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Princess Peach (Character)
from Super Mario 64 (1996) (VG)

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Super Mario Sunshine (2002) (VG)
Bowser Jr.: Leave my Mama alone, you bad man! I won't let you take Mama Peach away!
Princess Peach: [skeptical] Mama? Mama Peach? I'm your... Mama?
Bowser Jr.: Yeah, Papa told me all about it. He told me my Mama got kidnapped by a bad man named Mario...
Princess Peach: So, you're Bowser's son...
Bowser Jr.: So *I* came here to rescue her!
Princess Peach: So the graffiti... that was you?

Bowser: Bwa ha ha! The water's great! Eh, Junior?
Bowser Jr.: Sure is, papa! Come on in, Mama Peach!
Princess Peach: [looks at the disgusting green water] Um, I think not.

Princess Peach: That... that shadow.

Toadsworth: Princess, look! On the statue's head!
Princess Peach: What?
[Shadow Mario appears, then spots Princess Peach]
Princess Peach: MARIO?

Princess Peach: [Bowser Jr. flies away with Peach in the balloon-powered Mecha Bowser head] No! Mario!
F.L.U.D.D.: No! Not again!
[sees where its going]
F.L.U.D.D.: It appears to be heading toward Corona Mountain!

Princess Peach: [First lines]
[the TV screen in the plane shows a map of the ocean area around Isle Delfino, plotting its course, when a Shine Sprite icon on the island fills the screen and music plays]
Princess Peach: Oh! Look at that!
Welcome video Pianta: [transitions into a welcome video] Welcome to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of Isle Delfino! We're so pleased to welcome you to our beautiful home!
[says local phrase; the video shows B-roll of other locations on the island]
Welcome video Pianta: Come enjoy a natural wonderland to which we've added the world's finest resort facilities, a spectacular amusement park, and succulent seafood!
Mario: Oh!
[looks longingly at the food on the TV]
Welcome video Pianta: This and more await you on Isle Delfino! Come relax and let us refresh your body and spirit.
[says local phrase again]
Princess Peach: [notices a dark figure in the background of the video that looks like Mario] That... that shadow...?
[Mario is thinking about seafood; she turns to Toadsworth]
Princess Peach: Toadsworth, did you see...?
Toadsworth: [thinking about relaxing and having fun] Oh! Quite good!
Princess Peach: [sighs and shakes her head]

Princess Peach: [Mario has just defeated a Piranha Plant in a goop generator] Nice work, Mario!
Toadsworth: [looking at FLUDD] Mm, quite an unusual device... Is it some sort of pump?
F.L.U.D.D.: I am FLUDD. Glad to meet you.
Toad: [seeing two policemen approach] Hey, someone's coming!

Pianta Judge: [slams her gavel twice] Court is now in session!
Pianta Attorney: [speaking to the court] As you are no doubt aware, someone has been senselessly defacing fair Isle Delfino using some paint-like substance. The accused is charged with polluting our beautiful home, and yes, endangering our very way of life. Indeed, how can one not be aware of what is going on? Though it is daytime in Delfino Plaza, our poor residents tremble beaneath a veil of darkness. Expert Shine scholars have determined that this darkness has arisen because all of our gaurdians, the Shine Sprites, have vanished from their gathering spot at the Shine Gate. The reason? It's quite obvious. This horrible graffiti is to blame!
[shows a "wanted" poster with a hand-drawn figure that resembles Mario]
Pianta Attorney: Behold this sketch of the perpetrator based on eyewitness descriptions. The truth is obvious. The guilty part sits among us. It is none other than Mario!
Princess Peach, Toadsworth: [both stand up and raise their right hand] Objection!
Pianta Judge: Overruled! I judge the defendant guilty as charged! I hereby order the defendant to clean this entire island. Until Isle Delfino is completely free of his vile handiwork, Mario shall not be allowed to leave!
[slams gavel twice]
Pianta Judge: Court adjourned.

Princess Peach: But why would you pretend to be Mario?
Bowser Jr.: Papa told me everything. He said "Mario's a bully; he never fights fair!" He said, "Jr., you gotta try to outsmart Mario." So I tried to get Mario sent to prison, but they didn't lock him up, and now he came to steal Mama Peach again! You... you pest! Stop following us!
[hops back inside the Mecha Bowser's head to escape with its balloon]

Princess Peach: [Mario arrives at the giant hot tub filled with green water where Bowser and his son are keeping Peach] Mario!
Bowser Jr.: You again? Don't you ever give up?
Bowser: Mario! How dare you disturb my family vacation?

F.L.U.D.D.: [after falling out of Corona Mountain - and defeating Bowser -, Mario, Peach, and FLUDD land on a small island a short ways from Delfino Plaza; Mario sees FLUDD is damaged] Mario... was I... of... assis... tance?
[shuts down/"dies"; Mario is overcome with grief]
Princess Peach: [reassuringly] Mario, look!
[they notice the last Shine Sprite entering the Shine Gate, at which point many Piantas and Nokis celebrate]

Mario Kart 64 (1996) (VG)
Princess Peach: Yeah, Peach has got it!

Princess Peach: [when one of her opponents hits her upside-down question marks, shells, or bananas] Bingo! Bye!

Princess Peach: [shooting a shell or banana at one of her opponents] Take that!

Princess Peach: Peachy!

Super Mario 64 (1996) (VG)
Princess Peach Toadstool: Listen everybody, let's bake a delicious cake... for Mario.

[first lines]
Princess Peach Toadstool: [in a letter] Dear Mario: Please come to the castle. I've baked a cake for you. Yours truly - Princess Toadstool, Peach.

Princess Peach Toadstool: [ending cutscene; Peach is rescued as she, Mario, and two Toads stand on the castle's bridge] Mario!
[she looks around]
Princess Peach Toadstool: The power of the Stars is restored to the castle...
[some birds fly by]
Princess Peach Toadstool: ... and it's all thanks to you! Thank you, Mario! We have to do something special for you...
[She kisses his nose]
Mario: [puts his hat back on, spins around, and gives the "peace" sign to the player] Here we go!
Princess Peach Toadstool: Listen, everybody, let's bake a delicious cake... for Mario...
[she and the Toads start to walk to the castle's front door; Mario starts to walk too, but stops and looks up behind him]
Princess Peach Toadstool: Mario!
[the game's credits play]

"Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy: Super Mario Rescues the Princess (#1.1)" (2008)
Princess Peach: Mario, you did it! I'm saved! Thank you so much!
Super Mario: Yes Princess, you are free. Your nightmare is over.
Princess Peach: I'm so happy!
Super Mario: Yes, yes. How about a kiss?
Princess Peach: Uh, what?
Super Mario: I said "how about a kiss", yes?
Princess Peach: Uh, why would I do that?
Super Mario: What? I just saved your life.
Princess Peach: Yeah, but I don't even know you.
Super Mario: I rescued you!

Princess Peach: [arms crossed] I'm not kissing you.
Super Mario: Okay. Screw this. Screw it.
[to Bowser]
Super Mario: Hey dragon, you can have her.
[Mario walks off. Bowser jumps out of the lava, grabs Princess Peach and bites her head off]

Super Mario Brothers: Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach (1986)
Princess Peach Toadstool: Ah, please come rescue me, Mario. Please!

King Koopa: I love you Princess!
Princess Peach Toadstool: You only love me for my kingdom, so leave!
King Koopa: That is not true Princess, that's not true!
Princess Peach Toadstool: Why should I believe you? Hell, you sent your troopas after me!

"The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Up, Up, and a Koopa (#1.21)" (1990)
[first lines]
Princess Toadstool: Toad, I thought you was gonna fix me up a bowl of healthy bran?
Toad: Ran out, but I got some wholesome hay.

Super Smash Bros. Melee (2001) (VG)
Princess Peach Toadstool: Ooh, did I win?

"The New Super Mario World: King Scoopa Koopa (#1.5)" (1991)
[first lines]
Mario: Ohh. Not rabbit food again!
Princess Toadstool: It's good for you, Mario.
Mario: Yeah, but how come everything I don't like is good for me, and everything I do isn't?

"The New Super Mario World: Ghosts 'R' Us (#1.4)" (1991)
[first lines]
Princess Toadstool: Oogtar! Oogtar! Where could that lost cave kid be? It seems that we've been searching the enchanting forest for hours.
Mario: Err... Don't worry princess, we'll find little Oogtar soon, it's almost past his bed time.

"The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: 7 Continents for 7 Koopas (#1.22)" (1990)
Princess Toadstool: What a great day for a swim. There isn't a cloud in the sky.

"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Marianne & Luigeena/Mario's Magic Carpet (#1.4)" (1989)
Mario "Jumpman" Mario: [last lines in cartoon segment] They really deserve each other, where next Princess?
Princess Peach Toadstool: How about a carpet cleaner?
[everyone laughs]

"The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Mama Mia Mario/The Great BMX Race (#1.11)" (1989)
[Mario and Luigi save themselves from plummeting off a cliff]
Princess Peach Toadstool: [relieved] They're safe!
King Bowser Koopa: What?
Toad: She said...
Toad: [impersonating the Princess] They're safe!

New Super Mario Bros. Wii (2009) (VG)
Princess Peach: [during the credits, voice over] Dear Mario: I'll be waiting for you at the castle on the night of the star festi...
Bowser: Rargh!
Princess Peach: Oh!
Bowser: Huh?
Princess Peach: What? No.
Bowser: Grrr...
Princess Peach, Toads: Oh ho! Yeah!

"The New Super Mario World: Send in the Clown (#1.3)" (1991)
[first lines]
Luigi: [Mario & co are playing tennis] Hey, 30-love Princess, that fire plant serving machine sure was a good idea.
Princess Toadstool: Thank you, I tried everything even fire flowers, the fire plant was the only thing that worked.

Hotel Mario (1994) (VG)
Princess Peach: [Mario and Luigi rescued Princess Peach] Thanks to you two, I can safely rule the Mushroom Kingdom, free from the terrible Koopa King.
[She kisses Mario and Luigi while the sigh passionately]
Princess Peach: [to the player] And my thanks to you to!
Mario, Luigi: [Waving at the player, in unison] Your the best player ever!