenger: [to the people at the Zoological Institute] Live dinosaurs!

Professor George Edward Challenger: [They have arrived on the plateu] A great moment in history.

Professor George Edward Challenger: Young idiot! Have you lost your wits. Who let that girl out?
David Holmes: She wasn't trying to escape, sir.
Professor George Edward Challenger: She... She told you so, I suppose. In the language of love, undoubtedly.

David Holmes: [about their cannibals captors] They undoubtedly intend to kill us.
Professor George Edward Challenger: Kill us. Why not. An invasion of privacy gives a man the right to kill. *We* are the invaders.

[last lines]
Professor George Edward Challenger: [watching the destruction from a distance] My Lost World. Lost forever.
Lord John Roxton: Now we'll never prove anything in London.
Professor George Edward Challenger: Oh, yes, we will. I thought this might help.
[reveals a dinosaur egg]
Lord John Roxton: One of the dinosaur eggs. Hardly worth the lives of all those men. But then nor were these.
[reveals a handful of diamonds]
Jennifer Holmes: Johnny! How'd you manage those?
Lord John Roxton: No fire monster's big enough to deprive you of a wedding gift.
Manuel Gomez: Well, "Mrs." is still the best title for a girl.
David Holmes: But, uh, don't you want any of them?
Lord John Roxton: Well, I, uh, I kept a few for the rest of us.
Jennifer Holmes: [the egg is dropped and cracks open] A baby dinosaur!
Professor George Edward Challenger: Ha! Tyrannosaurus rex!
Lord John Roxton: Ha! But will it live, Professor? Will it be all right?
Professor George Edward Challenger: It'll live long enough to grow as big as a house and terrify all London.
David Holmes: Then what'll we do?
Professor George Edward Challenger: Well, we'll move out of London as fast as possible!
[all chuckling]

The Lost World (2001) (TV)
Prof. George Challenger: [Professor Summerlee has just had a bitter argument with Reverend Kerr over evolution: Professor Challanger has kept silent and divulged that his parents were deeply religous] Professor Challenger: One day I went to my father and asked him for a microscope. I can still remember the sadness in his eyes; he knew he had lost me then. But without even knowing it he had given me an even greater gift. He taught me humility in the face of nature. I don't know if there is a god; but I know man is no substitute if there isn't.

Prof. George Challenger: You've been in a few scrapes, Roxton. Have you ever been in a situation worse than this?
Lord John Phillip Roxton: Uh, well, let me see. No. No, I think I can quite safely say this is the least promising set-up I've ever encountered.
Prof. George Challenger: Oh.
Lord John Phillip Roxton: We have no way down off the plateau, and thanks to your insistence on secrecy, the only person who even has a clue where we are is a religious lunatic who seems quite happy to let us die here.
Prof. George Challenger: Well, there's no need to be so cheerful about it.

The Lost World (1925)
Prof. Challenger: [title card] And I'm not here tonight to defend my statements - - but to demand that a committee be formed to go back to the Lost World with me -...

"The Lost World: The Chosen One (#1.20)" (2000)
Professor George Challenger: It was a lovely party. Although personally I always find the surprise element to be a little bit unsettling. One to many surprises.
Veronica: I'm fine.
Professor George Challenger: I didn't say you weren't.
Veronica: What do you think of her?
Professor George Challenger: Kaya? She's friendly enough, very pretty.
Veronica: Seems to be unanimous but there's something about her.
Professor George Challenger: Oh Veronica she's just happy to be amongst friends again. She's been through quite an ordeal.