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Son Gohan (Character)
from "Dragon Ball Z" (1989)

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"Dragon Ball Z" (1996)
Gohan: Piccolo, can I have some help here?
Piccolo: Sure just one thing. There will be no help!

Gohan: Piccolo! You big jerk! I take back all the nice things I said about you!

Gohan: I'll do it slowly, so you can watch me better.

Gohan: Well sometimes Piccolo... uh... a little on the paranoid side.
Videl: I guess you were right. He does seem a little bit high strung.

Majin Buu: [Super Buu] So, hotshot, you want to fight Majin Buu?
Gohan: [smirking] Fight you? No. I want to kill you.

Gohan: [gets into a fighting stance] Now I'll show you why my little brother looks up to me.
Majin Buu: [gets into his own stance, having absorbed Piccolo and Gotenks earlier] He doesn't. In fact, he wonders why you let me absorb him.

Videl: You know those people?
Gohan: Yeah. That man, wearing the orange uniform, he's my dad.
Videl: WHAT? I thought your dad was with another woman.
Gohan: Oh no! Just dead. Didn't you see that ring floating over his head?
Videl: I think I need to lie down.

"Dragon Ball Z: He's Always Late (#7.35)" (2003)
Chi-Chi: You mean he deserted his family to go look at some eggs? What kind of lame excuse is that?
Goten: Yeah, but they're going to hatch soon. He wanted to make sure that they're okay.
Gohan: I looked all over, Mom. He's not anywhere around here. Hey, do you want me to go check on the other side of the mountain?
Chi-Chi: No way! Come on, we're leaving without him. Can't he stop saving things just for one day so that we can be together as a family? Is that too much to ask? Why can't someone else be the egg man today? This is absurd!

Krillin: Where's Goku?
Chi-Chi: He's having a baby!
Android 18: WHAT?
Gohan: It's a long story...

Gohan: So dad, what was the most weirdest part of the day?
Goku: Well, I'll tell ya! I've eaten plenty of fish, but that's the first time one ate ME!

"Dragon Ball Z: Out from the Broken Sword (#6.13)" (2002)
Goku: [picks up a gargantuan boulder] Lets start out with this small one.
Gohan: Right, dad! Ready when you are!
Supreme Kai: That's a small one?

[the Z Sword is broken]
Gohan: Huh... oh no! Now it's... the Z Dagger...?

Goku: My old master likes girly magazines. We'll get you some!
Gohan: Oh boy! Uh, dad...
Supreme Kai: Goku, please! How inappropriate!
Elder Kai: Hmph! I have no need for such things... With my omniscient vision, I can see girls playing volleyball on the beach!
Supreme Kai: You call yourself a Kai?
Goku: Hey, old man! How 'bout we get you a date with a real live Earth woman?
Elder Kai: Is she a good kisser?
Goku: Yeah, of course.
[the Old Kai cackles]
Goku: [to himself] What luck! This guy's just like Master Roshi!
Gohan: Dad, are you nuts? How are you going to find someone that wants to kiss that guy?
Goku: Hey, don't worry. I can't go back to Earth, but YOU can. This is all too simple. You can handle it, son. It might require a little sacrifice, though. Can you get Videl to do it?
Gohan: [outraged] DAD! I'm not gonna ask my girlfriend to kiss that old relic!
Goku: Okay, okay. Sheesh. Who else do we know...?

Dream 9 (2013) (TV)
Son Goku: This meat is really good!
Toriko: Legendary meat is obviously delicious. But it's not only the meat. Look!
[sees everyone enjoying themselves]
Toriko: It's because we're eating together. When we eat together, the flavor of the food becomes even more fabulous!
[Goku and Luffy continue eating]
Toriko: HEY! Are you listening?
Luffy: What?

[after beating Akami]
Luffy: I... I... I can't move an inch...
Toriko: I... I... I'm exhausted.
Son Goku: I... I... I'm hungry!
Luffy: Me too!
Toriko: It's decided! Time to eat again, everyone!
Son Goku: Yeah, back to the table!
Luffy: [cheers] A banquet!

Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest Man (1990)
Chi-Chi: [as Gohan sneaks past her] And where are you going?
Gohan: Um...I gotta pee?
Chi-Chi: The bathroom's not that way!

Gohan: If he wanna destroy the world anyway, it doesn't matter where we are.

Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound (1993)
Gohan: I know your kind, you think you can just walk in and take our planet.
[energy crackles around him]

[English version]
Chichi: Gohan, I love you sweetie!
Gohan: [embarrassed] Mom, not so loud!
Bulma: You own this, Trunks! Get 'em, and then we can go on vacation!
Trunks: [to himself, embarrassed] Tactful as always, Mother.
Oolong: Krillin, don't get yourself killed!
Kuririn: [to himself, annoyed] Oh, I'll survive. Then, it's bacon time.

Dragon Ball Z: The Movie - The Tree of Might (1990)
Gohan: Dad, you caught me... There was a big monkey, and he started smashing into things...

Gohan: I'll be better from now on, mom. Promise.
Chi-Chi: Good, because we need a lawyer in the family, Gohan.

Dragon Ball Z: Son Goku Super Star (1989)
Son Gokû: Where's Gohan!

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (2004) (VG)
Bardock: Kakarot?!
Kid Goku: Huh? My name's Goku!

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast (2009) (VG)
Cell: Don't get so full of yourself, kid. You couldn't possibly be thinking that you can beat me?
[as Perfect Cell]
Kid Gohan: Yes, I can.
Cell: Hmph. Big words. Then let me show you my true, terrifying power!

"Dragon Ball Z Kai: Combine Our Power! The Mightiest, Final Kamehameha (#1.96)" (2011)
Goku: NOW!
[Gohan Screams as he unleashes all his power on Cell]
Cell: NO! THIS CAN'T... BE -AH!
[Gohan Begins advancing forward, holding the blast Steady. Cell Screams out in pain as Gohan's Kamehameha begins ripping him apart one cell at a time]
[Cell yells defiantly as the blast rips him apart, disintegrating him down to the last remaining cell. At long last, Cell has been defeated]

Dragon Ball: Hey! Son Goku and Friends Return!! (2008)
[in the aftermath of the feast]
Son Goku: [sees a piece of sushi] Vegeta, don't you want this?
[without waiting for an answer, he eats it]
Vegeta: YOU IDIOT! I was saving that sushi for last!
Son Goku: Oh, my mistake. Sorry.
[Vegeta grabs Goku's pork roast and chews it]
Son Goku: VEGETA! That... that was my char-siu pork!
Vegeta: Well, you had it coming!
Son Goku: I was saving that for the end!
Vegeta: Don't incur my wrath, now!
Son Goku: [goes Super Saiyan] I thought we were friends!
Vegeta: [goes Super Saiyan] You thought wrong!

Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13 (1992)
Goku: [mouthful] Eat up, son. You're a growing boy. You don't eat enough in your age.
Gohan: I don't know, Dad. If i ate any more, I think I'd pop.
Chi-Chi: If you ever stop training, your muscles are going to turn into flab from all that food you eat!

Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming (1994)
Gohan, Narrator: I'VE HAD ENOUGH!
Broly: Not until you lay dead at my feet

Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks (1993) (TV)
Gohan: You know you can't win! You can't destroy what I really am! Even if you manage to kill this body, someone even stronger would surface and take my place! Not one death will go unaccounted for, not one!

"Dragon Ball GT: Until We Meet Again... (#1.64)" (1997)
[last lines]
Narrator: And now we end the story of the Dragonballs with the hope that the Earth will never again see the kind of darkness that brought it close to extinction so many times. But if that day comes, there is one who will step out of the shadows and fight in the name of all that is good and true!
[Goku flies away on his cloud Nimbus]
Son Goku: Until we meet again, you guys...

"Dragon Ball Z: Freeza's Secret Weapon! Demonic Ginyu Corps (#2.23)" (1990)
Vegeta: [Searching for the 4-Star Namekian Dragonball] Hmm... it's got to be around here somwhere... What is going on here?
[Suddenly relizes]
Vegeta: How could I have been soo stupid? It was that kid! I sensed he was hiding something from me! He has the Dragonball! But... how could that no-good little runt find it?
Gohan: [Memory of Gohan holding a Dragon Radar] It's just a watch, that's all!
Vegeta: That was no watch! That was a Dragonball locator!
[Growls and rises from the water, blasting off into the distance after Gohan]

"Dragon Ball Z: Goku's Next Journey (#7.38)" (2003)
Videl: You mean your dad's gone? Just like that?
Gohan: Yeah, he has his way of coming and going.
Chi-Chi: Uhhh... how could he...?
Bulma: I'm sorry, but Goku's going to have to grow up someday and realize that there's more to life than fighting.
Piccolo: He seemed happy to me, more so than in a long time.