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Krillin (Character)
from "Dragon Ball" (1986)

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (2013)
Kuririn: Bulma, how old are you now?
Bulma: So rude, do you think I'll tell you?
Android 18: The winner of the bingo contest gets a castle and plane, right?
Bulma: Yeah, or if it's a bother you can get the cash value...
Chichi: As expected from one of the world's wealthiest! Would Goku come for the bingo contest at least?
Kame-sen'nin: Bulma, do you have any porn as a prize?
Bulma: NO!

Kuririn: [sees Vegeta dance] What the hell happened to Vegeta?

[English dub]
Beerus: Look, I like your planet, or rather I've enjoyed myself enough to not despise it entirely. I'll give you one last chance to save yourselves. I nominate you!
[points at Oolong]
Beerus: Yes, I'm singling you out, Porky!
Oolong: Who, ME?
Beerus: [licks his lips] That's right, the one who looks so delicious...
Oolong: [freaked out] He wants my bacon...
Beerus: Come a little closer, won't you?
Oolong: I taste awful! I don't exercise, I eat nothing but junk!
Beerus: All you have to do is play a game of Paper Rock Scissors! If you win I'll leave your Earth intact, but of course if I win, I'll turn your Earth to dust!
Oolong: He's kidding, right?
Krillin: I guess it's a universal game!
Oolong: Don't make me, I suck at Paper Rock Scissors!
Puar: This is great! It's your big break, Oolong! You've never had a chance to be important before! But don't lose, because if we die it'll be all your fault!
Oolong: You're not helping, Puar!
Yamcha: [whispers to Oolong] Hey, wait a second... I figured it out! I know why he picked you as his opponent, Oolong, it makes sense! This guy thinks you're just an ordinary pig with ordinary pig hooves! And a pig hoof could only make Scissors, so he'd win every time with Rock! But you're not a pig, are you? You're a pig MAN! You've got fingers, you can throw all the signs! He's gonna draw Rock for sure, Oolong, I know it! All you have to do is draw Paper, and you'll win!
Oolong: [encouraged] Stupid cat alien, thinking he's got me pegged... I'll make him sorry!
Beerus: Are you ready, pig?
Oolong: You bet!
Beerus: On three...
Beerus, Oolong: One, two, three!
[Oolong draws Paper... and Beerus draws Scissors, which beats Paper]
Beerus: You fools, don't you see my ears? I heard your whole plan!

[English dub]
Krillin: [sees Vegeta dance] Okay, he's been drinking more than Gohan...

[as Goku and Bills fight]
Master Roshi: So fast... you still following this, Krillin?
Krillin: Nope, totally lost!

"Dragon Ball Z: Camera Shy (#11.15)" (2001)
Goku: So, what's with the hair, Krillin? I thought you were naturally bald.
Krillin: Oh no, I just kept it well waxed. I could have sworn I told you that.
Goku: Then why did you stop doing it? I mean, you just don't look like, you know, Krillin anymore!
Krillin: I guess love makes you change some things...

Goku: WHOA! Watch out, everyone! Android 18 is here!
Android 18: [sarcastic] Look, he noticed. How cute.
Goku: Someone please tell me she's still not terrorizing the planet!
Krillin: Well, actually, Goku, 18 and I have gotten married.
Goku: You mean you live in the same house as her?
Krillin: That's all part of it. We even had a kid together.
Goku: WHAT? But... but how?
Android 18: [walks on ahead] Spare me!

Goku: How do ANDROIDS have babies?
Krillin: As it so happens, she started out as a human being! Dr Gero just remodelled her a little bit!
Goku: Oh, okay. Then, congratulations!
Krillin: Thank you.

Goku: Why don't you come to the Other World with me?
Krillin: What? No way, I'm married now bro! This is the good life! Right, babe?
Android 18: [blushes] Goon.

"Dragon Ball Z: One More Wish (#10.28)" (2000)
Shenron: I will wait no longer! Do you have a wish or not?
Krillin: ...Yes, I do! I would like you to change Android 17 and 18 into human beings, so they can live out their lives in peace!
Gohan: Gosh, Krillin...
Shenron: That wish can not be granted now. It is beyond my power to do so.
Android 18: [watching from afar] What's he doing?
Krillin: Sorry, guys. I had to try.
Yamcha: Hey, look, no prob! The girl's cool! But her boyfriend, I would never wish that guy back! Would you, guys?
Piccolo: Sure, hadn't we already tried? We wished for all of Cell's victims back, right, and he was one of them! Besides, what would Goku do if he were in our shoes?
Yamcha: Right, I see what you mean... All right, you got the floor, bro!
Krillin: Great! I have one more wish! Could you the the explosives out of the androids' bodies? That shouldn't be too hard, right?
Yamcha: Man, Krillin, I hope you know what you're doing...
Shenron: I can.
Krillin: All right!
[a burst of energy occurs]
Shenron: There, it has been done.
Krillin: Thanks! Thanks very much!
Shenron: You're welcome. I must go now.

Tien: Hey, you like the girl, right? So what's up? Why did you wanna wish that guy back too?
Krillin: Well, I know it's strange... but I want her to be truly happy. And those two make such a good couple that I thought she'd be happier with him. Well, that's why.
Yamcha: Dude, you're hopeless.
Piccolo: If that's what you humans call love, count me out.

Android 18: Hey, boneheads! 17 is my twin brother!
Krillin: [embarrassed] Oh, man...
Yamcha: No, this is excellent, you dope! Didn't you hear her, that guy's her twin brother!
Android 18: I wouldn't celebrate if I were you!
Krillin: Uh...
Android 18: If you think you won my heart because of that lousy wish, you're mistaken! I didn't ask for your help!... But it was really nice of you.
Krillin: It was...? You... you mean... you're not mad at me?
Android 18: Not really... no.
Krillin: Well then, would you like to come over and join us?
Android 18: No, thanks.
[flies off]
Krillin: Aww, man...

Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound (1993)
Kuririn: [about to fight Piccolo] I can do this, he's not unbeatable. Well unless he uses his Special Beam Cannon, then I'm dead.

Krillin: [after knocking out several fighters] That's Krillin with two L's and I do accept personal checks.
[kicks another fighter off the stage]
Chi Chi: Go Gohan! Beat 'em all! You can do it!
Krillin: Wha? Gohan's fighting? But he's a Super Saiyan! That's not fair! Huh?
Piccolo: Haaa!
[four fighters fly off the stage]
Krillin: Piccolo too? Where's Trunks? Make it a full set.
[10 fighters fall behind him, Krillin looks down and smirks]
Krillin: Me and my big mouth, this is now officially unfair.

Chi Chi: Gohan, I love you sweetie!
Gohan: [embarrassed] Mom, not so loud!
Bulma: You own this, Trunks! Get 'em, and then we can go on vacation!
Trunks: [to himself, embarrassed] Tactful as always, Mother.
Oolong: Krillin, don't get yourself killed!
Krillin: [to himself, annoyed] Oh, I'll survive. Then, it's bacon time.

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: Until We Meet Again... (#1.64)" (1997)
Narrator: He was always friendly and cheerful!
Chi-Chi: Huh?
Yamcha: Huh?
Oolong: Huh?
Puar: Huh?
Krillin: Huh?
Adult Goku: What's up?
Piccolo: Goku!
Narrator: A true gentleman, and loving father!
Adult Goku: Come here buddy!
Young Goten: Daddy!

[Krillin wins a fight against Goku]
Adult Goku: You're old, but you're still fast. And you still pack quite a punch.
Krillin: Nah, you're the better fighter. I just have you beaten hands down in good looks.

Krillin: The three of us here together reminds me of old times. Brings back a lot of fun memories. I remember we had a bet one time - we were suppposed to find a rock like this one with a turtle on its back and bring it back here. Oh, yeah... and the loser had to go without dinner.
Adult Goku: That's the worst way to lose for me.
Krillin: [chuckles] You and Master Roshi are the only people I know who haven't changed one bit in all the years that we've been friends. I guess some people never get old. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (2015)
[English dub, After Frieza destroyed the earth]
Master Roshi: No. How could anyone be that evil?
Krillin: There's nothing left. He destroyed the earth!
Bulma: [crying] Vegeta. Trunks. Mom and Dad. They're all gone.
Piccolo: No. That heartless tyrant. He couldn't just die, he took the whole planet with him.
Whis: You're wrong. I'm afraid Frieza is most likely alive.
Beerus: Yes, that's correct. His species is able to surviving in a vacuum. Tactically speaking, that was a pretty ingenious move.
Tien: It's not fair. He took everything.
Master Roshi: The Dragon Balls were destroyed as well, so we can't even summon Shenron. There's no way we can reverse when Frieza's done.
Goku: This is my fault. Damn! Frieza was right about me, I should have finished him off when I had the chance!
Whis: Agreed. Then are you ready to make this right?
Goku: Huh?
Beerus: You failed to protect your planet, because of your own leniency. The only way to avoid this outcome is to send Frieza back to his flower garden.
Goku: What? But isn't it too late for that?
Whis: Not quite. I can turn back time, remember? But you have to move quickly. Three minutes is as far back as I'm able to manage.
Goku: That do-over thing?
Whis: "Temperol Do-over." You actually paid attention for once.

[English dub]
Whis: Good afternoon.
Krillin: Whis and Lord Beerus, are you here to help?
Whis: Of course not. We've come here for that offering of the strawberry-sundae. I trust that you've brought it with you, Bulma?
Bulma: Huh? Oh, yeah. I still got it. It's in Jaco's ship.
Beerus: Does this tastes if it looks. I hope so since I hate traveling for nothing, I'll have to destroy your planet if it's average.
Bulma: Look, it's not a good time for dessert.
[Beerus prepares to blast, Bulma shocked]
Bulma: Okay, okay! I'm getting it now! Don't blow us all up if it's a little melted, all right?

[English dub]
Android 18: I should be going, too. Don't get your feelings hurt, But I'm still a lot stronger than you are.
Krillin: Maybe. But, it's more important that you stay here and take care of our little Marron. But, actually, there is one more way you can help the cause. I think I should go old school.
[Android 18 buzzes Krillin's hair off with buzzer]
Android 18: So, Goku and Vegeta aren't even here right now? They're on some other world with that cat?
Krillin: Yeah, I'm afraid they are. We just have to hope that they get our message soon, so they can join the fight. At least, we still have Gohan and Buu around, though. They can buy us some time. Well, see you, babe!
[Krillin flies off]
Android 18: He's so cool.

"Dragon Ball Z: Piccolo's Return (#4.2)" (1999)
[after Porunga vanishes without a trace leaving the Dragon Balls into inert stone balls]
Vegeta: Hey! What's the deal? Darn! I don't feel any different! Is this suppose to happen or what! Somebody speak up! Am I immortal or not?
Dende: [sadly falls to his knees] No, you're not immortal.
Krillin: [sees Dende crying] Dende? Hey, are you alright? What's the matter?
Dende: It's Guru, he's gone!
[Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta gasp, a shot of Guru is shown deathly still]
Krillin: [solemnly] It hurts, I know.
Dende: [cries still] He was like a grandfather to me. Guru, I asked you not to die while I was gone.
Vegeta: [furiously] That's it? It's over? Hey! You mean that when this guy kicks, the Dragon Balls are useless, huh?
Dende: Yes, of course. They're part of him.

Porunga: Look, I'm enjoying the fresh air. But I don't have all day. If you can't make up your mind, just wish for nothing three times so I can go.
Krillin: Wow. A dragon with a sense of humor.

"Dragon Ball: Look Out for Launch (#1.15)" (2001)
[flying on the Nimbus]
Krillin: Slow down! You know if I lose my grip on you I'll fall through this cloud!
Goku: Well if you would stop thinking bad thoughts, then it wouldn't be a problem!
Krillin: Fat chance!

[on the Nimbus]
Goku: Hey Krillin, look! Do you think Master Roshi would like that lady over there?
Krillin: You mean I have to look down?... Goku, that's a man!
Goku: Really? How can you tell? Gosh, they all look pretty much the same to me.
Krillin: Huh? You're joking, right? I mean you really can't tell the difference?
Goku: Well, usually I can figure it out. I just have to touch them first.
Krillin: Hmm? In case you couldn't tell, I'm a boy!
Goku: Oh...

Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug (1991)
Krillin: Oh man! It can't end. I've never even had a girlfriend! No! It's not fair! I haven't even lived yet!

Yajirobe: I'm gettin' tired of saving you guys.
Krillin: Where'd you hide? That's what I'd like to know.

"Dragon Ball Super: Mezase Doragonbôru! Pirafu ichimi no dai sasuken! (#1.4)" (2015)
Bulma: [to Gohan] What's more important, my birthday or training? How many years have I known your dad?
Kuririn: That reminds me, Bulma, how old are you today?
Bulma: [thumps him] How rude! Why would I tell you that?

Android No.18: Is it true you've prepared a castle and airplane as prizes for the bingo tournament?
Bulma: That's right, but the grand prize is even better!
Android No.18: All right, Krillin, with Marron here that makes three of us! Let's make sure we go home with that second-place castle!
Kuririn: ...You don't want anything more than that?

"Dragon Ball: Deadly Battle (#3.18)" (2002)
[Bulma angrily hits Krillin over the head for sliding off her top]
Bulma: [furiously, takes Krillin by the shirt] Normally, I deplore violence--but in your case I'll make an exception!!
Krillin: I understand you're upset, but there's one thing you must know: I love you!
Bulma: [hits him on the head] Ugh!
Master Roshi: [holds his bloody nose] Boy, you've got some nerve for pulling a stunt like that!
Krillin: [in guilt] Forgive me, master, I was just only trying to help Yamcha.
Master Roshi: It was reckless!
[then smiles]
Master Roshi: And I loved every minute of it.
[Krillin and Roshi laugh]

Krillin: Master Roshi, since you and Baba are related, maybe you can put in a good word for us and she can tell our fortune without any more fighting.
Bulma: That's right. Family helps each other out.
Puar: No more fighting sounds fine with me.
Upa: That sounds great.
Goku: Hmm?
Fortune-Teller Baba: Are you kidding me? For family, I charge double!
Master Roshi: What? You would refuse your own brother?
Fortune-Teller Baba: You bet.

"Dragon Ball Z: Showdown in the Past (#1.11)" (1996)
Krillin: I don't think so, and if you were to meet the Saiyan that Goku and Piccolo fought, you wouldn't think so either.

"Dragon Ball Z: Earth Reborn (#16.8)" (2003)
Krillin: Am I going crazy, or are we really back on Kami's lookout?
Oolong: What do you mean? You've always been crazy.

"Dragon Ball: Pilaf's Tactics (#3.24)" (2002)
[a crow flies in the shrine spooking everyone]
Krillin: How'd that crow get in here?
Fortune-Teller Baba: [freaks out] That's a bad omen!
Bulma: You mean a bad omen about Goku?
Yamcha: [tries to shoo the crow away] Get our of here! Shoo! Go on!
[Yamcha's shoe laces snap off from the omen signs]
Fortune-Teller Baba: Oh, bad l - uh?
[a mirror shatters from another sign as everyone goes worried about Goku]
Fortune-Teller Baba: More bad luck?

"Dragon Ball: The Strong Ones (#3.22)" (2002)
[Goku's tail is grabbed and is being beaten by his masked opponent]
Upa: [sobbing] Won't somebody help him?
Bulma: Cut the dramatics, Roshi. Who is he? Tell us!
Krillin: Who cares about him? Upa's right. We have to save Goku!
Yamcha: Master Roshi?
Master Roshi: We have no choice but to watch this play itself out.
Upa, Krillin: Huh?
Bulma: No!
Puar: Mommy!
Yamcha: Say what? Why?
Master Roshi: Because as hard as it is to accept, it isn't our place; the living have no jurisdiction here. The man Goku is fighting, he's not of this world. As impossible as this may sound, that masked man is really Gohan - Goku's deceased grandfather.
[Goku's friends freak out in shock]

"Dragon Ball Z: He's Always Late (#16.13)" (2003)
Krillin: Where's Goku?
Chi-Chi: He's having a baby!
Android 18: WHAT?
Gohan: It's a long story...

"Dragon Ball Super: Burakku no shôtai o abake! Iza dai 10 uchû no Kaiôshin-kai e! (#1.53)" (2016)
Android No.18: Long time no see, Trunks.
Trunks: Android 18!
[Trunks draws his sword]
Kuririn: Hold it, Trunks, Android 18 is my wife!

Dragon Ball Z: Gather Together! Goku's World (1992) (V)
[the Z-Fighters go back in time]
Krillin: Wow, this is where Goku and I trained under Master Roshi! Isn't that right, Goku?... Huh? Where's Goku?
[Goku pets his younger self]
Son Goku: What a good, good boy...
[Trunks tackles Goku and pulls him away]
Trunks: Goku, don't do that! Didn't I explain it to you?
Son Goku: Sorry, sorry...
[young Goku looks around, confused]
Son Goku: That guy looked familiar, where have I seen him before...?

Dragon Ball Z: Tree of Might (1990)
Piccolo: Goku, you have to keep fighting! Get up!
Tien: Please, you're our only hope!
Goku: Piccolo... Yamcha... I feel too weak... I can't even move...
Krillin: Please, Goku... Remember us, we're your friends!
Chiaotzu: We're with you, Goku...

"Dragon Ball Super: Yokumo ore no Buruma o! Bejîta ikari no totsuzenhen'i!? (#1.7)" (2015)
Chichi: Krillin, your wife is fighting, why are you down here?
Kuririn: I gave up fighting a long time ago...
Chichi: Is this the time and place to say such things?
Kuririn: I have to think about Marron, too!
Yamcha: Krillin, I'll protect Marron with my life! So go fight as much as you wish!

"Dragon Ball: Changes (#5.11)" (2003)
Yamcha: [sees that Goku's tail is gone for the last time] Goku, what happened to your tail?
Goku: Huh? Oh, that? I got rid of it. You see, it turned out that the moon could be restored if I lost my tail. So that's what I decided to do.
[Yamcha and Krillin go blank but looks at each other and laughs knowing that are still keeping this secret from him]
Krillin: [jokingly] Did you ever find it again?

"Dragon Ball Super: Yume no tsuzuki wa doko da!? Sûpâ Saiya-jin Goddo o sagase! (#1.3)" (2015)
Android #18: Damn this freaking traffic jam...
Kuririn: It's because you took so long to put on your makeup, 18. We could have left the house earlier...
Android #18: It's a party on a cruise ship, I have to look my best!
Kuririn: I guess Bulma's party would be hosted by the world's richest family.
Android #18: [fretful] If we're late, will we miss the Bingo Tournament? I'm sure the prizes will be amazing!

"Dragon Ball: Goku's Rival (#1.14)" (2001)
Krillin: So who are you anyway, his pupil?
Goku: Yeah, I'm Goku!
Krillin: Hmm, doesn't seem that you like fighting.
Goku: I like marshmallows!
Krillin: What's that gotta do with anything?
Goku: Well, I'm hungry. And your bald head looks like one.
Krillin: What did you say? Didn't you know that everyone who's serious about martial arts shave their head? Look at Master Roshi, he shaves!
Master Roshi: Nope, I'm naturally bald.

"Dragon Ball Z: The Reunion (#8.2)" (2000)
Krillin: It's Bulma. She wants us to watch somethin' on TV.
Master Roshi: Why? She gonna be on a show?
Oolong: Yeah, and now she wants us all to watch so she can brag about how famous she is...
Yamcha: Ha ha ha ha. Probably.

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: Piccolo's Decision (#1.40)" (1997)
Android 18: You'll have to grab someone else's
Android 18: mine are taken.
Marron: If you get left behind make sure you bring the luggage.
Krillin: You two have some nerve. I get more respect from total strangers!

"Dragon Ball: A Real Bind (#3.13)" (2002)
Krillin: Did I hear you say Goku's on his way to the Red Ribbon compound? By himself?
Master Roshi: Yup. That's right.
Krillin: What in the world was he thinking?
Bulma: He's obviously not thinking!
Oolong: You can say that again.

Dragonball Z: Budokai tenkaichi 3 (2007) (VG)
Tambourine: [Facing off against Krillin] What? I thought you were dead! Well, I guess I'll just have to kill you again!
Krillin: This time I won't let you do it!

"Dragon Ball GT: Doragon bôru jîtî: 17 Times 2 (#1.44)" (1997)
Krillin: You can't do this 18! You have a child, and a husband!
Android 17: Ha! Give me a break shorty! Android 18 is just that... an android... like me! Built by the brilliant Dr. Gero!
Krillin: Brilliant? How could you even think to call a monster like him brilliant? You destroyed Dr. Gero yourself, remember?
Android 17: Uh?
Krillin: You resented him so much because he gave you human emotions.
Android 17: He gave me emotions...? And I killed him?

Dragon Ball: Hey! Son Goku and Friends Return!! (2008)
Vegeta: I'll deal with them, it'll be a good after-dinner workout...
Son Goku: No, Vegeta, leave this to me! I can hardly wait, it's been too long...
Vegeta: Kakarot, this is between me and my brother!
Son Goku: Don't be like that!
Vegeta: No!
Son Goku: Oh, come on...
Vegeta: I said No!
Trunks: Papa, let me fight them!
Son Goten: Me too!
Kuririn: I think I'll fight, too...
Android 18: There's no money for it!
Kuririn: So?
Son Gohan: Me, too!
Videl: Eh?
Kamesennin Muten Roshi: I'd like to fight, too.
Oolong: It'd be better if you don't!

"Dragon Ball Z: No Match for the Androids (#7.11)" (2000)
Krillin: No... STOP!
Android 17: And what do you want now?
Krillin: Stop! You guys leave Goku alone! He's sick, he can't fight you now! Goku hasn't done anything to you! Why are you after him?
Android 17: 16 has been programmed to destroy Goku. So that's what we're going to do.
Krillin: Why? You don't have to do that!
Android 17: We're only following Dr. Gero's master plan.
Krillin: Just listen to yourselves! Did you forget? Dr. Gero is gone! You took care of that!
Android 17: Yes, I haven't forgotten about that. But this, friend, is a game.
Krillin: What do you mean? This is just a game? Is that all?
Android 17: That's right. Yes. And finding Goku is a part of the game. That's why we did not ask you where he is.
Krillin: No! Stop this! I beg of you, please don't go after Goku. Please! You don't have to do this!
Android 16: No. I am programmed to destroy Goku.
Android 17: There you go, pal. Now if you'll excuse us, we have work to do. Stop worrying about Goku and take care of your other friends. They look like they could use some senzu beans.
[Android 18 approaches Krillin... ]
Android 18: [kisses Krillin] Good luck. Bye.

"Dragon Ball Z: Machi ni matta ze, kono shunkan!!! Son Gokû ga fukkatsu da (#1.85)" (1991)
Krillin: Get up, Vegeta!

Super Android 13 Abridged (2015) (TV)
Trunks: [sees Dr Gero] What is that?
Piccolo: That's the Android.
Trunks: No, it's not.
Piccolo: Yes, it is.
Trunks: No, it's not!
Dr. Gero: Yes, I am!
Trunks: You stay out of this!
Tien: Wait, so you're saying that that's not the Android that kills us?
Trunks: No... I don't even...
Krillin: But you said two Androids, right?
Tien: And we've been fighting two.
Trunks: Yes, I said two, but that's not one of them!
Vegeta: Why didn't you tell us what they looked like then?
Trunks: I only ever met the two!
Vegeta: Well look at that, so did we! You fucking failure!
Trunks: Hold on a second!
Vegeta: You told us: two Androids, May 12th, 10 AM, South City!
Trunks: Well, five miles off, but...
Vegeta: And what happens? We waste our time on the wrong fucking Androids!
Trunks: Look, I was only ten months old at the time!
Vegeta: How about next time you come back to give someone a heads up, you give them a goddamn photo!

"Dragon Ball Z: Password is Porunga (#4.1)" (1999)
Krillin: So, you gonna tell me what it is?
Dende: It's in Namek, and you probably wouldn't understand it even if I told it to you.

Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly (1994)
Krillin: I envy single men.

"Dragon Ball Z: Black Fog of Terror (#5.2)" (2000)
Maron: Hey, Krillin, what's the deal? You're not giving up yet, are you? Well, are you?
Krillin: [steaming] No way.

Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming (1994)
Krillin: [as Broly emerges from lava in a forcefield] Okay, that was a neat trick. Tell me something, is it just my imagination, or is that freak staring right at me? I always get singled out. Well, that's what I get, for being so good at this!

"Dragon Ball Z: The Battle Begins... Goku Where Are You? (#1.16)" (1997)
Gohan: Hey, you grew up with my dad, didn't you? He said guys underestimated because you're so short!
Krillin: Short, huh? Well, we were the same size. But then, he kept growing and I didn't.

"Dragon Ball: The Last Dragon Ball (#3.15)" (2002)
Puar: [comes back to the gang after checking out the base in shock] Yamcha! The base is deserted!
Master Roshi: The entire base? That's unbelievable!
Krillin: Goku, do you think after this, you can show me a few tips?
Goku: It was easy once I got started.
Bulma: [awestruck] I can see the headlines now: 'Evil Army Defeated By Child'!
Launch: [disapprovingly] It's just one army!
[dandelion fluff makes her sneeze in her nice form]
Launch: Huh? Silly goose! How are we gonna have a picnic without any food?
[Everyone looks at her in clueless looks]
Puar: [takes her along] Let's take a walk. I'll fill you in on all the details.

"Dragon Ball Z: Transformed at Last (#4.20)" (1999)
Krillin: [screams] We forgot about Bulma! What are we going to do?
Goku: Don't scare me like that, Krillin! For a second, I thought you saw Frieza again.
Krillin: In... in some ways, Bulma's worse than Frieza. Uh... at least that's how I feel.
[Everyone laughs]

Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge (1991)
Salza: [after kicking kicking Gohan away] Heh heh heh. Kids, they never know their limits. Now it's time to take care of the sick and wounded. It must have been a fluke. I don't see how a guy like this could've possibly killed Frieza.
[Salza's scouter goes haywire]
Salza: Huh? What's this? Impossible. I'm picking up a power level that's going off the scale! But the Saiyan was barely alive! The only other one there was that pig! It couldn't be the pig, could it? Huh?
[Salza's scouter explodes]
Salza: Ah! What the heck's going on?
[Salza spots Goku]
Salza: Huh... ah... it's you...
Krillin: Goku...
Goku: Hmph! Hang in there. You did great! I'm proud of you!
[Gohan collapses]
Goku: Gohan! Rest easy son! Hurting innocent people is something I don't tolerate.
Salza: Uh... uh... he's healed! But... h-how?
Goku: If I were you, I'd get off this planet. Trust me, you don't want any of this!
Cooler: Oh, but I do Saiyan. I do.
Salza: Huh?
Cooler: Salza?
Salza: Yes, Lord Cooler.
Cooler: Perhaps you could do me a little favor.
[Cooler is holding Piccolo's unconscious body]
Cooler: Tell me, what should I do with this Namek?
Goku: Grr... put him down Frieza!
Salza: Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This is Frieza's brother you imbecile, wake up! This is Lord Cooler, the most illustrious fighter in the universe. Soon, you will be at his mercy.

"Dragon Ball Z: Unwelcome Discovery (#7.14)" (2000)
Yamcha: It looks like we'll be at Master Roshi's island in no time. Oh and Krillin, don't you think we'd better tell Bulma what we're up to?
Krillin: Good idea... Wait, are you saying that I should call her? No way!
Yamcha: Come on Krillin, I'm flying the plane here. Thanks buddy.
Krillin: All right.
[to Trunks]
Krillin: No offence man, your mom's just hard to deal with sometimes.
Trunks: [chuckles] Believe me, I know what you mean.

"Dragon Ball Z: The Renewed Goku (#4.10)" (1999)
Krillin: Get up, Vegeta!

"Dragon Ball Z: Krillin's Proposal (#5.10)" (2000)
Bulma: Where's Maron?
Krillin: Well, things were gettin' complicated so I broke up with her.
Master Roshi: Oh, poor guy.
Ox King: Ah, it's a darn shame.
Oolong: Well, I don't believe it. I'll bet she dumped him.