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Chase Adams (Character)
from "One Tree Hill" (2003)

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"One Tree Hill: Resolve (#4.12)" (2007)
Chase Adams: I had one serious girlfriend but... didn't end well.
Brooke Davis: Did you break up because she wanted to have sex?
Chase Adams: Yeah... with my best friend.

Brooke Davis: [sliding to the back seat] Well, this is one of the notorious make out spots in town.
Chase Adams: It also has one of the nicest views in town.
Brooke Davis: There's a view?
[looks ahead]
Brooke Davis: Who knew!

"One Tree Hill: What Do You Go Home To? (#5.14)" (2008)
Chase Adams: If you really want a family, something that's like forever, forever scares a lot of us.

Chase Adams: Anyways, call me if you need anything, someone to talk to... move carpets... I don't know, a husband?

"One Tree Hill: All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (#4.21)" (2007)
'Mouth' McFadden: Hey, let me ask you guys something. Does it look like I'm wearing a blouse?
Brooke Davis: I like it.
Chase Adams: Uh, it's a little...
'Mouth' McFadden: Great. I'm the blouse man. It looks like I'm competing in men's ice dancing, doesn't it?
Chase Adams: No, it looks like you're winning men's ice dancing.

"One Tree Hill: Forever and Almost Always (#6.23)" (2009)
Julian: [Brooke has bought Nick Lachey as her date to the wedding] She's so not making me jealous with the guy from "Dancing With the Stars."
Missy: No, that was Drew. He was so awesome on that.
Julian: Whatever. "Laguna Beach," then.
Chase Adams: No, no. That was some other tool.
[He was on Laguna Beach. Inside joke]

"One Tree Hill: You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side (#5.11)" (2008)
[Brooke and Peyton go on a double date with Chase and Owen. Owen doesn't know Chase and Brooke's past]
Brooke: Awkward.
[Peyton and Chase laugh]
Owen: What?
Brooke: Nothing.
Owen: Okay, does somebody want to tell me what's going on?
[Peyton laughs]
Chase Adams: Hey bud, uh, you, you remember that girl I used to tell you about, back when we first moved in together?
Owen: Yeah, the one you constantly talked about?
Chase Adams: Not constantly, but yeah.
Owen: What? The fake virgin chick you lost your virginity to?
Brooke: [Whispers to Peyton] Chick?
Chase Adams: Yeah.
Owen: What about her?
Chase Adams: Do you remember her name?
Owen: [Looks around and thinks. Then looks at Brooke] Come on!
[Peyton and Chase start smiling]