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Kamdor (Character)
from "Power Rangers Operation Overdrive" (2007)

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"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Two Fallen Foes (#1.30)" (2007)
Miratrix: Master, I'm sorry.
Kamdor: Your apology is insufficient. You have failed me time and time again.
Miratrix: I can do better.
Kamdor: No. You have proven that you cannot. I was wrong to think that you could be more than you are. You're just a worthless, greedy underling. I have no use for you.
Miratrix: I'll show you, Kamdor. I'll become more powerful than you can ever imagine. And then *you* will kneel before *me*.

Kamdor: That's impossible. You are stronger than I imagined.
Black Overdrive Ranger: I'm not done yet, Kamdor. You sure you want more?
Kamdor: Till the end!
[they slash each other with their weapons]
Kamdor: Finally. To find the - Aah!
[Kamdor explodes and is destroyed]
Black Overdrive Ranger: That was one tough hombre.

[Kamdor's mask opens, revealing his face]
Black Overdrive Ranger: That's a face only a mother could love.
Kamdor: Leave my mother out of this.

"Power Rangers Operation Overdrive: Once a Ranger: Part 1 (#1.20)" (2007)
Thrax: Thank you all for coming. I am Thrax.
Miratrix: Thrax? I've heard about you. Weren't you banished forever?
Thrax: As you can see, that's not the case. Like Moltor and Flurious, I was imprisoned by the Sentinel Knight. He was determined to bring me to justice. and used his own power to do so. But evil such as mine cannot be contained forever. As the Knight weakened, I grew stronger.
Thrax: [flashback of his banishment] After all these years, I'm free!
Thrax: But enough about me. As far as I see it, there's only one thing standing in your way of finding the jewels of the Corona Aurora -- the Power Rangers.
Moltor: Yes! The Rangers have ruined our plans time and time again!
Thrax: Then maybe it's time to eliminate the problem at the source. If I help you destroy the Rangers, the Earth will be yours to plunder for the jewels. You'll be unstoppable.
Kamdor: But the Rangers are strong.
Thrax: We're stronger...if we work together!
[all disagreeing]
Miratrix: Not a chance!
Thrax: Now, now...I'm proposing a temporary alliance. Once the Rangers are gone, you can vaporize each after for all I care. Now gather around, my compatriots.